Drums are Raid Wide

Are only available when you get to Zul’Aman and are taught by a drop everyone will be fighting over.

That really depends on the amount of bosses where you have to actually spread like Rag/Cthun/KT and dont have opportunities to stack, versus bosses where stacking is quite easy and people are just standing wherever anyway, at least for mag/gruul/t5/t6. Its been too long to remember the frequency of such bosses.

But will the drums themselves be BOP or BOE while requiring lw? If the later, you only need the drop once per guild to get started.

I’d like more solid confirmation, but raidwide (even with a nerfed radius) is better than party wide.

Maybe you won’t always be able to coordinate to get everyone stacked up, but if it hits 6 or more people it’s still better than 5, so I disagree that raidwide has no point.

I hope they don’t go live with this version, it could still use some work. But if they do, it’s still better than the original.

I’m guessing BoP, otherwise every other prof will be screaming for a new buff to sell

All this crying because the blue post doesn’t mention them being raid wide. There’s also this key little segment of that post:

I could tolerate that screaming quite easily.

All 25 people will have to be within 8 yards of the drum once a minute.

What about fight mechanics that prohibit the entire raid from stacking on one spot? You will still need multiple people with drums as the entire raid is not going to be able to stack in one spot at all times…

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Ez fix.

Only the person who uses the drum gets the benefit.

So 5% haste for 30 seconds 1 time.

It’s prolly the same dps increase as all other prof then.


I mean… it wouldn’t take too much extra movement to negate a portion of the benefit of the buff.

I guess drums will have to be something situationally powerful instead of 5% haste permanently with no thought applied, until the ZA patch, which is when they got buffed.

So drums get to be strong (if you can figure out the coordination aspect) but you’re probably not getting 100% uptime without sacrificing some dps to movement.

Sounds like a decent nerf to me, honestly. Way better than tinnitus. And then in the patch where they got strong, they will be gradually replaced by the greater drums as the pattern becomes available.

Again, it’s not the ideal fix and I hope they work on it a bit more, but it’s better than original drums.

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This would be fantastic, and not that I think apes has any reason to lie, but would be nice if they could provide a clip of the actual interaction instead of just an account.

Clip was linked to me by someone else, but overall it’s a sigh of relief. I would have preferred some video testing showing this, but it seems incredibly unlikely they would lie about this.

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That’s a relief. I think the tooltip from the greater drums as well as vague statements worried people the most. Sounds like Blizz balanced “we’ll make drums easier in one aspect and harder in another.” In fact, even if lesser drums are raid wide and greater are only party, then it becomes a tradeoff. I’d still advocate for greater to be raid wide, but at least with the news you presented it seems workable. Overall, cautiously optimistic.

As far as overwriting each other, I think they have to, otherwise content gets trivialized (well, that might be an exaggeration, but…) for min/maxers, or people who aren’t running a bunch of drum types fall too far behind.

Come to think of it, what are the other drum types?

Maybe it’s possibly worthwhile for a group that gets more out of another drum than haste to use a lesser drum to overwrite the 40 yard one.

I’ll have to look into that.

Melee stack, ranged stack, done.

Or even everyone stacking cuz there’s no reason to stay spread.

I’m actually liking the 8 yard limit more and more, going to make otherwise boring fights much more interesting.


I am uncomfortable with change.

To clarify, my understanding, is that it’s the greater drums that are raid wide.

This would make the meta happen in late TBC only requiring a handful of raiders to be LW.

The early one with the 8yrd restriction is accurate to TBC and we will see what the try hards do with it.

I like this change as it still allows LW to have a cool solo niche early (50 chargees and cheap mats allow to blow this even in random pvp as an extra cd if you want) and a raid wide utility later.

Good change.


Making drums Raid-wide would require much less leatherworkers.

Works for me.