Double Nerfed Drums? Why

Blizzard, why do we have double nerfed drums? First you changed the radius and said we would get real drums as a rare recipe from ZA. Cool? One nerf sure

Then you listened to the community and realized tinnitus was the better fix, 2min cd on drums, amazing.

Why did you keep the first nerf active?!

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because drums are bad in general


Because blizzard is lazy.


Yes, but shouldn’t it be fixed? We should not have double penalty on drums

Why? The content isn’t that hard, and you can achieve the same results with a little coordinating.

Because they made things worse, not better.

8 yard range on drums AND a debuff.

It makes them miserable to use

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Because even with the tinnitus debuff, you still require every group to have a leatherworker. so 20% of the raid may be forced to give up their profession slot.

Sure, some melee might not mind, but they would have to give up key party buffs to be spread in each group. Not fun. So either way, someone has to sacrifice their prof slot/DPS in the name of minmaxing, which is where blizz steps in:

Add in the 8 yd limit (the 8 yd limit was in original TBC until ZA/Sunwell), and more guilds will choose not to bother with it, while still allowing more hardcore/coordinated guilds to make use of it.


Ohhh you must’ve been on a hiatus if you’re just now finding this out.


Nope, just shocked it hasn’t been addressed yet

Patch 2.3 = Zul’Aman. I’m not sure why you said “False” to something easily verifiable using google, took me like 15 seconds.


You can easily look it up and see that it’s wrong.

Please do and post your results, i’m curious!

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If drums had a short range in early TBC patches, they didn’t have tinnitus debuff. If we’re doing #somechanges it should at least some balance to it.

Are people forgetting that they changed it to be a group wide effect (I think)? Or would rather have the old way back where EVERYONE needed to be one.

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drums were a mistake. turning leatherworking into some dumb aura profession was never the right call

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Regardless of how you feel, that’s what happened in TBC. Making them feel worse to use does nothing to solve your problem. It’s still a dumb aura profession, but now it requires you stack for the effect and has a cast time.

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