Why the lack of Customization?

It’s really sad but it’s really true and it really sucks because I’m such a big support of void based customization options for Void Elves.


well non void makes sense since we are still blood elfs just because we dabbled in void doesnt me tech we arnt blood elfs still :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is a very petty and childish dishonest observation and you know this only too well. If this notion would be true - which it is not - then they would have also ignored all the Nightborne talks within and outside the Void Elves discussions the past years.

Have you already forgotten? The male model gets the very niche-requested count-like facial and hair styles which was requested one or two times within these very topics. They read these topics, including the on-going kindergarten warfronts.


just give me the real nightborne model!


I’m gonna bring this over from the EU thread. I’m not sure if somebody had, but I saw this and felt it should be brought up over here as well as this thing has bothered me about nightborne since they were introduced as a playable race. The female nightborne just have weird legs.

" Some love for the body model and weird legs fix — *imgur com/a/RLAVUxO "

The felbourne/arcane infused Nightborne would also be really great. Looking like Thalyssra or one of the Felbourne for my warlock would be awesome. If that was added it would be the easiest and most shameless 25 bucks I’ve ever spent, lol.


Fan-made depictions of Nightborne hairstyles for male and female. Obviously, it’s a little angular and done in the style of the artist, but could you imagine if THIS is what we got?




Can we please have the Female Dwarfs Battlemaiden Hairstyle added to Female Nightelf, Pleeeease!! :heart:

When you’re all ready to hit up Mechagnomes again please take a look at this thread!

I tried to gather ideas from across the Mechagnomes community!

Thank you.


At this point, I kinda wish they’d do proper allied races with high elves and wild hammer, put in the effort. Can leave some of the customizations to cross over between them and void elves. Divide them out as their own thing and add the extra effort to do it right.

We’ve added black, white and brown hair color options for Void Elves. ^^

Here’s what they look like:

Thanks for the suggestions!


Woohoo! Thank you so much! :hugs:


I see, so you continue to cater to the void elf fans but completely ignore the pleas from the blood elf fans to add something unique?

Please consider different colours to represent dark ranger customizations, as it’s likely something they can’t take. Thank you.


Is there any reason the void theme of the void elves is getting neglected while there have been multiple passes of additions for non-void stuff?


I will admit… this aspect is incredibly frustrating. I’d like to see at least some ASSURANCE they’re looking into other races/unique customizations for blood elves, even if they can’t do it now. Maybe working on it for showing up in a future patch?

Just some acknowledgement about the ideas we’ve shared… as opposed to radio silence for practically everyone but void elves.

It’s great that they’re getting that stuff, and that Blizzard is listening. But… just using some words or reassurance that yes, they are hearing this feedback would be nice. sigh

Edit: And yes, I mean for other races too besides elves, but I primarily play blood elves/am interested in Dark Rangers/San’layn/Felbloods, so I’m going to mention them more! Oh, and blood elf customization like tattoos/scarring/less clunky jewelry)


BEAUTIFUL :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Any chance we can have along with the tentacle removal a tentacle add to hairstyles that don’t have them?

Appreciate your work. Thank you.

I’m also going to echo my blood elf friends above, any chance we can get some word that Blood Elves and the void options of Void Elves will get a bit of a look sometime in the future?


Amazing! Thank you so much!

You guys are doing some amazing work! It’s nice to have all these long standing ideas finally see the light of day.

Here’s a compellation of more suggestions for any future considerations For Void/High Elves. Also some potential Blood Elf Stuff.

Void Elf/High Elf Ideas-


  • Some Lore showing that High Elves and Void Elves are merging/interacting in some way.
  • More lore involving Void Elves.


  • The upcoming Tendril Toggle should have a similar function as Night Elf Vines. Adding/removing Tendrils for all Haircuts.
    This allows for more variety by more haircuts with or without tendrils.
  • Options to change the Affects on Tendrils. Like Glowing/Transparent/Corrupted.


  • Tattoos/Markings like Alleria.
    This allows players to have the “Alleria Fantasy” for both Void Elves and High Elves.
  • Void Marks/Scars.
  • Entropic Embrace customizations. Like Changing/Disabling the effects.

Blood Elf Ideas-

-Dark Rangers/San’layn/Felblood

  • Dark Ranger Themed Options.
  • San’layn Themed Options. (Possibly through a Quest like Nightwarrior.)
  • Felblood Elf Skins


  • Void Elf hairstyles.
  • Longer Hair and Beard Styles.

-Jewelry Improvements

  • Jewelry options for males.
  • More colors for Jewelry. Including Black/Rose Gold/Dark Silver/Bronze/Copper Options.
    This would allow it to match more armor/outfits better
  • More Jewelry Types. Like Chokers, Eye/Nose/Lip Piercings, and Metal Feather.


  • Rune Tattoos like the Burning Crusade Box Art.
  • Makeup and nail polish options.
  • Scars/Burns and Damaged Ear options.

Are blood elf fans being listened to at all?

Please look to this thread. There are amazing ideas for blood elves in there.


I can’t tell you how much I would like a bright, almost fluorescent Pink please, for all the allied and normal races.

And hey, if you want to do some Commercial Activism, some rainbow manes would be really, really, REALLY cool.