WoW Trader Post Intro Currency

I completed the intro to the Trader Post and I only have the 500 from the chest and 500 from owning Dragonflight, it did not give me the 500 from the quest.

You receive the quest reward from the chest after you have completed the quest. It was a bit laggy due to the number of folks crowding around so I didn’t get mine immediately. I logged out and when I logged back in I was able to pull the Trader’s Tenders from the chest.


My issue now is I have done that and got the first tier of the log, but the currency remains at 1000. I want to make sure my progress isn’t being lost, I believe by logging in and doing the intro quest should have it around 1500, plus another 100 since I got past the first marker on the log.

I’m at 0 still. I’ve been logging and relogging, fully exiting, etc, and still nothing. I open the chest but it just does the animation, nothing comes up. At the vendor, I have 0/1000.


Same here. Logged in and out a dozen times and the balance still remains at 0.


Does this post have relevance for the part I just quoted for you?


Yeah, I understand that. I got 200 travel points, which means I should have gotten 100 Tender.

After running through the introduction, the 500 tender for the quest wasn’t available until I opened the chest a second time. The first time I opened it was 1100.

Likely it’s the same every time you hit a milestone in the log?


Then hopefully it is there when I try again. I opened it before I completed the quest and got the 1000. Every other time trying to open the chest, nothing happens. It’s got to be the massive server lag, but I wanted the issue posted in case the Tender just poofed out of existence.

Do you have any information for the affected players that can’t receive any tender currency. Across other forums and myself included, we cannot loot the chest. It’s glowing but when we click it, it just opens and closes without giving anything.


Outside of logging out for 5-15 minutes and resetting your User Interface, that’s all I can really suggest. Logging out for a bit seems to show the most positive results from the reports I’ve seen, but obviously that isn’t helping everyone.

These reports are being looked into, but I would recommend adding to any current posts in the Bug Report forum. That allows our QA team to get more samples and a sense of volume, which can help them track down whatever might be happening.


I had somewhere around 300 points worth of progress on the journal with many of the checklist items finished, got disconnected from the game from the Cobalt Assembly because I mounted and the game blinked me right after I took off. I logged back in and all my progress to the 1000 points was wiped out. The only thing I currently have credit for is completing a PvP world quest which I finished right after logging back into the game.

Reset your UI. If it’s still happening, file a bug report.


any update on people not being able to loot the chest for the trading post? reset ui, logged out the entire day multiple times, still cant loot the chest nor have received any tokens for completing the quest

Everyone has likely already gone home at this hour. For now just follow up in one of the threads in the Bug Report forum, 50% chance of an update when someone gets back in tomorrow morning.


Another maintenance and this is still bugged to where tons of us have been unable to do anything but open the chest and recieve nothing. Tons of Bug Reports and still not fixed.

Vark isn’t able to help in this regard, he’s a CS forum worker and isn’t part of the team whom handle QA. It’d be best to keep it to the bug reports forum.


He’s the one here discussing it .

Providing some advice on a subject doesn’t mean that I have anything to do with that subject or can provide direct assistance. I also was the one that said this:


have you received any word on the unlootable chest bug from blizz? its just theres no acknowledgement from blizz for this specific bug people are having.