Drum fix? ReAlLy? O.o

Arguably it hurts you too. Nethercleft armor etc is a decent source of income for a leatherworker, but if everyone else has access to it that kinda goes away.

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I imagine the problem is once a CM says anything it becomes gospel and subject to the complaints of millions. Even when the CM and the devs are working closely enough that one has enough knowledge to even communicate these things, you can’t really just “workshop” stuff on the forums.

I’d imagine a big part of the reason Actiblizz has laid off so many people in that position over the years is because it’s hard to demonstrate that they’re adding value given the state of the environment they interact with. When they posted regularly (and even when they DO post now) most of those posts are met with a bunch of insults and complaints, often not even relevant to that topic. So if you’re gonna get :poop:'d on either way… you might as well not pay people money for the privilege.

I agree. It’s not too much to ask for and we should.

The issue I, and many who push back, is the completely childish way some go about doing it. They arnt asking for that, they are simply wanting to destroy.

I am not trying to make excuses for Blizzard, because I have left the game multiple times over the years from boredom or frustration, but even in the past they have had a SOONtm approach to everything. They often tell us things when they are ready.

They have given into userbase pressure from time to time and let out statements that didn’t line up with things that were still in development that turned around and bit them in the butt as well.

We both agree we would like to see more official posts. . Trust me. I go over them with a fine-tooth comb.

It’s just the community needs to keep some of these things in mind when making posts like this.

I will def jump on your side once I have more solid information from the beta testers on how drums are working for example. Right now, even the reliable ones are saying it’s too soon to tell.

Thanks for the respectful discourse Mojache, I do appreciate it :slight_smile:

http://www.worldoflogs.com/ registered - 2008-02-16 and is the site I remember using in TBC.

Warcraft logs seems to be a clone/copy service that was later sold and redeployed in 2013. Can’t really find the actual history as most of it is registered through proxy now.

We were definitely using WOL during Sunwell in TBC, at least most guilds on Tichondrius were, combined with wow progress which seems to be released to keep track of the Sunwell world 1st races.

[About us] - Posted by Plato on The Mysterious Future…

World of Logs has been launched in its beta phase on the 6th of April 2009.

Our mission is to provide World of Warcraft gamers the best analytical tools to enhance their raiding performance.

Our vision is to create an online platform, where Wow gamers can analyze, share and compare their raiding experiences quickly, reliably and easily.

The site wasn’t actually available until 2009. Its possible you were using a similar site like WWS, but it wasn’t WOL specifically.

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True for them 99s and 100s, but to even be above roughly the 65th percentile in classic you need world buffs.

I don’t care about the top 1, but I’d like to not be below average because of a LW item. Again I like pvp more and I’m going eng/bs for the weapon and gimmicks for BG/wpvp, but I see how drums can get out of hand from a social context.

Also I don’t think there needs to be a sated added to lust but I heared there might be if they do it to drums.

I think what people are ignoring is that it is not 5% haste. It is the equivalent of 25% haste when you factor in that it is a group buff.

that is why it is not being compared to something like JC or ring enchants. If those professions offered a groupwide, stacking, benefit then you can bet they would be required in some way. It would then be min/maxxed on which groups needed which professions.

Also many of those professions are fixed stats, as you get better gear their impact decreases. Flat% always retains the same value, regardless of gear and will be worthwhile the entire expansion.

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Before Classic some were “LoL ! Who care about World buffs a lot of players won’t bother collecting them all they won’t be mandatory”

We saw that, yeah…

Yea I mean you could make it work. You could give each profession their own groupwide buff. But then you’d also probably have to give the LWers something to compensate if everyone else got something new. and by that point you’re almost designing whole new systems for the game…

Or… you could just add the tinnitus debuff that already exists in later versions of the game and has been proven to be effective while still making LW valuable

You’ve convinced me. Make it 25% haste and buffs the drummer only. Let’s make this happen Blizz!

It’s hard to believe that this “fix” is what they came up with to deal with the LW issue.

It’s beta, it could be an error. Just wait for the final version please.

Have some trust. It’s a huge company with professionals, they are definitely working on the game.

This is why people started the discussion when it was datamined. Blizzard is directly contradicting the interview comments about drums.

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The thing that bugs me is that unless you are in a Uber casual guild, drums effectively limits you to one profession choice. I know it’s a “choice” to go LW, but any sound raid leader will look at people and say “ that person has lw, let’s bring them to the raid instead of the person with mining and jc”

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Need at least one person to be mining / leatherworking for Hyjal. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Why mining? No sarcasm just lack of knowledge here.

Epic gems can be mined within the instance. If you have a miner.

Can it be done after the clear or do they despawn?

Has to be done during the raid. Talking to Jaina or Thrall spawns the gems after bosses 2 and 4, but unstoppable undead spawn behind the raid forcing you forward.

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