Diablo Event - Boring Gameplay

I mean. I dont mind more events. But I didnt expect them to put real work into a minor D4 advertising campaign. Because thats all this was created to be.

If there are going to be lasting events that come up more often, I’d rather them be more WoW related than D4.

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You say this, yet Blizzard hasn’t even been bothered to revamp holidays which was promised back in WoD. They’re a lazy company now ever since the assault case came out.

I’m honestly fed up with this event. I’ve killed the goblin 8 times and I’ve gotten ONE of the new event items. I’m actually just done because this is getting on my nerves in a bad way.

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FYI first kill of the day has a much higher loot drop rate. You are not supposed to farm them every 30 min. You must have fun Blizzard’s way.

Kind if you to think Blizz could do more than a tiny loot goblin (which has already been around the Isles since release I’ve killed it twice) and not screw it up.

It’s on their roadmap for this expansion.

There’s only a higher droprate for certain items, not all.


oh boy 10 years later lol

I know and we still need to check what’s their vision of “holidays update”…because I’ve so many ideas about how those could be improved, I always expect something new and sometimes they just add 1 toy in a vendor but 0 new gameplay.

“What do you mean, you don’t like hearthstone toys?!?” - Blizzard Team 2

Yep spent a few hours doing it and all I got was GOLD. It’s nothing even remotely resembling the diablo 3 goblin experience. Blizzard why so stingy?

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I love the goblin event. Something simple I can walk away from and come back to whenever I feel like it.

So far got cloak & hood, treasure pack appearance and the 36 slot bag.

Really wish they’d get to this sooner than later.

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I mean… it’s better than never. Like the Dance Studio. lol

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I honestly thought it was going to be like diablo where you RANDOMLY find goblins and have to kill them before they portal. So I was planning on just looking for them where they said they would spawn…

Then I read they are timed and they always spawn in the same place. Did one 2x on the same character today. 2nd kill I only got gold…ohhh so they don’t want me killing it more than 1x a day on each character. WHY?

Also, the amount of gold it dropped was a joke…in diablo they drop A LOT of gold.

The way the event is structured now is boring AND so many trolls around the event too dropping toys and other things to make you lag and try to get you to not target the goblin before it dies.

Good idea with bad execution.


It was a lazy, phoned in event.

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As I posted in a previous comment with a video, the last time we got this goblins and a portal to the cow level…this time we got less gameplay.


Is there nothing you people WONT complain about good god. Its free stuff.


you haven’t found the secret cow level have you? hehehe lmfao.

is it really free?

we pay for every expac and still still pay for for a sub, is it really unreasonable to expect better?

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If you read the thread, its feedback…great an event but it could be better if Devs have enough time to add more gameplay, last time we got event cow level and cow king fight.

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Yes, it is unreasonable. You are getting cool free stuff.