Where'd the sun go?

I forget more than I remember from this near 20 year old game. The ol’ noggin can only retain so much information!

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This is what I suspect as well. It’s unlikely to be anything to do with a future patch expac at this stage. Much more likely it’s either a bug or blizz is trying to do a last minute update to the lunar festival since it didn’t get much of an update this year.

As an aside, I greatly dislike nights in Dragonflight.
The artists made a beautiful world, I’d like to see it.

It’s still nighttime on oceanic servers during the day, so nothing new for me :c

Yea maybe you didn’t get the joke :thinking: SUN day because no sun .

Don’t know, didn’t check.

I’m logged off for the night.

  1. There’s no reason this would be Lunar Festival related. If that were the case, it would have happened before today. It’s a 2 week long holiday, not a 24 hour microholiday.
  2. Could be related to some update / event, but we went the whole day and nothing happened. WoW’s sunrise is at 5:30AM server time. It is currently 4:24AM Moon Guard Server Time. If the sun rises as expected in an hour and 6 minutes, it’s almost definitely just a bug. If it stays dark, something else might be going on.

Given that the moon currently looks like this:
I’m gonna say it’s just a bug.

umm , it is only 10:15pm MG server time 1 hour after you posted this, you gained some time somewhere :alien:

the sun exploded.

On Kalimdor there is no sun or moon. :dracthyr_cry_animated:

The sun is rising…


The Princesses are fighting again.


stuffs fox in a dog biscuit

yeeaahh… realm time just hit 12am and it’s daylight.
it’s all backwards! :dracthyr_uwahh_animated:


As someone that’s dabbled on EU servers, that’s what it is feeling like.

Someone set the time backwards, or copied everything from an EU server, where it’s just about sunrise now.

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They do have to take it down for maintenance every once in a while.

They have been making updates to the holidays. Just because the lunar festival never had this before doesn’t mean that they would never add something like this.

Since the sun is back today though, it does appear to have been a bug.

It would be amazing and insane if this was all a stunt by Blizzard for the next expansion, i mean think about it?

the movie intro for War with In didn’t Trall and Aduin said they where hearing the voice of someone calling and not just that but Trall said he suspect many have lately as well?

if this is a stunt by Blizzard it is pretty cool ngl.


It would be cool, they also said 10.2.6 would be a surprise, I think they should do this more often it feels more emersed without knowing spoilers from PTR and data miners.