What is going on with this mount drop

does no one read blue posts anymore? its 4% first kill of the day, account wide. 1% rest of the day.


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This is wise counsel, and I hope the OP listened to it. Its no good putting your health on the line by burning yourself out over it.

The day the Lucid Nightmare mount came out, I thought that the maze part of the puzzle had to all be done in one session. I sat for way too long and it bothered me awhile after. I understand wanting to take the opportunity, but seriously just take it back a notch and you’ll be glad later.

If you’re really serious about wanting to boost your chances though, there IS another thing you can do. Go through your btag list and figure out which of your friends ingame already has the mount from the earlier promotion during Pandaria.

Though the mount is soulbound, it might be tradeable to members of your party, so on the small chance that one of Them get it as a drop, they can simply let you have it! This effectively doubles your drop rate and gives you a huge edge.

Yup, wasn’t made as a good chance. Some just have RNG go their way but this, is a rare drop.

The blue post doesn’t mention any %

Make sure you don’t already have it. I was getting super annoyed that it wasn’t dropping— until I checked my toy box and saw I already had it from the last event. >.>

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There’s a mount? I thought people were after the backpack

Well, the good news is that there is apparently a good chance it will turn up on the Trading Post eventually.

I got mine fairly early on but if there is such a thing as a guitar toy, I have yet to see it. Lots of useless pets though. At least put a vendor price on the damned thing, Blizz, so I can at least just sell it rather than having to take it out and delete it.

Tyrael’s Charger

Ahhhh, makes sense. Had it for years, cool way to reintroduce it!

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I got it on first try, which is surprising since I lose pretty much every roll in PvE and get redundant loot in vault. I think this is another reason currencies should exist, RNG is just overall demoralizing.


Search for the word “twelve” to make sure you don’t already have it. I kept waiting for it to drop and then discovered, just like the hearthstone town portal, I already had it and just haven’t used it.

As for the pets, I really, really wish we could have the allowed count moved up to 3 like most pets. I’ve been unable to give away several pets as most people have theirs already and can’t bring myself to just delete the extras yet. I’ll probably hang on to two of the extras even after the event in the faint hope they’ll let us have three in our journal after all. Making them cageable and tradeable to anyone, not just those who were at the goblin spawn, would be nice, too. If anyone misses out on the event, they might still be able to get the pet that way.


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Is there a way to find out about these events before stumbling across them on the forums? Im always behind lol

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I’m so glad I got this mount years ago for Diablo 3 and don’t need to wrack my head with this

So far, my first kill of each day has been just raw gold. It took me all day Sunday of going from event to event for me to get the mount. I still lack the portal toy and have everything else. Have at least three bags spread across 17 characters.