Skybox issue?

So lately my skybox has been displaying night time at like 3PM est the skybox looks like what it would be at like 1AM.

Right now it looks like the sun is setting at 11:40 AM.

Anyone else have this going on? Why is it going on?

Seems to be a known bug and they are working on it.

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Meanwhile oce players are like…firsttime.jpg


I just blame chromie and move on with my day.

Someone has the servers running on EU time.


The dream attacked valdraken

So what’s a skybox? In Second Life a skybox is a player housing option.
I’m guessing it’s something different here?

I haven’t heard of that in years. Surprised it’s still around.

Second Life? Yes, and it’s much improved. You might want to check it out.

The theory I have heard is that Microsoft runs on UTC, and that when Microsoft fired the Blizzard infrastructure teams, the Microsoft replacements just blindly set WoW to UTC with no understanding what the impact of that would be.

While I have nothing to substantiate that claim, I still find it plausible, as it is pretty clear that Microsoft’s layoffs were done with no thought or research, and no effort made to ensure proper knowledge hand-off.

So I would blame this bug on Microsoft’s myopic ham-handedness.

Personally I enjoy seeing nighttime. As East Coast, I get the worst of it when the day/night cycle is in pacific time. By the time night happens, I’m off to bed, and even if I am on the computer by 7AM, it’s already daylight in game. As someone who’s first experiences with WoW (and the major nostalgia hit) was playing from 7PM-11PM and the game was always night for me (except for the weekends), if Blizzard kept to UTC I would not complain in the least.

The skybox in WOW are graphics used to draw the skies in all zones.

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10.2.6 vampire patch


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Not logged on in a few years, stuff is still selling though so my L balance is still accumulating! 2007 with a Second name. I may have to Download FS again and update my avatar.

Edit: I guess it’s been less than 2 years as FS is till on my laptop!

I do VRChat nowdays. Nice to know its still around tho

Oh ok, now I understand. Thanks :slight_smile:

I kind of like it to be honest the night sky looks cool.

Many years ago I use to play late night these days just as the skybox is changing (when it works right) I’m logging off.