My Day/Night Cycle is Reversed

Hello:) My day/night cycles have been reversed in game (retail) for a few days now—My in-game and computer times are both correct and I’m not using any consumables that affect the way the sky looks. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!!


It’s been a thing for a couple of days now. There is no fix that has been announced as yet, no communication on the issue at all that I’ve seen thus far.

There are some threads over on Bug Reports, which is the appropriate place to report the issue.

<3 thank you! Glad I’m not alone – I think someone tagged me into bug reports

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I’m actually surprised that no one has come to CS to inquire about it at all. Perhaps one of our SFAs may pop in if they’ve heard anything that can be relayed, but if nothing else? Keep an eye out for any hotfixes. There was a batch of them yesterday and I didn’t see anything about the time wonkiness brought up in them.

Blue post responded on this yesterday


Oh, rock on. Thank you! (Apologies. I rarely go to GD so I missed this.)

I had to dig for it myself. I was so hoping it was a neat event coming our way XD

You know, I had kind of a fleeting thought that it might be something of the same. It would have been very neat and unexpected had that been the case!

The cycle isn’t quite reversed, but rather the NA realms are adjusting them as though they are on UTC time instead of their server time. For example, Dalaran’s lighting (and calendar event creation rules, evidently) acts as though it’s 5 hours in the future (with server time being UTC-5).