Can we just have the nerfed bosses so we dont have to have drums?

If given a choice, who do you think they will pick? You have two shamans. One is a LW with drums, one is a tailor. Who do they pick?

See, you are not going to admit that when given the chance, the people creating groups will pick min/max every time if given the choice.

Just like people did not want to admit that paladins with seal of blood would create population issues. Blizzard came out and said that it would indeed skew population to horde so they changed it. It is a change for the positive. Changing drums would help take away needless non sense that the community can create.


I specifically stated that is exactly what they would do. Are you not reading what I’m saying?


I said, if their reasoning for keeping drums is because the bosses will be pre nerf status, I would just rather they do away with drums and give us nerfed bosses. It is a hypothetical. IF that was their reasoning, I would rather have nerfed crap with better community/culture game design instead of promoting a sweaty, greasy version of the game that a ton of people are showing they do not want.

That isn’t their reasoning, though. So what is the point of this thread, exactly? To suggest a change that does nothing to actually address your concerns in response to a reason they never gave?

Why else would they choose to do this, then? What was the point? They clearly said they did not want LW to feel mandatory and it still is.

The reasoning is because that’s how the drums functioned originally, and the drums were not made a part of the meta until 2.3 when they were buffed.

They don’t want to change the drums because they probably are too bad at their jobs to manage it (or are too lazy).

You don’t need drums to begin with unless we are talking pre-nerf M’uru. All the pre-nerf content in the game you can easily do without drums(I know because my guild did it in OG TBC with the exception of M’uru which we couldn’t down until the 2nd nerf that was a flat 10% hp nerf to the adds). Some other sunwell bosses like Brutallus will be very tight on enrage depending on your BT drop luck.

I’m really not understanding why people think they are required except for parsing and/or speed running on warcraft logs.

I do not want them. I think I have to keep saying that over and over in multiple posts/threads. My issue is that we will see it become a requirement or the reasoning for why you may or may not get invited to a group. This could easily be a non issue if they go the WotLK route with these. There is no down side to that route, at all.

There will be plenty of groups that won’t require them.

I refuse to get buffs like songflower on my characters and so I won’t get invited to groups that require that yet here I am getting close to done with Naxx.

You can always lobby Kihra on wcl discord to ban drums regardless of what blizzard does. WCL has a surprising amount of influence on the “meta” when you think about it.

The guy obviously didn’t play in original TBC and doesn’t know that pre-nerf content was cleared with or without the use of drums. Let him freak out over something he has 100% control over, it’s kinda amusing.

Again, this isnt truly about nerfing anything or buffing anything raid wise. It is about drums and changing them so that we, as a collective player community, do not make them feel mandatory when they do not have to be.

The only reason I made the title as it is, is because if Blizzard feels the needs to keep the drums as is, then there must be a reason outside of “fond memories” that apparently very few if any can recollect having.

I do not want anything nerfed and I want the drums to have the same effects they did in WotLK. How many times must that be repeated?

You’ll be fine, pumpkin.

I know I will be. This is about the game culture as a whole. I am not worried about myself. I would rather us avoid something easily avoidable, since, as you say, we do not need them.

We’ll be fine, pumpkin.

So, Kaivax seemingly proved my point. He said that Sunwell could be too difficult without drums and that would mean they would have to adjust, and they didn’t want to.

So, yeah. Tell me it wasn’t about how they made raids easier.

“Nerf everything!” is my motto.

It’s actually a lot easier to ruin an anvil than you think.


I dont want the nerfs, but I would like to have a compromise that means we will not have to go a profession simply because Blizzard is worried that a raid may be too hard without it. THEIR WORDS THIS TIME.

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I don’t recall denying that fact, or bringing that up at all. I said, explicitly to you, that they weren’t necessary to clear pre-nerf content.

Let me remind you that this is a video game forum people here have a weak grasp on socializing at best, the ideas of creating cultures and understanding the impacts of decisions are beyond most of them.

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I am starting to see that more and more. People cannot look past their own experience and see things as a whole. It is pretty scary, honestly. To know people cannot look past themselves for the overall affects on the community/culture of the game.