Why the lack of Customization?

They haven’t said it will add tentacles to hairstyles with out them yet. So we’re still waiting on this one to be fully added.

I hope that is how it will work though… :frowning:


Please continue to improve the Nightborne. Obviously these changes are a little more involved than minor hair color or skin color changes, but they need to happen nonetheless. Some acknowledgment that further improvements are coming would go a long way.

Male Nightborne

The problem with the male Nightborne player model is that they’ve been given scowling, old, wrinkled, haggard faces as their default and sole form of expression.

  • Male Nightborne need youthful face options, with varying features such as a slim, straight nose, defined cheekbones, as well as the purple eye shading that the Nightborne NPCs have. No under eye bags, smile lines, forehead wrinkles, or scowling faces
  • Fuller hairstyles with appropriately youthful hairline that encapsulate the Nightborne’s identity of being regal.

Female Nightborne

As with the male Nightborne, too many of the customization options express an “old” appearance; advanced hairlines, gaunt cheeks, and smile lines.

  • Female Nightborne need a fully “youthful” face option that is completely without wrinkles, smile lines, or undereye bags.
  • Female Nightborne need fuller hairstyles with appropriately youthful and full hairline that encapsulate the Nightborne’s identity of being regal.
    *Using embellishments (crown/tiara) to cover up an advanced hairline is not appealing.


  • The quality of existing hairstyles needs to be improved. The current Nightborne hairstyles all look flat, low quality, and without any texture.
  • Varying hairstyles featuring wavy and braided hair features.
  • Arcane hair and skin effects featured on the NPCs would be a great addition that would also bolster their appearance.

Even with these changes, void elves still don’t have nearly as much customization as Belf got. I love Blood Elves too, but I think there are races that need way more attention.

Don’t blood elves have the most customization in the game?


Can Blood Elves at least get undead skintones and red eyes unlocked? If not can we get Dark Rangers as a toggle for Forsaken?


I’m going to disagree with you there entirely. They got the short end of the stick when it came to customization changes.

They got jewelry, that’s it. Nothing that was actually asked for, like tattoos and scars. I wouldn’t be making these complaints if I was actually satisfied. Some eye colors and clunky jewelry isn’t going to make me happy at all, and quantity = / = quality. At all.

So, other races are perfectly fine in asking for stuff. I never said otherwise.

But I’m going to ask for stuff too, for races I play often. And truth of the matter is, many blood elf players are reasonably unsatisfied. Void elves now have two themes. And that’s fine for them.

But I’ve wanted San’layn/Dark Ranger customization or Allied Race for a very long time and am very much never interested in ever touching the Alliance for those themes, especially since they are Horde-centric due to undead.

Even just actually giving blood elf players the suggestions for blood elves, like tattoos, less-clunky/ugly jewelry (like humans… and the choker literally on the blood elf in the BC cinematic…), and scars would be nice. I’m not interested in playing an elf that lays around and does nothing all day. The ‘special jewelry’ the blood elves got (which by the way males did not get… yeah…) has no uniqueness to it in terms of variety, like no facial piercings either. It doesn’t capture my character at all, and I’ve seen other blood elf players say much of the same thing.

You’re welcome to your opinion on that, of course, and I will never discourage people from asking for what they want.

But I also won’t stay silent about this either and giving my opinion as well.


I’m not sure of the numbers after these new additions…

But here is the number of possible combinations from 9.0. Blood elf definitely does not have the most.


do you only listen to void elf players?

can we get a CM that isnt biased? like i dont even care about lore anymore just give us forsaken/san’layn customization so we can look different from void elves


This is so super awesome. Thank you so very, very much! Can’t wait to test these colors out on my Velves!


Thank you so much!! You have made a great deal of people immensely happy on this day!!


san’layn failed to join the horde in BFA and that entire quest chain was shown only to the Alliance

sorry fam

we’re stealing your red eyes too


What about the blood elves you continue to take options from? Where’s our customization? Where’s our uniqueness? You continue to bend over backwards for void elves over and over and give them everything they could ask for, meanwhile other races are being ignored. This patch was supposed to be about nightborne and LFD, and you guys have completely brushed them to the side just to make announcements about void elves over and over again.

This is incredibly frustrating and feels terrible.


the problem with the combos is how much is actually useful. I think now with these additional hair colors the void elf men may have passed blood elf men. And the only reason the blood elf women are so high is they have like 5-6 categories of jewelry that pad their numbers


Oops, I guess they ignored Nightborne.

Oh wait, did you guys not want them updated?


a group got blown up. plus lore doesnt matter anymore void elves are pure blood elves and we are in the damn afterlife shirt


Soon… “RENAME US HIGH ELVES!” It’s only a matter of time, you wait…


Not soon, they’ve already been suggesting a quest to purify themselves and take over Silvermoon.


Yeah I put that person on ignore, because I honestly have a low tolerance for trolling at this point. If blizzard gives void elves any of the undead themes horde has been asking for, I think I’m done with the game for good.

Edit: Oh right, I’m also no longer repeating myself when it comes to the BfA situation with San’layn. Look at my previous posts and do your own research, it’s not up for debate anymore. I don’t care.


This patch started out, as I said, about LFD and Nightborne. They have since received one comment and one picture associated with them. Void elves are being shown extreme favortism over and over.

They were made the exception the first round of customization options with getting so many options grandfathered in when we were told this was supposed to be a time for the core races. And now it’s happening again. You cannot deny the void elves are receiving an unbeleivable amount of attention, and far more than any other race, and far more communication than any other race ever has.


They’ve barely got started since announcing these additions. It’d be nice if you guys would stop acting like spoiled brats before it ends up ruining a good thing.


Blood Elves get near the most customization in the game and are begging for more while there are still races in the game that seem like they didn’t get anything. Wild. Everyone will get something new eventually, and I want more customizations just like everyone else… But outrage at no blood elf additions? That’s insanely obnoxious and selfish.