Why greater drums? just add tinnitus

amazing how something directly from the game files is still not good enough for some…

Von. . brother. . do we need to go over this again?

Datamined files are not reliable.

Not to mention we are in beta stage.
Things will AND already have changed.

Go ahead and state a dislike or an alternative

But bro. Datamining at this point is just wowhead trying to get your eyeballs.

Ok. . Next topic.

yes, the files referenced by the client to determine what something is supposed to do is completely unreliable… got it


So, tell me, how well did the whole Store Mount datamining thing pan out for ya? Hrm?

but medically accurate


Leatherworking drums have been a hot topic since we first started working on Burning Crusade, since they would make Leatherworking feel mandatory.

In the first few patches of original Burning Crusade, the drums had a cast time and smaller radius, which limited their effective use. Leatherworking was an unattractive profession at the time, so the drums were improved in patch 2.3. That led to the fond memories we all have of drum rotations as one of the added layers of teamwork in later Burning Crusade encounters.

Right now in the Burning Crusade Beta, all Leatherworking drums now have an Uncommon and Rare (i.e., “Greater”) version. Our current thinking is that the greater versions will be acquired via recipe drops from Zul’Aman.

While it’s true that we’re generally planning to implement items (and spells and maps and everything else) in their patch 2.4.3 state, this one stood out as something we should make an exception for. By default, we don’t want to change the behavior of items from patch to patch, so we think the right thing to do is to introduce the greater drums as a new item, so that the behavior of the original items doesn’t have to change.


Tinnitus would be a balance change which I think they’re trying to avoid when coupled with unnerfed bosses. The datamined change is probably a raid-wide form of drums, to keep the balance in tact while also reducing the number of required Leatherworkers.

Also hi Kaivax.


The mount was datamined as existing… There was nothing from the data mine that suggested it would be a store item, that was purely the community. The drum data mine contains actual data on the effect.

And there we go… confirmed… the meta still exists, blizzard didn’t do what they promised!

Now I get to say it… I told you so!


Check and mate

Ok so someone give me a TLDR here, why do “better drums” solve the issue of raids feeling the need to stack LWs


they are giving us crappy drums to start and then giving us good drums… either way, drum meta is alive and well contrary to the blizzcon promise.


You do! And I am not upset at all. We have what we all wanted and needed.

My point is this. Datamined, or reddit posts or anything simply can’t be enough to make sweeping posts about things being fact. That is and was my point.

We now have Kaivax adding to the conversation and it can become far more productive.

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Well that sucks. The drum meta is even worse than the engi meta.

Was hoping to not be shunned for wanting to be herb/alch but i suppose LW it is


I still say if you are in a guild that MAKES you do that then it might be time to find one that fits a better mindset.


If they are only in the 2nd to last content phase, seems like almost no reason to have them, literally only use for Sunwell?

the only productivity appropriate is absolute outrage they would go back on their word and stoke a meta this toxic… Again, questing in negrand is done, feral pre-bis is done, having a second profession is done… We will all have to be leatherworkers to compete regardless of other profession bonuses you may like to have. Worst change ever.


This really doesn’t fix the core issues with drums that you addressed during your round table. This still makes them mandatory for your dps. Please simply look into making these NOT REQUIRE LEATHERWORKING for use. That one change solves the entire issue of lw feeling mandatory. Maybe even provide leather workers with a set that has more charges as well that does require it just to make them feel more invested in their profession.


So how does this make drums not mandatory or was the idea to make it mandatory but not have leather working?


Nope. Abandoning my friends over something as stupid as professions doesnt make sense to me. I think its a bad move but it is what it is. Just got excited when they said they were going to address it and now am finding out they arent

Time to start leveling LW


oh the community will find a way to use the weaker version before that…

Everyone wants to be the best and peer pressure will ensure LW and drums is the way to do it.