Total Eclipse of the

Conspiracy theories incoming…

Is this 10.2.6 on the way?
Is it Nightsquall?
Is it a glitch or a bug?

Where did the sun go…



Man Blizz really planned the Midnight expansion pre-release VERY very early.


This is wild! I totally didn’t get what your post was actually about until I got into game.


Maybe this is some kind of foreshadowing.


This is either very early promotion for Midnight (unlikely)…

A two-week early promotion for Patch 10.2.6 (maybe?)…

Or someone accidentally set all server times to UTC 0.


Hoping it’s actually something dynamic, but also prepared for “oops, sorry guys”.

I mean technically, it’s a shadowing…

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Elf Reunification is at hand.

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One of my guild speculated it’s related to the lunar festival, but I feel like that’s wrong.

night elves have taken over

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Totally bumping this for definitely not silly reasons.

Odd question, can’t log in for a bit, talking to a specialist about the radiology, but is the red star of Argus still visible with the new, benighted sky? we were told ‘bad things would happen’ if that ever disappeared from the sky, and its been a constant ever since the end of the Legion expansion…

Goodness don’t SAY that!

Sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby…

I think they changed the time of the day/night cycle. I saw a post on twitter saying it’s a different daylight period on Moonguard.

I logged this morning (usually log either very early or late-ish) and it wasn’t as dark as it normally is. I had almost forgotten what the “Day” looked like in WoW bc I hardly play when it’s on that part of the cycle.

Bumping because now the forums are out of alignment.

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It’s a confirmed bug. The sun will come back!

Also putting the forums back into alignment, for reasons.

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I heard it came back around 3 AM.

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I was excited that something dynamic and unknown might actually be happening.

Kind of disappointing.

The skybox is fiiiixed~! I logged in about 2 hours ago and it was day time, 7 am pdt!