How has your luck been with the goblin?

This is why I have alts.

only attempted to kill treasure goblin three times… first attempt ended in griefers crashing me alongside a dozen others, second attempt I got the 36 slot bag and the cloak combo, Third attempt I killed the goblin but a jerk camped the corpse and I wasn’t able to loot the goblin and every time I mention this I’m insulted for not knowing of some miracle trick they claim exists. Yeah no… the goblin’s not worth my time I’ll get the mount off the trading post whenever it shows up I’m sick of dealing with jerks whenever I go after that dang thing lately. Blizz didn’t make it a mount and toy free zone around that goblin and it’s corpse so… what’s the point if I’m going to get lagged out or crashed by griefers. Event is ruined for me outside a nice bag for my loot…

I have everything except the Town Portal toy.

I think it’s better doing it on your main character or whatever character you originally did it on because if you do it on alts then your chance of getting something is reduced.

Is the toy just a back up hearthstone or cosmetic?

Pretty sure the chance is all the same. However, your first kill will per day will always have a higher chance of the mount/bag. As I already have the mount and only barely care about the bag, I don’t mind cycling though my alts.(I specifically placed them in all the Dragon Isles zones/Org/SW)

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Just FYI: The two maces and one off-hand are BoE so at least you can buy them off the AH if the price is right. (Search “Wirt”.)

You also might have a couple of the toys already if you played during the previous cross-over event.

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Honestly the event is just annoying me now.

Ive got everything but the mount.
Ive done well over 100 kills. Ive shown up every day.
Nearly everyone i know has the mount now.

Its gone from a bit of fun to a huge pita.


Yeah, I am sick of waiting 20 minutes all just to end up with gold or something dumb

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I just need a couple legs.

I’ve got the bag on 4 toons, all the toys, the backpack, and 1 leg. Not too stressed about the mount, but would be nice to grab the remaining legs at least.

Yea, I got 4 toons with bags. So, now I need to swap to another. I got the Town Portal (underwhelming), one of the legs, backpack, banner, no mount, and a bunch of charms.

And, of course, the pet. Everyone has the pet, you can’t give away the pet. I’ve deleted 4 of them after trying.

I got everything the moment I get the offhand

My luck has been pretty good so far.

2 36 slot bags (on 2 different characters), cosmetic bag, Tyrael’s charger, hood + cloak, banner toy, and pet. In 10 kills.

Kept killing them, and now I’m only missing the 2h Wirt leg.

Tome of Town Portal from the past Diablo event

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I haven’t been hitting the goblin hard enough, he keeps giving me a pet I already have.


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I have an armor buff and agility buff that works outside. . . .that’s it.

Hoping to get the pet and/or bag, already got the mount when D3 launched.

I am done with the goblin.

Pretty good. Got everything but the polearm. Don’t care about it because it shares model/color with others in the game.

However, sometimes I wonder if they will give it a unique model one day :thinking:

The guitar is what I want that I haven’t gotten yet. And that pet drops WAY too much and the other stuff not nearly enough.

My luck has been perfect. Know why?

Because I aint chasing that carrot. Nothing exciting drops from it.