Why the lack of Customization?

Blizz can you fix the “clipping issues” you have with the new covenant cloaks and 2H-weapons? There’s no reason a year later we can’t have weapons shown with some of these cloaks imo - especially when you can already view them in the dressing room.

and if it’s impossible or something like you guys sometimes claim, can you never make a piece of transmog take away from our visuals again?

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no, i like that it hides weapons. if anything i wish they could hide the weapon in boomkin form too

But darling, you have tiaras and pretty jewelry and we do not!


There should be less options, get rid of worgen and darkspear trolls they were mistakes. They were only made playable because Blizzard believe people don’t play classes because of it’s race which kind of true but reality it’s more racial ability based. Nobody realizes what race they’re playing ingame 99.9% of the time.

I’m still holding out for an upright posture option to come out for Undead eventually.

More hairstyles, scars, tattoos and war-paints for pretty much every playable race would also be pretty awesome.

Otherwise the only other customization I’d like to see would be more to do with armor; different people like different kinds of aesthetics and it would be nice to have more armor of the likes of transmogs such as what I have my Draenei here (and all my other alts) in; more war harness looking things and the like so there’s other ways to make a fantasy barbarian type male character without relying on hide chest as much.

Maybe being able to receive the Night Elf Archer outfits worn by the NPCs in the War of Thorns scenario would be a good start!


Honestly I think all races (except for the animalistic ones) should have access to all the hairstyles and colors. It would give everyone so many options ^^.


Something I really enjoyed on night elves was that they had a feral option for their ear which essentially has one or their ears torn off. It’d be cool to see that done to Draenei tails.

cosmetic armor that when worn acts as a prosthetic. A mechanical glove+ shoulder would give the appearance of a prosthetic arm. Not displaying the shoulder could make it just a mechanical hand. Same with the boot slot.
you could also do arcane,elemental, light, or void hands,arms, legs.

Imagine a fire mage with a molten arm because he got his real arm bit off fishing in ZG.

A priest who lost his leg on Argus, but was fashioned a new one made of pure light by Turalyon.

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For Pandaren -

Our Heritage Armor completed
More than one face and expression to choose from
Customization for ears and muzzle similar to what the Vulpera have
Customization and Jewelry for tails
Celestial-themed markings on our fur in a similar vein to tattoos
Red Panda options made available to Male Pandaren


I hope that’s a bad joke. There is nothing to support right now. Nothing.

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I made this comment on Twitter but I’m going to throw it up here, also.

There’s a lot of cool in-game assets that are only on NPCs. Making some of that available to players could be an easy way to give us some additional options with little effort. Like the DH stuff outside of BT.

Also, how hard would it be to made gear color more customizable? Some of the colors the art team chooses… bleh. Does the mythic set have to be the only one with a decent color scheme? I get the additional detail and such for the sets, it’s strictly color I’m talking about.


I wonder if it’s possible to see Forest Troll Options for Trolls. I would love to see Troll Beards, Green Skin, War Paint Red Options, and etc for Forest Trolls in General Trolls.


This…heck, make dye kits something that are created via the alchemy profession as just one new way professions actually have more uses. Like you said, top-end raid gear can keep the fancy details, but let lower sets (and gear in general) be able to have their colors be dyed so you don’t have to rely on transmog to hide hideous mish-mashed colors.

As for forest trolls…I dream of a day when the character creation screen has tabs you can click to pick sub-groups of the race you’re making. Taking the troll example, like you have the human form and worgen form of a worgen you click between, you could have Jungle troll and Forest troll (or heck even Drakkari) with different customization options for each.


Forest trolls should be their own AR.

Not least of which because of the model differences.

But also because their culture is considerably different to Jungle Trolls and their druid forms would be entirely different.

Plus like the Wildhammer they’re worth the effort.

Its a damn shame the Wildhammer were done dirty like that.


Oh I agree a thousand percent. As someone who played the tabletop warcraft/world of warcraft rpgs, Wildhammers were so cool.

“Wildhammer dwarves are similar in appearance to their Ironforge kin, though many shave their heads and they are slightly taller and leaner. Exposure to sun and high winds darkens and toughens their skin. Wildhammers string beads and feathers into their hair and beards as good luck charms, and paint tattoos on their bodies in homage to the totems, ideas and creatures they revere.”

Instead we got a few tattoos and…I think one option with feathers? For Bronzebeards. Having a taller, leaner dwarf option would’ve been so cool, not to mention the cultural differences could’ve given different customization options too. But most especially the class differences:

“Wildhammer dwarves are feral and untamed, prone to revelry, shamanism and daring acts of bravery (and stupidity). They eschew technological gadgets in favor of nature magic and straightforward weapons, including their famous stormhammers.”


“Wildhammer dwarves have close ties to nature. Many are shaman, and some are druids. A few Wildhammers revere the Holy Light, but the faith demands too much organization and philosophy for the comfort of most.”


This. So much this.

The fact they don’t have a Stormhammer racial and a gryphon racial or two… ridiculous. Also they should absolutely have a gryphon mount to match as their “heritage” mount.

Without those things its just Bronzebeard doing cosplay.

This so much this. Wildhammer classes wouldn’t be the same as Bronzebeard dwarves.

They wouldn’t be able to be mage or warlock for one, Paladins is a nah man.

But they would definitely be shaman and druid.

We could have had this. It would have been glorious.


Covenant druid forms, I am surprised they did not do anything like this! Especially since several types of druids cannot even see their Covenant armor mogs in their forms so earning that armor is kinda well… useless unless for viewing while waiting for que.

I wish that robes and cloaks for in-game alts had some type of movement/flowing but so far we are pleading for more customization, so can only hope. Still hoping for tattoos, scar options, more for alts, and also the heritage armor sets!!

Really I have no clue why this has not already happened, would be very cool to have more flexibility!


I still want proper wildhammer :frowning:


I still want a proper Nightborne model and although fixing the faces helps it doesn’t make it the actual Nightborne model but since I’m not selfish I support you in wanting actual Wildhammers.


Honestly, I would have had more respect for the developers if they said, “Ok, we see that you [the players] are unhappy with the Nightborne model, but changes of this nature will take some time to plan and complete, but in the meantime, we are open to taking in your feedback while we work on this.”

I’d rather wait a year and be blown away by their work than have these uninspired customization additions peppered at us to keep us pacified.


theyre only taking feedback for void elves. and even then its not even for void themed customization but more non void options