World of Warcraft Pays Homage to Diablo with the Greedy Emissary Event

I have common sense and was playing at the time it originally came out.

I find it odd that you’d even try to argue the point. It’s not like a love rocket or an actually rare mount.

Also not sure why you’d try to argue against my opinion as someone who already has it that I wouldn’t care if they made it easy for people to get.

Were you trying to say that you want it to be rare when it’s already not?


The play is to kill a goblin every day on each char and a few days in you’ll have a bag on most chars. If it didn’t have increased droprate then you’d be killing 20 goblins per char or something.

I hadn’t done anything with my loot goblin pet up to this point, but the theme of this event has inspired me to name it “Kotik.”

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Thousands and thousands of players got it back in Cata…from the Annual pass…not only did the get a mount but got D3 free and got Beta Key too MoP as part of the Annual pass package…safe to say a good part of the player base got that mount with the Annual Pass …


Yea I got a second pet but didn’t think to ask in chat if anyone wanted it. If I get a mount I’ll have to check.

That’s what I thought at first but the way he writes it, you only get one bonus a day account wide, so doing it once on every character doesn’t actually help you get a bag on each character.


charms been nerfed to not work in raids/dungeons, so just more useless trash in bags

Thanks, this was my original assumption that the “a lot” of people wasn’t indicative of any real majority. 17% (rounded up) of the total population isn’t a lot by any standard.

It was a good idea to use that mount, statistically.

That’s a pretty decent chunk of people considering the promo was a decade ago. Not too long ago only 45% of players had a maximum level character just to put things into perspective.

Yeah, bringing it back was fine.

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But you just said it yourself. The promo was a DECADE ago and therefore, exclusionary for anyone who came in after it.

Also, no, 17% is not “a lot” of anything, statistically speaking.

Mount choice was a good decision as supported by the data you just presented.

Thanks everyone!

Thousands of people is “a lot” by plenty of people’s standards.

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Not relative to millions it’s not. lol.

It doesn’t need to be. A lot of people already have the mount and therefor I don’t see why they need to make it a rare drop for those that want to get it now.

I never even set it to a favorite mount personally and forgot it existed and didn’t even realize when they first announced the event that I already had it.

The AP participation was 1.2 million. Not all of those followed through on the contract to pay their sub every month for 12 months though so some lost their digital rewards.

I wonder if this counts as “a lot.” lawl

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What happens if I already have it from the old D3 promotion? Am I wasting a roll on something I’ve got already?

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17% of 45% is little under half of that entire amount.

Almost half of the max level player base had the mount.

For the time, I’m pretty sure those numbers are a lot.

So disconnected from community desires on these events and the item drop chances it’s actually crazy.

I’m sure others have said this already, but this event is a little confusing. I shouldn’t have to rely on an add-on/WA to tell me where I need to head over to before the portal spawns.

There should be a global text of some kind a few minutes before it appears.


They probably just figured the addon community would “fix” it, and they did. I guess I was meaning to redownload WeakAuras anyway, so this was as good an excuse as any. Personally, I think it’s nice being able to swap between alts and still keep an eye on the timer.

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