Where'd the sun go?

We’re getting all excited that a coding error or a bug is part of a ‘surprise’. I’m sure that issue where it was raining inside buildings a couple months ago had something to do with it too!

Waitin’ on the big reveal. :dizzy:

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Everyone needs a break from time to time but that seems odd.

This was my thought. Might have to do with the new patch?

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Sun is setting on Stormrage around noon server time today. It’s as if the day/night cycle is running on UTC but server time is correct. The bells in Stormwind toll based on the day/night cycle and are also inaccurate.

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I’m actually sorry I missed that. Would have been something to see.


Logged in, glitch is still happening.

This is just a bug. It was introduced with some software updates we did during maintenance. We’re developing a fix, and the fix will require realm restarts, so it could be this way for a while.

Enjoy it 'til then!


Too soon … this thread could have got way longer before you burst our bubble hahaha

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lol you guys coulda really banked on this mistake. Put the harbingers of doom crying the end of days back in the major cities. April 1st isn’t that far away.


Hm, a lot of us were thinking it was a cool world event. A bit disappointing that it’s just a bug.

Thanks for letting us know though.

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How about we don’t fix it? :slight_smile:


ahhhh, but oh well i get.

it could have been pretty fun if this was connected to the next expancion and it was a surprised stunt.

but it is all good like this too.

Shall do. Waiting for the Big Dig to start in a few minutes and it’s quite cozy right now with the crickets and owls in the ambience accompanying the lovely Azure Span music. Seems I rarely get to play during the game’s actual nighttime.

It’s always sunny in Pandaria(Timeless Isle)

Now you northern hemisphereans know how it is for us down here, dark during the day 'n all. :sunglasses:


Too bad, I thought dev’s were doing something fun.

We are way overdue for some chaos doom global destruction.


ikr, would have been a fun way to introduce whatever the skull and cross bones was.

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Hey, it could kick off some RP in the meantime! The daytime night has been quite the talk of Stormwind :dracthyr_tea:


Could add some of those “sky trumpet” noises like I seen on the ytube videos. Sort of like the 7 seals and 7 trumpets from revelations.

This should prove to y’all that THIS is how to lead us into a mystery patch! Everyone in-game was talking about it! Everyone speculated! Everyone was involved in theories!