WoW Trader Post Intro Currency

…my dude.

That’s a blue post right there acknowledging it. Please have some patience.


no blue post by blizz mentions the specific bug im talking about, thats why i was wondering if its being looked into

No, it’s been over a day, and it’s still just a useless box that opens and closes and gives no tender. I have 0 tender in any character, in any box, in any form.

This would be better suited in the bug reports forum, namely in one of the threads there. Vrak is unable to help in this event.


I am having the same problem. I open the chest and the animation goes off but no tendies are being collected. Logged off and stayed off for a day, came back and same issue. Not resetting my UI, I will just not use this feature.

Please make sure to be posting these issues in Bug Reports so that the proper staff can see them. Posting here does not get it relayed over, as no staff beyond our SFAs come here and they don’t pass it along. If you’re posting here to hop in on the “Same!!!” train, it’s not doing anything. You need to post in Bug Reports.


I’ve logged out for 2 hours, I get the animation? Chest opens and animation happens but I get nothing.

Gg blizz

Have you tried a full Ui reset?

I have and it did nothing for the issue

Have you posted in any of the available threads on the subject in the Bug Report Forum where the people who work on such things can see it? They do not come here for such things.


My husband has this issue too!

He has 0 currency and did all the right things. He can’t even put in a ticket because it just keeps telling him to put in a bug report :frowning:

Routing around it just says that he needs to wait 3 weeks before even getting a response.

Lame stuff, hope it is fixed soon.

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Also make sure you’re keeping an eye on this thread:


I don’t know where on earth you’re coming up with that timeframe, but ticket times are so not anywhere near that right now. A day or two for account/billing issues, a week-ish for most in-game issues.

Luckily, it’s a known issue. If you have a ticket in, there isn’t anything at this time a GM can do, so the ticket will likely just tell you to submit a bug report. But luckier yet, there has even been an official post about it.

[EDIT] Terise ninja-ed by me while I was prattling on with the link.


Literally he put in a ticket tonight and it says 3 week response.

And neither of those things are what I listed. He got zero currency from start to finish. It never disappeared, just never was acquired or awarded in the first place.

Thanks, have been for now.

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The ticket time that shows up is an estimate based on the oldest ticket in the system - not his specific ticket. The timeframes I offered up are what was last being posted by our SFAs. And a problem with the Trading Post is an in-game issue, so it is relevant.

He’s welcome to leave it open, but I can almost guarantee that they’ll respond with a templated response that will point him to post about it on the Bug Forums. Until a fix comes through from the Devs, the GMs who answer tickets cannot really do anything to fix the situation. Devs do not answer tickets, and they will not approve any workarounds or compensation that the GMs can work with until the issue is sorted out and fixed from the backside of things.

Just because I haven’t seen you say as such, did he try doing a full UI reset? Even with known issues, it may help clear up some part of the bugged muck. It would probably be suggested in the templated response to try it too.


Will tell him to try this, thanks for the idea. Have big doubts it will work, but worth a shot.


If it doesn’t work, he’s no worse off. It’s always something to give a shot to while waiting! Hopefully it will do something, but even more hopefully they’ll get this thing figured out and fixed for him and everyone else. ^^


YES, on several of them.

This is what he needs to do.

Absolutely not. Not only will circumventing the support system not get any answers (because CS doesn’t fix bugs or speak for them), but players can be actioned for continuously gaming the system.

Highly unlikely that would happen for a single time doing it, but just to illustrate that it’s a serious matter. If it told you to submit a bug report, then you do that.


Put in a ticket. Got automated response that said “sorry due to volume of tickets you get an automated response. Go to wowhead/wowforums/etc”.

Still can’t loot the chest. Anyone else question why they pay 15$ a month to only get automated responses/no support?

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