Drums and a clear lack of understanding

What exactly is attractive about the ‘greater’ drums idea? Legitimately the only ‘improvement’ over the regular drums is radius. This alone does not solve the leatherworking problem at all. Never mind that you have it set that they may drop from zul’aman, 5 phases into the game.

The problem with leatherworking drums is that they are a party specific 80 haste buff at lvl 70 (5.07%) that only lasts 30 seconds on a 2 minute personal cooldown. This means inherently if you want to appropriately rotate the buff, you need 4 leatherworkers in each group, 20 people per raid team. This SEVERELY limits what professions people can have for your raid group.

We wanted you to fix leatherworking so it was still a valuable buff for the raid but without having to have 20/25 of the raid members be leatherworkers to appropriately rotate the buff. Clearly there was a misunderstanding on what exactly that meant.

You guys need to make changes that result in less leatherworkers needed for a raid, perhaps one of these two options:

Make drums apply to the raid and have a larger radius, perhaps 50 yard range. so that you would only need 4 leatherworkers, and so that it isn’t awkward for the raid to stack up for the buff when several fights inherently make it so that you can’t reasonably stack 25 people in one spot when there are so many things people need to be doing spread around a room.

Or, Make drums have tinnitus and apply to party members within 15 yards, so you only need one leatherworker per group. 30 second 80 haste buff that lines up with potion cooldown would be great. You could even make the greater drums provide a stronger buff while still giving tinnitus debuff, like a 125 haste buff. (this would be roughly 7.926% haste I think)

It doesn’t matter what specifically you do with the greater drums recipes you plan to have drop from Zul’aman later. I think it’s a cool idea for there to be ‘stronger drums’. But… you guys really need to do something to leatherworking so that the vast majority of the raid can still have other professions.

Could even just remove the leatherworking requirement to use the drums. It would solve so much headache with it.


This just blows my mind, I don’t want to be a leatherworker on every character I plan on raiding with.


You won’t need to be one.

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I will if I want to parse

I forgot this is the forums where everyone truly believes they are in the top 1%.


WoW should follow a certain competitor’s lead and ban parsing software.


Well, you’re wrong about this. Raiding in TBC gets harder. If you want to join a half way decent guild. They’re going to require you to be leatherworkers. The drums are also useful while clearing trash. No reason not to be using it through out the entire raid.


Blizzard please change the class specific ability of “Heroism and Blood Lust”, it is not fair as each raid will require one shaman per group for the buff. This means that shamans will be a requirement in all raid groups. I don’t want to be forced to play a shaman to get a raid spot. Blizzard please change this immediately. ROFL #nochanges, sorry I mean #alotofchanges

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If an optimized raid group was 20/25 shamans you might have made the point you think you are here.


Sarcasm, I made my point.

That’s right because everybody on the forums truly believes they are in the top 1%.

Y’all be in your min/max guilds, on your min/max raids in your min/max group comps with your min/max proffesions all while you all green parse.


As a mediocre-to-average player, I still managed to parse between 75-90 on almost every fight in classic, with orange parses in several different categories. Is it because I was exceptional at pressing BT and WW at the right times? No, not particularly. It’s because I always stacked all my consumables and spent 2 hours before raid every Tuesday and Thursday running back-and-forth from my computer to the kitchen making dinner while clearing DM-N/waiting on world buff drops.

You’re using the silly retail mindset of “[x] doesn’t matter unless you’re in the top [y]%” when the reality is that doing the meta stuff is what PUTS you in the “top [y]%”. Even my mediocre classic raid expected you to bring the simplest of standard dps consumables, and weren’t bringing 10 shadow priests or protection paladins or other awful classes and dragging fights out to 10 minute slogs that killed parsing.


Hop on your classic toon so I can confirm your Parses.

I imagine if you did, you would be proving my point.

I might not be 99’s in every fight, but I average 96 in naxx. Sorry parsing is the only fun part of this game to me. Content is easy…but, it looks like you haven’t done naxx…talking a lot for someone who has no parses in naxx.

Regardless, back on topic, they just need to make it where drums don’t require LW. Easy solution.

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Log on your classic toon so I can see your Parses.

Prove me wrong

Its fully world buffed, not spending my buffs cuz you want me to prove anything. You can look me up, Majinbull - Sulfuras.

Sorry but you aren’t worth 30 seconds of my WB’s. I’ll gladly talk to you on my alts. and yes a majority of them have majin in the name.

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Just to prove my point, i updated my image on here to my warrior.

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This is my whole point, you guys don’t even understand how logs work.

Your average parse is not a 96, it’s a 79.

You don’t take your highest parse average and claim it’s what you do. Your highest parse takes the highest 1 parse per boss and calculates your average high parse.

Your MEDIAN parse is what you do on every boss, every raid, that’s your ACTUAL average.

On average you parse a 79, which is higher than I thought you would be, but it’s by no means top 1%.

Most of the people on here talking about how they need drums to parse because it’s the meta are far below you, they average greens and blues, as if they won’t be doing that in TBC. Or thinking they have a 55 parse but if they just had 1 more drums they would be a 95+…

It’s the same people who are 1600 rated arena players but they think if they were undead or orc they would be 2300+.

lol…and now you are talking average parse for every fight I have ever done in naxx. You really have no clue about anything in classic. You die with WB’s and your dmg is cut in 1/2. Still my “top” parses average is at 96, and you have zero parses in naxx. Anything you say about parsing in meaningless. You can can continue to talk down to me all you want. I think its funny. Please show me your top 1% average parse and your gladiator title. Prove me wrong…

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I see Blinkdrink is boasting something they don’t have here as well.