Where'd the sun go?

It also brought the community together.

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and nobody in the “epic fun story” dept. picked it up and ran with it.
Todays big news is MDI instead. :frowning:

Blizzard should do something funny on April Fools Day

Yes but… Do you really need to fix it, though?

Sounds like Fake News to me.

Herné was like “Hey, I ate the sun, sorry.” Was pretty funny.

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I have that album,:+1::+1::+1:

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And it was aaaaaaaallllll riiiight

Kaivax, can this same courtesy of correctly aligning the day-night cycle be given to OCE players?

OCE has been forced to play in perpetual night-time mode due to having to follow NA’s day-night cycle and have been begging for years in countless threads for OCE servers to follow OCE’s day-night cycle so we actually get to see the sun when we play. This small change would make a massive difference to OCE players.


Everyone has to RP walk through Goldshire. Get an achievement like: What happens in the Shire, stays in the Shire.

Get the Tshirt.

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Was I not supposed to eat that?

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I kind of wish they wouldn’t fix it or at the very least make the day/night cycle more accurate. I log out at midnight and the sun is still out. Wtf?

Now I’m super sad. I was really hoping it was part of 10.2.6 hype. :slightly_frowning_face:


Can you add NPC dialogue without restarting? The guards can say random things about the perpetual night. That could be fun.

NPC dialogue would not only require restarts, it would also require a client patch.

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Perhaps it’s a precursor to an invasion by Vampirates!

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devs said if the red star (sargeras’ prison) disappears, bad news

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Lies. They are keeping up the secretive stuff.

ALL the women are beautiful of course and in short shorts. lol Hide the picture before blizz turns them all into fruit. WHY is there a truck in the picture though? Look in the left side of the picture…

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We’re getting truck mounts in TWW

Cause Dynamic vehicle racing is the next big thing. I dunno lol

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