2.5 Class Set overhaul

Updated 7/2/22

Most of the sets are actually viable for end-game but are not A or even S-Tier like runeword/unique layouts. However, some of the sets shoehorn you into using specific skills cough M’avina cough so an overhaul of the Class sets is in order.

Two sets in particular need immediate attention in Aldur’s(Druid) and M’avina(Amazon). I’ll start with Aldur’s set first and then address M’avina.

Aldur Set

For Aldur’s, it’s pretty much a stat-boosting set that doesn’t really excel at anything. Furthermore, it’s awful from a Shapeshifting perspective since the weapon is not only Exceptional tier(requiring a cube upgrade), but it rolls with NO ENHANCED DAMAGE. Therefore, the weapon really needs massive changes.

Aldur’s Rythym:
200% Enhanced Damage
50% Damage to Undead
30% Increased Attack Speed
30% Faster Cast Rate
10% Life Stolen per hit
5% Mana Stolen per hit
Socketed 2-3(varies)
+15/30/45 Strength(2/3/4 Piece bonus)

Aldur’s base weapon damage is 20-31(25.5) that rises to 43 to 53(48) when upgraded(via 2.4 Cube upgrade). The existing +Damage is effectively 200% Enhanced Damage but only when its the current Exceptional Tier base. Now that they’ve added the ability to upgrade Set Items, that +40-62 Damage really sticks out like a badly infected cold sore. Changing it to 200% Enhanced Damage would still retain its current damage output as a Jagged Star but greatly buffing its damage potential should you upgrade it to a Devil Star(going from 83 - 115 to 129 to 159 ← MASSIVE DIFFERENCE).

I then added 30% Faster Cast Rate so as to give Elemental Druids a reason to utilize the Set, although Fire Elemental will ultimately win out over Wind/Cold variants simply because Wind needs Teleport(via Enigma) and Wind/Cold need as much +Skills as you can muster(which this set clearly doesn’t do). That being said, 30% FCR will allow players using the Aldur Set to hit the 12 Frame/68 FCR breakpoint with Magefists and Spider. 11 Frame/99 FCR Breakpoint would require FCR on both Rings and Amulet. The Set also rolls with 6 Sockets, easily surpassing a perfect Ravenlore Helm from a -Enemy Resistance perspective(and crushing it from %Fire Skill).

Aldur’s Deception:
+100% Enhanced Defense
+2 to Shape Shifting Skills
+2 to Elemental Skills
+40-50 Lightning Resistance(varies)
+50 Poison Resistance
+20 to Strength
+15 to Dexterity
-50% to Requirements
+15/30/45 Vitality(2/3/4 Piece bonus)

Aldur’s Set armor is an Elite Based Armor. To have +300 Defense or +53.7% Enhanced Defense is frankly embarrassing. I upped it to 100% Enhanced Defense(558 x 2 = 1116 Defense from its current 858) and even that may be a bit low for the 2nd heaviest base armor in the game. I also increased the skill bonus to Shape Shifting and Elemental trees to +2, effectively yielding +5 when the set is complete that mirrors other class sets. I added Poison Resistance, effectively yielding at least 90 All Resistance depending on the rolls for Fire/Cold/Light respectively(matching Griswold set with perfect rolls). I kept the stat bonus to Strength and Dexterity as those will come in quite handy(particularly if you upgrade Aldur weapon as you won’t really benefit from its +Strength with respect to equipping gear). Like its counterparts, the Armor retains its +15 Vitality Partial Set bonus.

Aldur’s Stony Gaze:
+110% Enhanced Defense
+25% Faster Hit Recovery
Regenerate Mana 17%
+1 to Druid Skills
+2 to Summoning Skills
+40-50 Cold Resistance(varies)
+5 to Light Radius
+15/30/45 Energy(2/3/4 Piece bonus)

Aldur’s Helm currently has +90 Defense or ~109% Enhanced Defense from its Exceptional Base. By changing to a flat %Enhanced Defense, it will yield a bigger bonus should a player spend the Runes/PDiamond to upgrade it to its Elite Base. I then added +1 to Druid Skills and+2 to Druid Summoning Skills since the set lacked any buff to that tree(which is an oversight or outright neglect considering Druid Summons got a nice buff in 2.4). I did think about automods(such as Oak Sage/Heart of Wolverine/Spirit of Barbs but I think we’re good for now). As like its other set counterparts, it will retain the +15 Energy Partial Set bonus.

Aldur’s Advance: Unchanged

Aldur Set Boots are one of the best Boots in the game with 40% FRW and a very nice 40-50 Fire Resistance. There’s really nothing I can do to improve it and will retain its +15/30/45 Dexterity Set bonus.

Partial Set Bonus:
+200 to Attack Rating (2 Items)
+300 to Attack Rating (3 Items)

Complete Set Bonus:
+3 To Druid Skills
+350% Enhanced Damage*
300% Bonus To Attack Rating
100% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +50
+150 Defense
+150 To Mana
Display Aura

Existing Partial Set bonuses were moved to Complete Set(and are bolded) and remain unchanged overall. To further enhance the Druid from a SS perspective, the set will grant a notable buff to base Attack Rating. +200 with 2 Set Items and +300 with 3 Set Items(+500 overall).

That 500 to base Attack Rating is then amplified by the Complete Set’s 300% bonus to Attack Rating along with any %Attack Rating buffs from skills, spirits(HoW) and Auras(Blessed Aim or Fanaticism). This will help ensure the Druid land melee blows more reliably.


As for M’avina, her set lacks in two key areas: 1) Flexibility and 2) No Pierce. The set effectively pigeonholes you into going Freezing Arrow and does nothing to enhance the other skills in the Bowzon tree. Furthermore, it lacks 100% Pierce that you can get from Uniques/Runeword set-ups. So the following changes are submitted not only by myself but also PaChu(his suggestions can be viewed here: PaChu’s M’avina suggestions)

M’avina’s True Sight:
+150 Defense
Replenish Life +10
+25 to Mana
+30% Increased Attack Speed
+1 to All Skills (2 Items)
50% Bonus to Attack Rating (3 Items)
+25 to All Resistances (4 Items)
+33% Piercing Attack (Complete Set)

M’avina’s Helm really is strong but felt like it could use one new addition in that it could help the set achieve 100% Pierce. This buff makes the set not only viable as a Frostmaiden but as a Firemaiden and Physical Bowzon as well.

M’avina’s Caster:
+188% Enhanced Damage
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+1 to Amazon Skills
+50 To Attack Rating
-25% Target Defense
Adds 114-377 Magic Damage (2 Items)
25% Chance To Cast Level 15 Nova On Striking (3 Items)
+2 To Bow and Crossbow Skills (Amazon Only) (4 Items)
+100% Enhanced Damage (Complete Set)

M’avina’s Bow is a GMB that does moderate amount of Physical Damage + modest amount of Magic Damage with other Set items. I removed the level 1 Magic Arrow mod in lieu of -25% Target Defense, which ought to help with chance to hit. I added +1 to Amazon Skills since its an Amazon bow and gets an additional +2 to Bow Skills with 4 items(effectively yielding +3). Completing the Set should greatly enhance its Physical Damage output, making the Set appealing to Bowzons who specialize in Multi-Shot/Strafe skills. Keep in mind that this Bow is still outclassed by the likes of Windforce and any Faith GMB.

M’avina’s Embrace
10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Glacial Spike When Struck
+150% Enhanced Defense
Magic Damage Reduced By 5-12(varies)
+2 to Passive and Magic Skills
-30% to Requirements
+30% Faster Hit Recovery (2 Items)
-20% Enemy Lightning Resistance (3 Items)
+20% Lightning Skill Damage (4 Items)
Damage Reduced by 20% (Complete Set)

M’avina’s Body Armor has not one but two +Defense modifiers, one of which is based on character level. At level 99, they add 746 to the Armor’s Defense of 524. That equates to roughly 142% Enhanced Defense, hence I simply merged those two stats together into a flat 150% Enhanced Defense(1310 versus 1270 at level 99). In addition to the modest bump in Defense, I tweaked the Armor’s Partial Set bonuses by moving up the 30% FHR to 2-Piece bonus, added -20% Enemy Lightning Resistance as a new 3-Piece bonus(for Nova proc on Caster but also from a Partial Set-Javazon perspective), 20% boost to Lightning Skill Damage at 4-pieces(buffs Nova proc on Caster but also could be appealing from a Partial Set Javazon) and 20% Damage Reduction once the set is complete to give Bowzon’s some much needed Damage mitigation.

M’avina’s Icy Clutch:
+45-50 Defense (varies)
6-18 Cold Damage, 6 sec. Duration (Normal)
Can Not Be Frozen
56% Extra Gold From Monsters
+10 To Strength
+15 To Dexterity
Adds 131-252 Cold Damage, 4 sec. Duration (Normal) (2 Items)
-20% Enemy Cold Resistance (3 Items)
20% Increased Attack Speed (4 Items)
+20% Cold Skill Damage (Complete Set)

M’avina’s Gloves are really strong but could use three things that would make them even better. The first thing being Can Not Be Frozen. The Gloves currently yield Half Freeze duration but granting CBF would be a huge upgrade since Bowzons need this attribute to function while freeing up a valuable ring slot. Next thing the Gloves needed was -20% Enemy Cold Resistance. This will help Frost Maidens pierce the resistance of monsters, greatly enhancing their damage on Hell Difficulty. The other attribute I added was 20% Increased Attack Speed. This makes this set even more appealing from a Bowzon perspective as you’ll attack that much faster. If a Bowzon wants Knockback, simply add a Nef rune to the Bow.

M’avina’s Tenet:
+50 Defense
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+5 To Light Radius
5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Adds 131-252 Fire Damage (2 Items)
-20% Enemy Fire Resistance (3 Items)
+25 to All Resistance (4 Items)
+20% Fire Skill Damage (Complete Set)

What M’avina Gloves did for Frost Maidens, M’avina’s Belt does for Fire Maidens. It adds additional Fire Damage, pierces Enemy Fire Resistance, keeps the buff to All Resistance and enhances Fire Skill Damage by 20% when the set is complete. This makes the set entirely capable from a Fire, Cold or Physical Bowzon perspective.

Partial Set Bonuses:
+20 To Strength (2 Items)
+30 To Dexterity (3 Items)
250 to Attack Rating (4 Items)

M’avina’s Bow rolls with 50 to Attack Rating so I opted to increase the buff on 4 items to 300 to ensure more arrows hit their target for Physical Damage.

Complete Set Bonus:
+3 To Amazon Skill Levels
+20 To Strength
+30 To Dexterity
All Resistances +50
+100 Defense
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+300 To Attack Rating
+50% Bonus to Attack Rating
100% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
Display Aura

Several changes/new additions. Firstly the old Attack Rating value of 100 was effectively doubling the bonus from the weapon. Since I added a new Partial Set bonus of 250(bringing it to 300 overall), I had to bump this value accordingly(+300 = +600 overall). I added another 50% bonus to Attack Rating, effectively doubling the bonus granted by M’avina’s True Sight. Finally, I added 20% Faster Run/Walk to double the buff from M’avina’s Tenet or 40% FRW overall. FRW from Boots or Cat’s Eye Amulet will be pure gravy.

As for the other class sets, they vary on needing a big buff to getting a slight polish.

Immortal King

IK set occupies six slots and therefore I feel the set could use a bump, notably with Damage mitigation but also should Ethereal flag ever be added for Set items. Also with 2.4.3’s changes to Whirlwind, this set now needs more help.

Immortal King’s Will:
+1 to Barbarian Skills
Damage Reduced by 5 (2 Items)
Damage Reduced by 10 (3 Items)
Damage Reduced by 15(4 Items)
Damage Reduced by 20(5 Items)
Damage Reduced by 25 (Complete Set)

I started by adding +1 to Barbarian Skills since it’s a Barbarian Helm. Nothing too drastic but then I went further since Immortal King’s Helm is the only set piece not to have Partial Set bonuses. As such I opted to add Damage mitigation to the set and figured the Helm would be the optimal place to add it since only a Barbarian would benefit from it. As more and more pieces of the set are added, Physical Damage mitigation grows. Completing the set yields a whopping 75 Damage Reduction. May not mean much from a PvP perspective but for PvM, it’s quite substantial since monsters in Diablo 2 on Hell Difficulty deal anywhere from 50 to 200 Physical damage(before modifiers such as Physical Resistance, Unique affixes and Auras). With that much mitigation, it effectively turns IK Barbarians into Physical tanks that can take on even the toughest enemies.

Immortal King’s Stone Crusher:
Change Indestructible to Repair 1 Durability Every 4 Seconds
Increase Socket count to 4

This change has two purposes. Firstly, in the event Ethereal is ever added to Set Items(thereby allowing the Maul to roll Ethereal as opposed to being exempt) and secondly in response to 2.4.3’s changes to Whirlwind. Since Whirlwind was a staple of the Immortal King Set, increasing the socket count from 2 to 4 is in response to the Set needing an additional 30 IAS to reach the final IAS breakpoint for 5 Frames. Meaning three Shael runes or four 40/15’s is all a player would need in the Maul to hit the new breakpoint.

Immortal King’s Soul Cage:
+100% Enhanced Defense
Replace Enchant proc with 20% Chance to cast level 5 Burst of Speed when struck

100% Enhanced Defense would replace the existing +400 Defense presently on the Armor. Doing so effectively raises the Armor’s Defense from 1001 to 1202. Completing the set will add another 50% Enhanced Defense, bringing it from the current 1301 to 1502. Not a major change but considering it is Sacred Armor and the heaviest base armor in the game, it should grant some decent Defense. In light of 2.4.3’s changes to Whirlwind, I opted to change the Enchant proc to Burst of Speed. You might be thinking, why that skill? Well the IK Barbarian really doesn’t need the Fire Damage/AR from Enchant and frankly if it did then a player can always use an Act 3 Fire Mercenary and get a better buff. So instead, I replaced it with the Assassin’s Burst of Speed skill so that an IK Barbarian can run and more importantly ATTACK FASTER since Burst of Speed can help counteract not only Holy Freeze but Decrepify in the Attack Speed department. I then added 4 Sockets to the Armor to give players flexibility in what to add to it. Being one of the rarest armors in the game, I think 4 Sockets isn’t that game breaking and maybe having additional sockets would give players more flexibility in how to hit that final WW breakpoint or achieve higher breakpoints on other skills.

Immortal King’s Pillar:
Can Not Be Frozen (5 Items)
Magic Damage reduced by 10 (Complete Set)

The Barbarian, of all classes, really benefits the most from Can Not Be Frozen. This effectively buffs it from Half Freeze Duration(50%) to Can Not Be Frozen(100%) and in light of 2.4.3 is actually needed. This means an IK Barb won’t need to use Ravenfrost(unless they want the Dexterity + Attack Rating) or place a Cham rune into their Helm or Chest Armor. I also added Magic Damage reduction, which when combined with Complete Set bonus yields 20 MDR.

Immortal King’s Detail:
Damage Reduced by 25% (5 Items)

For those unaware, the Immortal King set is actually 3rd when it comes to %Physical Damage mitigation. Trang-Oul(Necromancer) and Natalya(Assassin) have 25% and 30% respectively. This buff, along with the Helm, will turn IK Barbarians into Physical Tanks.


Griswold kind of pigeonholes you into being a Zeal Paladin, although the numerous sockets does open up the option of being a Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock Paladin with Rainbow Facets or rolling with FoH and amplifying its Lightning Damage immensely. That said, it lacks Faster Cast Rate for the FoH option, which didn’t really matter much pre 2.4. Now that the Casting Delay has been reduced, Faster Cast Rate is one attribute this set can use.

Griswold’s Redemption:
+20% Faster Cast Rate (3 Items)
+20% Faster Cast Rate( 4 Items)

The +10-20 Damage this set currently provides at 3 Items and 4 Items respectively is frankly insignificant when one single 40 ED Jewel virtually matches those buffs. By adding Faster Cast Rate to the Weapon, it opens up Casting options such as Holy Bolt, FoH and even Blessed Hammer since you can hit 80 FCR with Magefists + Arachnid Mesh.

Griswold’s Heart:
+110% Enhanced Defense
+5 to Maximum Fire Resistance (2 Items)
+5 to Maximum Cold Resistance (3 Items)
+5 to Maximum Lightning Resistance (Complete Set)

Griswold’s Armor is an Ornate Plate(Exceptional Armor) with a flat bonus of +500 Defense, yielding 951 Defense. That equates to roughly 111% Enhanced Defense so changing it to 110% would effectively change its Defense to 947. Where this change matters is if the player opts to upgrade it to Sacred Armor. The upgrade would only add 37-150 Defense depending on the roll whereas with %Enhanced Defense, upgrading would add 75 to 313 Defense, a significant difference. Also upgrading the Armor isn’t that bad of an idea since Griswold Armor rolls with -40% Requirements, which drops the 232 Strength requirement to 139.2 or 140, which is below the requirement of Griswold’s Honor(Vortex Shield).

The other buffs take inspiration from Guardian Angel and the Paladin’s Resist Auras. This makes a Griswold Paladin pretty strong in tanking Elemental Damage.

Griswold’s Valor:
+(0.25 Per Level) 0-24 Absorbs Fire Damage (Based On Character Level) (3 Items)
+(0.25 Per Level) 0-24 Absorbs Lightning Damage (Based On Character Level) (Complete Set)

For the Helm, I complimented the Cold Absorb it rolls with by adding in Fire and Lightning Absorb for 3-Piece and Complete Set respectively. This further enhances the ability to tank Elemental damage.

Griswold’s Honor:
+1 Paladin Skills
+20% Faster Hit Recovery (2 Items)
+20% Faster Run/Walk (3 Items)
Can Not Be Frozen (Complete Set)

For the Shield, although it didn’t really need anything, I added in additional Defensive attributes. Firstly +1 to Paladin skills(since its a Paladin Shield). Then a boost to Hit Recovery will set you at 50% with the full set(can easily hit 86 Breakpoint), 20% Faster Run/Walk will help with no Teleport and Can Not Be Frozen is the bane of all classes, especially Melee builds.

Partial Set/Complete Set bonus: Unchanged


Trang-Oul is another well rounded set, although it really needs Faster Cast Rate for a caster class. The changes below raise Faster Cast Rate from 20% to 60%.

Trang-Oul’s Guise:
10% Faster Cast Rate (3 Items)
-25% Enemy Fire Resistance (Complete Set)

Trang-Oul set grants OSkills such as Fire Ball, Meteor and Fire Wall. However, their effectiveness is largely dependent on the Lower Resist Curse and given the frequency of Fire Immunes that it could use some extra -Fire Resistance. I also added 10% Faster Cast Rate since the Gloves are presently the only source for it.

Trang-Oul’s Wing:
+1 to Necromancer Skills
10% Faster Cast Rate (Complete Set)

Minor skill buff to the Necromancer exclusive piece with an added bonus of Faster Cast Rate upon completing the set.

Trang-Oul’s Scales:
10% Faster Cast Rate(4 Items)

Modest FCR buff.

Trang-Oul’s Girth:
10% Faster Cast Rate(Complete Set)

Another bump to Faster Cast Rate.

Complete Set:
Walk Speed Set To Run

What the above does is basically specify that while you are a Vampire, you will WALK AS FAST AS YOU RUN. This perk is present today but is not explicitly specified. By walking as fast as you can run, Trang-Oul Necromancers can retain their Defense and Block Chance while still having considerable mobility(albeit not as efficient as Charge or especially Teleport).


While as a Vampire, FCR is effectively neutered and has been a bug for years. For this set to be viable, this bug has to be slayed(if it hasn’t already). If addressed, then FCR rates as a Vampire will be the same as any Necromancer. Given the FCR buffs above, it’d place Trang-Oul Necromancers at 11 Frames/48 FCR breakpoint as opposed to the current 17 Frames/48 FCR breakpoint as a Vampire.

Tal Rasha

Tal Rasha is about as polished of a Set as one can get. However, if it can be improved, it’d be through additional Faster Cast Rate on Tal Helm and additional Resistance on Tal Armor.

Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest:
+10% Faster Cast Rate (Complete Set)

By adding another 10% Faster Cast Rate to the Helm, the Set collectively reaches 60%. That makes it much easier for any Tal Rasha Sorceress to hit the 105 FCR Breakpoint as it won’t necessitate a perfect Spirit Monarch. It also makes the set far more viable for Lightning builds as it removes the need for one FCR ring.

Tal Rasha’s Guardianship:
+40% Poison Resistance (3 Items)

Adding in Poison Resistance effectively grants 40 to All Resistance with 3 Set Pieces. Combined with Tal Helm and Complete Set bonus, you achieve 105 to All Resistance. This change makes Tal Rasha a far stronger candidate for Energy Shield since Poison is the skill’s vulnerability.


Natalya Set may very well be my favorite. The only reason it wasn’t as plentiful as the other class sets is because their MA skills were mediocre pre 2.4. That said, its not without additional potential.

Natalya’s Mark:
-100% Target Defense
+1 Assassin Skills
+2 to Martial Arts Skills (2 Items)
-20% Enemy Poison Resistance (3 Items)
+20% Poison Skill Damage (Complete Set)

I swapped ITD for -100% Target Defense. Unthinkable as it may be, -%Target Defense actually works better than ITD since it works on Champions, Uniques, Super Uniques and Act Bosses(with the latter two at 50% effectiveness). ITD doesn’t work at all in those situations and although it won’t help much against foes that raise their Defense(Ancients, Uber Izzy), its certainly better than what the Claw has right now.

Next the lack of +Skills, much less Martial Arts Skills on this set is one thing that always bothered me. By completing the set, your Martial Arts skills effectively get +6 as opposed to the +3 we have right now. Dual-wielding Natalya Claw = +9, which would match Unique options such as Bartuc’s. I then went and buffed Poison Skill damage since Venom is a signature skill of the MA Assassin, be it a Kicker or a Ghost Sin. Plague runeword with this Claw would be awesome.

Natalya’s Totem:
+2 to Trap Skills (2 Items)
-20% Enemy Light Resistance(3 Items)
+20% Light Skill Damage (Complete Set)

Another area the set ignores is buffing the Assassin’s Trap tree. Seeing as the Blade Traps were an area of focus in 2.4, it would be prudent to buff Traps on the Class set. Additionally, the MA tree encompasses two skills that deal Lightning Damage(Claws of Thunder + Phoenix Strike). It would be prudent if the Class Set buffed those. Now if Crescent Moon could be made into a Claw, we might have the makings of something here… sigh

Natalya’s Shadow:
+100% Enhanced Defense
+1-99 to Life (Based on Character Level)
+2 to Shadow Disciplines Skills
+25% Poison Resistance
Poison Duration Reduced 75%
Socketed (3)
+30% Faster Hit Recovery (2 Items)
-20% Enemy Cold Resistance (3 Items)
+20% Cold Skill Damage (Complete Set)

Natalya’s Armor does need a bit of a boost. For starters, its Defense is way too low since it’s +Defense modifier can vary(150 to 225) and goes as high as 722 Defense(~46% Enhanced Defense). For Elite Armor… that’s pretty bad. I swapped out the integer Defense for a flat 100% Enhanced Defense. This would bring it to 994 Defense, which while not great is better than what it is now. It also varied on the number of Sockets. Locking that value at 3 Sockets would go a long way in helping its Trade value since 1 and 2 Socket armors are Charsi’d.

I then added a buff to Faster Hit Recovery at 2 items, making it that much easier to hit the 86% breakpoint while also continuing the theme of buffing the MA tree but with Cold Skills in mind(Blades of Ice + Phoenix Strike).

Natalya’s Soul:
+25% Cold Resistance
+25% Lightning Resistance
+25% Fire Resistance (2 Items)
-20% Enemy Fire Resistance (3 Items)
+20% Fire Skill Damage (Complete Set)

Natalya’s Boots are solid with respect to mobility and even make viable KickSin Boots when upgraded. What I dislike about them is that their Cold/Light Resistance varies so giving a fixed value would reduce RNGeus while adding Fire Resistance when 2 items are equipped(turning them into godly Tri-Resist Boots). When combined with the Chest Armor, that’s effectively 25 to All Resistance and 35-45 when combined with the Helm. Completing the Set effectively yields 85 to 95 All Resistance, putting it on par with the other Class Sets.

Like with the items before it, the Boots address the Fire Skill side of Martial Arts, which include the finishing move Dragon Tail. It also buffs Fists of Fire, Phoenix Strike AND the Trap Skill Fire Blast.

Partial Set Bonus:
+200 to Attack Rating (2 Items)
+300 to Attack Rating (3 Items)

Complete Set Bonus:
+3 To Assassin Skill Levels
+550 Defense
+500 to Attack Rating
14% Life Stolen Per Hit
14% Mana Stolen Per Hit
All Resistances +50
Damage Reduced by 30%
Magic Damage Reduced By 30
Fade Effect

I completely overhauled Partial and Complete Set bonuses by first moving the existing Partial Set bonuses to Complete Set(+350 Defense → +550 Defense and Magic Damage Reduced by 15 → 30. Both values are unchanged overall but simply moved to make room for new Partial Set bonuses).

In place of the old Partial Set bonuses, I took a page from Immortal King and gave the Assassin a massive boost to base Attack Rating. Yes Natalya’s Claw has -%Target Defense but that only takes you so far since agains Super Uniques/Bosses you’ll need the Attack Rating(particularly against Ancients/Uber Izzy). So with 2 Items, you get +200 to Attack Rating. 3-Pieces adds another 300 Attack Rating or 500 overall.

In the Complete Set I have all the old modifiers(including the old Partial Set bonuses added on) but added one new wrinkle in an additional +500 to Attack Rating or 1k overall. Granting 1k Base Attack Rating ought to have a positive impact on overall Attack Rating and greatly helping the Assassin take advantage of the massive AR buffs we got in 2.4.


IDK if Tal Rasha’s needs polish. It’s a fantastic set, always in high demand at the start of a season. It can be used late into a season as well, if you prefer not to transition to rune-word oriented builds.

Trang’s is pretty fun, the move speed can be nuts, especially if you can work in a merc with a vigor aura. It’s cast frames maybe could be tweaked a little.

IDK enough about IK and Gris to comment, but Nat’s, Mav’s and Aldur stink.


I didn’t propose many changes to Tal Rasha outside of adding 10% FCR to Tal Helm and granting 40% Poison Resistance on Tal Armor at 3 items(effectively granting 40 All Resistance). Overall though, I agree that Tal Rasha is a pretty solid set. As for Trangs, yeah Vigor with it is pretty fun but I only listed the walk as fast as you run be explicitly mentioned in Complete Set perks and that they fix the FCR bug while as a Vampire(if they haven’t already done so). Immortal King proposal was more so giving the Barb a few QoL improvements as a melee character and giving IK Maul a chance to benefit should Ethereal be added to Set Items.

As for Natalya Set, it doesn’t suck when its the only set that can easily pop 50% Physical Resistance without even batting an eyelash. Furthermore 2.4 breathed significant life into it with upgrading Set Items(notably its Boots) and buffing the snot out of MA Skills. That being said, the set overall could use a bit of a buff(notably its Chest Armor) to make it more viable from a melee perspective and even for Trappers.

Griswold doesn’t need much attention other than maybe adding Faster Cast Rate due to the change to Fist of Heavens and making it more viable to other class skills like Holy Bolt/Blessed Hammer. The rest of the Griswold suggestions were simply building off existing attributes or Paladin class overall.

The biggest focus of my post though was on M’avina and Aldur. If Class Sets get any attention in the coming patches/seasons, then those two sets ought to be the priority.

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Thanks for the link :slight_smile:
so i’m not that of an druid expert, so please take with caution. Anyway, my thoughts about aldurs:

The set item boni are a total waste.
Sure it’s nice to have an set with tons of stat boni, but it’s the druid’s elite set ffs, there is no other druid elite set, and it shouldn’t be an lazy designed experiment. On something like the The Disciple, okay.

The Stony Gaze without skills is a joke.
I mean it’s an druid pelt, an item with auto mod. Best comparable with IK helmet which got +2 warcries, your +2 summon proposal is solid i think.

Yes the boots are awesome (except their set boni…)

Aldurs will never be used for an physical build.
Let’s face it, the one hand exceptional weapon will never make it against the competition. Altough there are non-physical shapeshifting builds i’d rather not design aldurs around it, mavina’s also got no jav. Aldurs should be a caster set.

So it should outperfom an low cost caster combination and should be outclassed by high end items, so somewhere between:
Spirit Sword, Lore on pelt with fitting auto mods / Vipern
Hoto, Ravenlore, Rain / Enigma


Eh I give credit when credit is due on M’avina but I did add my own tweaks, including the +2 to Javelin&Spear tree in the event someone using the set had a Spear or Javelin/Shield on switch to Jab down a monster(not that they would but its an option and that’s what matters in the end).

As for Aldur’s, I think it could be used in a Physical build since Set Items can now be upgraded. Combined with my proposed change of 200% ED and those 3 sockets, a SS Druid using the weapon can get 280% ED and 60% IAS on it with a Zod in the event Set Items are ever made Ethereal. 280% on a 1-H Weapon isn’t that bad and 320% on a non-Eth one isn’t a slouch either. All a WW would need to hit final Attack breakpoint is Fanaticism from an A1 merc(even level 12 would do). An Aldur Werebear would need a better Fanaticism(ideally 15) along with 140 EIAS(Weapon IAS + Off-Weapon IAS) to hit final breakpoint. Is it as strong as a Reaper Wolf? Heck no, but that’s not a bad thing.

I’m actually not against the +Stat partial set bonuses since it’s a unique parameter of the set. Is it a lazy way of buffing it? Probably but as it is now it does helps achieve Max Block, equip higher Strength Armor/Shields, gives plenty of Mana via the +Energy so it’s basically like having a free Torch/Anni but without the +Skills or Resistance that comes with it. The 30% Cast rate I proposed is in the event an Elemental Druid wants to use the set and those sockets(including Helm and Body Armor) can enhance Fire Skills up to 30% while reducing Fire Resistance 30%. Combined with Phoenix, that’ll be a pretty nice PvM Fire Druid setup.

I might go and tweak Immortal King Armor(give it a modest Defense bump being its Sacred Armor ffs).

IK set needs to get Rid of the MAUL

Combine the IK set with bul kathos for dual OR a new IK set item with colossal sword


Your Colossus Sword idea does have merit but I don’t think it’s going to fly given that the set has been like this for ~20 years and even Diablo 3’s Immortal King set is based on it with a 2-H Weapon(Barbarian Mighty Weapon that looks like a 2-H Mace). If they were to change it from a Maul to a Colossus Sword, it would definitely grant the set more flexibility as Frenzy would now become an option for IK Barbs. Could combine it with Grandfather(which needs an overhaul of its own) or an op runeword Sword(like Grief).

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That would kick ace, to kind of merge those two sets into one, or have like a meta-set bonus, where you get additional bonuses if both sets are fully equipped.

Bulkathos swords got a ripped off.
They only made a few adjustments.

It needed some flat damage and probably something to proc everyone in a while. 1 sword could have had + double swing and the other to + Frenzy

ok wihout even reading this… NO

if i need to refresh your memory " dashing strike does 60,000% more damage"
they went down the path of infinite power creep and running behind the strongest player never being able to get an attack off and making every damn build a glass cannon, as well as completely removing any option to play other than sets

i don’t care if they are garbage i dont’ ever want to see blizzard lay a hand on sets EVER AGAIN!!!

That’s the problem right their its not about putting sets in a over powered state like D3 it’s about putting them where you can and that is comfortably play on players 1 or 2 in hell before needing high end rune words

Make finding a bul kathos sword worth something, make the Ik set do something. Otherwise this games still going to be a sesspool of 90% of useless items.

Why even call them elite items…


Yes right, high end runeword / unique / rare combinations should stay BiS, but elite sets should be atleast usable. IMHO tal’s is the perfect example of how it should be. Other elite sets should be at the same level.

Some would only miss a tiny little push (pierce on mavinas e.g.) but others need an total rework from scratch (aldurs…)

And yes D3 balance is a total mess lol.


I know full well what happened with sets on Diablo 3. I was there to witness it all(from Vanila to the power creep cesspool it has become…) but the issue with Diablo 3 is much larger than just the OPness of the various class sets(basing spell damage off of Weapon sheet damage being the biggest one… SMH).

What I am proposing here is to completely overhaul/update two of the class sets(M’avina and Aldur) to actually make them VIABLE for Hell Difficulty use along with updating/polishing the other five sets(if needed). These sets will not out-class Unique/Runeword setups as proposed. Furthermore, this suggestion is coming from the COMMUNITY, not Blizzard. If we flesh this idea out and refine it before officially submitting it, then how can Blizzard make things worse if they simply copy and paste?

Are you worried they take things too far and go hog wild like on Diablo 3? I will concede there is that possibility but then Blizzard will be playing with fire at that point if they do.

… because that’s now how game companies ( or rather US law) works…
unless its a bug fix they cant take ideas from the community without the legal risks. unless person providing said idea sign some sort of agreement that protects them
this is why there are generally weapon contests with special submission forms and huge hurdles to get player ideas in the game

meaning that if we start saying “we want set overhaul” they and they choose to give it to us… they cant risk using any ideas a player provides without risk of being sued unless that player signs some sort of agreement.

why do u think they are going through streamers so much?
its a nice little loophole

they can get a “streamer” to sign an nda… as as a player they can “come up with ideas” even if they didn’t really come up with them… and blizzard would be allowed to use them with very little legal risk.

Must have a pretty low opinion of streamers to assume anything they come up with is not their own. Furthermore, if I was a Streamer, I wouldn’t sign anything thrown in front of me. If that meant my idea(s) doesn’t make it into the game, so be it. Blizzard’s loss as they say.

geeze dont get your schwartz all twisted…
i never said streamer they couldn’t pass their own ideas… i sad blizzard using streamers is a legal loophole to allow them to take non streamer ideas with much less risk of being sued as long as the streamer passes the idea on.

it would be a much nicer place if they COULD just take our ideas… so many of us want nothing more than to see our own ideas put into the games we love… and we have to deal with some bad actor ruining that for all of us because they decided to “sue” companies for “stealing their ideas” so now they cant take ideas we willingly provide and would love for them to add.

Well copyright is ofcourse a thing, but i doubt i could have success for some minor changes. If i would propose an new item that get’s implemented 1:1 it would be something different, but “add pierce to mavina”… Can’t See the legal issue here. It’s more that theres no time / priority for it.

Yes, elite sets needs an overhaul. They should be atleast at B-tier gear. S-tier gear definitely not needed at all.
Only wearing full set get a buff except Trangoul and Tal rasha, don’t need anything.
My Idea:
M’avina: 1-150 to maximum damage (1,5 dmg per character level)
Aldur: 50% faster cast rate

There are 8 elite sets and 6 (m’avina, aldur, grisworld, natalya, bul-kathos and immortal) have to be improved. Should be a quick job.

edit: all 8 get +20% faster run/walk on full set.


M’avina’s Caster has 188% ED with solid Magic Damage added on with additional set items. Also proc’s Nova on striking for some AoE Lightning Damage and I added 100% ED on Complete Set(which is effectively +14-72 Damage). Buffing Maximum damage would effectively be turning it into a mini-Windforce and while that’s not a bad idea, it’s actually stronger, on average, than 100% ED(74 average damage versus 43 average damage).

As for Aldur set, I added 30% Faster Cast rate on the weapon in my redesign to mirror the 30% Increased Attack Speed. Combined with Spirit, Magefists/Trang-Oul Gloves and Arachnid Mesh, an Aldur Druid can hit 105 FCR(with perfect Spirit). 50% FCR is a bit much, even for a Complete Set bonus. If they ever added +FCR to Magic Jewels(the mod for it is on Magic Jewelry ffs), then a player can amplify FCR on Aldur set or any setup really if they wanted to.

As for 20% FRW, I added Faster Run/Walk on Griswold(via Shield). Natalya set doesn’t need it via Burst of Speed and 40 FRW Boots. Immortal King doesn’t need it via Increased Speed and 40 FRW Boots. Trang-Oul has 40 FRW on Armor while walking as fast as they run(that’s godly). Tal Rasha can teleport(hence not needed). Aldur has 40 FRW boots and Feral Rage. M’avina set in my redesign gets 40 FRW(via Belt and Partial Set) and whatever buff from Boots/Cat’s Eye. BK set is a weapon set that can only be completed by a Frenzy Barbarian. Frenzy itself buffs the snot out of movement speed, hence is not needed.

Thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile:

movement is generally too slow for me. I run with a harmony bow on swap-weapon on purpose. It does offer lvl10 vigor which is like +32% faster run/walk.

Another idea is an unique small charm with +20% frw (and lvl 75 required). I feel I/we need more frw at “endgame”.

fact is that they dont need a complete overhaul and fact is that they need an improve. Just add one more mod (at full set) and they are b-tier atleast.
In my opinion, tal rasha and trangoul are perfectly fine right now.

If 30% fcr is good enough for aldur, then so be it. I didnt look closely.