If today's maintenance was to correct the day/night sky

it didn’t work.
I’m using basic campfire for lighting.


What if the continuous night isn’t a bug, but a precursor to 10.2.6? I was just thinking this this morning after maintenance ended.


No sunlight, the newly planted Nelf tree dies?
The plot thickens.


It’s going to be corrected at some point in the near future.


You know someone at blizzard is now kicking themselves for not thinking of this.


What did they change that managed to break the sun lol

Maybe they’re finally listening to requests and putting in day/night/inkyblack modes as settings toggles.

Wishful thinking, probably.

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first, let me get this tinfoil hat pulled down tightly over my head…

ok…that should filter out the mind control beams

maybe it was a dead man switch left behind by a recently departed employee that was entrusted with doing server maintenance. That employee isn’t here anymore so the switch was tripped and now the “easter egg” gets released?
jus sayin

who knows what evil awaits us now that the trap has been sprung.

Any other chads using Date Simulation Modulator and Environmental Modulator? :slight_smile:


im enjoying 24/7 night time

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Nothing changed for me since I almost always play around 9 pm eastern

I’m more interested in seeing daylight cause it’s rare.

Also, anyone ever do true nighttime for Skyrim? So dark you could not see past 5 feet.

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