World of Warcraft Pays Homage to Diablo with the Greedy Emissary Event

Would really like it if the bag wasn’t unique. 36 slot bag would be nice to have more than just one, but other than that pretty happy.

Didnt happen on stormrage, i think it lagged too hard, it was dead in 5 seconds

Oh, no. It got parsed on. :dracthyr_crylaugh:

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Yes, they could have
… and your point here is what? That this is a nefarious plot where every move Blizzard makes is to screw over their playerbase and make sure that folks get as upset as possible because clearly that makes people spend the most amount of money on their games and products possible?

… yes, it is literally what you are saying

If there’s anything to indicate that this was planned about … 1-2 years ago (since remember, their change in how they handle store mounts and old promotional materials changed back then, so in order to “plan” this out they would’ve needed to start the overarching “let’s screw over our playerbase”-plan as you put it back then) then do let us know since then it would be something to be mad about

As it stands, you bought an item you wanted and that’s it
It would be the same thing as someone going “Oh I bought this cool old promotional toy they decided to do a re-run on 6 months ago and they are doing it now as well, except that they are making it free to people”
You have had it because you wanted it, and no “FOMO” doesn’t mean “limited stuff”

If you actually care about FOMO, here's an explanation of what it actually means

FOMO refers to “fear of missing out”, but the thing is that this isn’t the same thing as a “sale” which is what you are actually comparing it to

Whilst a sale does increase a buyer’s willingness to buy a product, that has to do with an inherent self-centered value appraisal, and we all do this
Some folks are willing to spend thousands of dollars on certain products, whilst others consider it complete trash - games are even more subjective and micro transactions in game even more so (and yes, companies will try to min-max us into buying their stuff - that’s what all ethical and unethical companies do)

FOMO however deal with external pressures wherein social pressure makes you feel like you have to participate or get something or else you are “missing out”; FOMO is the social pressure from other people, not the product itself - that’s just us liking toys

So if someone on the forums told you “Hey you know that you can’t get this item again and then it’ll be gone, and you just gotta get it because it is so special” - that’s FOMO, because that’s someone else exerting a percieved value appraisal of something onto you to create guilt, and this is also why FOMO is connected with ableism and not companies selling a product

A concert cannot be FOMO just because a performer performed, but someone else can push you to feel guilty if you missed out on it, and the same thing applies to either physical or meta-physical items and in regards to meta-physical items its just a question of self-discipline and being able to making an individual value appraisal

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This is by far the stupidest event in WoW… Ive been online an hour and a half and seen nothing. And all times are EU so like 90% of people on my server are just like what way do i go George… shaking head

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“Greedy Emissary Event” sounds like it should have been a 1 week return to Legion and BfA emissaries with the rewards they were giving at the time. I can think of a few people who would want to do that.

The person at the next computer just said, “It would be hard not to log in.”


Death Knights :dracthyr_a1:

Oh that loser.

Lol more then he deserved.

And Blizzard will still get my loving lines of kvetching for … probably until they do right by Arthas.


LMAO. You can’t be serious.

You people will say anything can be sued for, but the reality is that 99% of the time y’all have no idea what you’re talking about.

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Backpacks! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:


Does anyone know if these are on a daily lockout? I’ve killed a few on my hunter and never got more than the bag from my first kill. Each kill since has given me gold. My alts have gotten at least something from their first one, even if it’s just the bag.

I’ve gotten the pet, the backpack, the 2h axe and then the hood and cloak each from different kills on the same char. Subject to change, etc, etc.

Gotcha. So RNG is just being a jerk then. Thanks.

Yeah, I think 2 of my kills were like 40g.

My guess will be these…

What by openly pointing out he was a sick twisted monster who literally kept a vial of Blood from the Woman he tortured in a steel box? I happily await the day :dracthyr_tea:

Arthas is a great Villian and tbh one of the best Villians in Video Gaming history and he should be kept as such a spoilt ignorant Prince who would always rush to violence to solve his problems.

He’s not a hero or even “a fallen hero” he’s a villian and thats fine.

Youuuuuuu never read the book, didja? Because how that showcased him, is much different, aye?

I’m aware of the book where he killed his horse invincible which he lied about and ended stating Arthas was always in control destroying Ner’Zhul refusing to be controlled.

Aannnndddd what about the guards he used to bring things to? Or what didn’t happen when he went to the orc camp?

Don’t play false, please.

ETA: Ok, treasure goblin is ded lol.

Also, with the horse - he did that as a mercy killing. Whiiiccchhhh… what do we commonly do in western society now, for animals that are severely hurt/ill with no good chance of proper QoL or surviving?

What did he bring the Guards too? Their deaths in Northrend?

Yeah what didn’t happen was him being sympathetic and agreeing with Jaina cause he see’s them as monsters and says that the Alliance should just kill them all in Warcraft 3.

Ok and why did the horse get hurt so bad he had to do that? Oh right he knowingly endangered the horse rather then being patient and waiting out the Snow Storm.