So can we get an actual drum fix now

Get in the drum circle or get benched. :wink:

“just don’t use them!”

Yeah, that turned out so well for world buffs, didn’t it?

The blizzcon video had them openly stating that they don’t want players to have their entire raid group forced into leatherworking.

And judging by the whole chrono-boon thing, they seem to be okay with the world buff meta, since they’re giving us a way to make world buffs less obnoxious and not require you to raidlog just to keep them.

Where is your proof that everyone that cleared sunwell required LW?

“Without proof I would be inclined to not believe a word of it” -Tibble 04.26.2021

Truly inspirational words from a giant hypocrite. You should run for office

Hopefully they just make them usable for everyone like what was suggested earlier. Its a win win for everyone involved and I wont have to have leather working as an active profession on my main.

Yeah, like it or not, this is how it will be for most guilds. Even casual guilds use the try-hard meta so they don’t have to try as hard lol.

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And then Kaivax posted this headscratcher, which still makes me wonder if he was on drugs when he posted it, because it makes no sense. Yes, drums was a hot topic, but the discussion was about how best to fix them, not about the “fond memories” of the “added layers of teamwork” which literally nobody said. Lol.

Where on earth are all these numbers coming from?

This is in reference to the post Blizzard made sometime ago about drums, and forms the crux of the argument for why drums should be changed. However, if you read the post, what you just said was flat-out untrue: Blizzard did not say Sunwell was balanced around drum rotations, either literally or figuratively. Reread the post. It said that drums were “used” and that all of the guilds that cleared it “used” them, but Blizzard didn’t specify what “used” actually means. They certainly didn’t say anything about “meta” or “100% uptime on the buff” or “20 LW in every raid.” There were guilds clearing Sunwell without engaging in the drum meta back then. Sure, they weren’t getting server firsts, or ultra competitive clear times, but it was possible.

The actual drum fix was to just leave drums alone. They didn’t need to be fixed. They were strong but not required.

There’s a ton of things not required in this game but that doesn’t stop people from lowering the quality of the community by making them all required.

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Honestly they could have just made the drums available to all classes and lowered the charges from 50 to (10 or 20). It would have allowed LW to have a powerful in demand consumable to add to the list of needed consumables without requiring ~20 LW in the raid.

Add that into the decent gear crafted from this, LW would still be a top profession like all the other craft professions. It just wouldn’t be this “required” profession like Jewelcrafting or enchanting.

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There’s a lot of things that Blizzard could have done to address the issue. They of course chose the one course of action that didn’t solve the issue, and that pissed off the maximum amount of people in both the changes and no changes camps.

Still trying to figure out the thought process. It’s truly a weird decision on their part.


Blizzard openly stated that they balanced sunwell around drum rotations.

…and the way that drums were “used” was having your entire raid reroll leatherworking for 100% uptime.

Just because Blizzard didn’t explicitly, specifically say “oh yeah players used 20 leatherworkers for 100% drum uptime” doesn’t mean that isn’t what 99% of drum-using guilds did.

After all the nerfs, yes.

Pre-nerf sunwell, it was either stack shamans and drums or you didn’t kill bosses. They were that tightly-tuned.

How do you know that? I just said Blizzard did not specify exactly what they meant by the word “used.” I think it’s quite important to pay attention and scrutinize what Blizzard explicitly says because otherwise we’re arguing over an interpretation.

This is probably a stupid questions before I ask it but… I don’t suppose you have any data or statistics to back up that claim?

“well you don’t have hard data to back up your claim so you’re wrong nyeh nyeh!”

And like that, the conversation is over.

Enjoy living in your fantasy world where guilds “used drums” by only having a few leatherworkers, lmao

Claims should not be taken as true until proven false; they are to be viewed with skepticism until proven true.

“Sunwell bosses were 100% unkillable without the drum meta” is a very VERY bold claim to make which would require some serious evidence to back up. You provided none, and indeed mocked the very idea of providing any so… no, I don’t believe this claim at all, and neither should anyone else.

Simple fix, stop crying and roll with LW. So much crying over one profession it is so funny to watch. Keep up the posts, you are one of 3k on drums. I am sure blizzard will listen to you if you keep crying enough. I am sure the min-maxers will always cry about something.

Probably the closest thing we have to what you’re after. A few of the bosses have videos, and you can see the raid comp and the players’ buffs.

Was the statement I responded too that blizzard balanced around drums?


The statement being made was that every guild that cleared required drums from every player

And let me just pre-respond that no I don’t care if you make the claim that it was pre nerf only in an attempt to move the goal post.

Did the majority engage in it? Yes

Did all? No

Blizzard literally confirmed it at blizzcon

“Did all? No” if they didn’t then they didn’t clear it. How do I know? Only Method and Exorcus killed Kil’Jaeden pre-nerf and they used drums, that is well known. Blizzard confirmed we are getting pre-nerf bosses. End of discussion. I won’t hold my breath for an apology.

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imagine a lv 22 forum troll alt asking for anything