World of Warcraft Pays Homage to Diablo with the Greedy Emissary Event

Aannnndddd what about the guards he used to bring things to? Or what didn’t happen when he went to the orc camp?

Don’t play false, please.

ETA: Ok, treasure goblin is ded lol.

Also, with the horse - he did that as a mercy killing. Whiiiccchhhh… what do we commonly do in western society now, for animals that are severely hurt/ill with no good chance of proper QoL or surviving?

What did he bring the Guards too? Their deaths in Northrend?

Yeah what didn’t happen was him being sympathetic and agreeing with Jaina cause he see’s them as monsters and says that the Alliance should just kill them all in Warcraft 3.

Ok and why did the horse get hurt so bad he had to do that? Oh right he knowingly endangered the horse rather then being patient and waiting out the Snow Storm.

got the mount…but they should really consider making new things. this one was an old mount i don’t think many folks were asking for!

i do hope i can get that pet though :nerd_face:

The treasure bag back transmog is awesome.

After he was already being driven to insanity by MG, yeah?

Look, all you are doing is trying to argue in a thread that is not related to this. I think by now, I have more than shown I can and will argue this to the end of time. If you wish to see my responses to the “but what abouts” that I have responded to before, you are welcome to peruse my past posts on this subject matter, of which there are plenty. But there is a place for your flavor of attempting to argue troll, and it is not here.

You can take your “but what abouts” and divert them elsewhere. Thanks.

Can you just add the mount back to the shop? This RNG is killing me.

Seems lazy

Just a quick callout on two of the items available during this event. The Tyrael’s Charger mount and the Horadric Haversack 36-slot bag each have a significantly higher chance of dropping on the first Treasure Goblin kill of the day on any character on an account. Subsequent kills or kills on alts have reduced chances for these items. All other items have the same drop rate for each kill.


Why is the 36-slot bag apart of that reduced drop chance? Many of us want it on each character we have.


Yeah that didn’t happen you clearly don’t know what insanity is at all.

I’m not “trying to argue troll” just stating facts that you don’t agree with because you have a wierd obsession with Arthas being the good guy and want to see him and his story ruined but yeah I’m not going to bother continuing as it’s clear I’d have better luck arguing with a Brick wall.

I really don’t understand this. The mount okay (though I already had it from the year tie-in in cata) so the only ‘rare’ chase item for me was the 36 slot bad. Which I wanted to farm on my main+ main alts. Previous ‘special’ bag drops like the icc event were not this way and I was able to farm it on several toons.


This doesn’t really many anything to us…

Is “significant” meaning it goes from a .000002% chance to a .02% chance?

What’s the final % chance to drop?


Since this can be done on a level 1, this means people can just either use an alt army, or make and delete and remake new characters constantly to get the first kill of the day bonus over and over again. edit: didn’t fully read the post, guess it only works once per account per day

Also kind of silly since you just re-used an old D3 promo mount that I and many others already have.

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You’re still able to farm but with a low %, I don’t like this approach because its the same as love rocket and rng is rng, there’s going to be players that won’t get X item by the end of the event even trying a lot. Also, It seems like this “first” boosted attempt is their solution for this low rng items.

it’s like love rocket attempts, its just the first attempt per account, you can create another account and then merge without learning the mount, expensive but you’ll get more that 1 boost attempt.

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Oh I misread what he wrote, I thought it meant each character individually. And didn’t read the entire post lol

Yes, you’re right. Because YOU already have it, they should include something else for the rest of us who do NOT have it. Totally agree.


I mean, I’d like another mount but my main point was just making it hard to get seems silly since a lot of people already have it.

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Would you mind sharing your data that supports this claim that “a lot” of people already have it? Looking for %'s, pop size etc.


I got it last December when it came back to the shop, I just hope that i can trade it if it drops…I really like when Blizzard allow us to trade these items, I already trade the pet because I got 2.

I prefer that kind of approach that makes a better community.

Anyone that bought an annual pass when it was originally part of a deal to get D3 for “free.” I don’t need them to tell me the number to know it’s “a lot.”