Where does race specific RP happen?

I haven’t played WoW proper in a while, but with Dragonflight and Wrath Classic entering the forefront, I’m thinking of coming back. After playing with trial characters though to get a feel for Moonguard, I realized that the only RP I could find on the Alliance was focused in Stormwind. Not to knock it, but I want to organically RP with my character races, in their own environments.

With Teldrassil burned, where does Nelf rp happen now? Where do Dwarves tend to migrate? Pandaren? I really want to know where to go!


You’ll find that a lot of specific-racial RP happens within guilds, with Orgrimmar and Stormwind acting as cultural melting pots for all sorts of RP. It’s rare, but you can sometimes catch people out in the world, but honestly your best bet is to join a guild that suits your interests and see if they have a specific hang out.


Hello there!

At present the Night Elf community is a bit smaller than it has been in the past. Shadow Lands and the burning of the tree took a good chunk out of the community and saw alot of folks leave for the time being.

Slowly it is rebuilding and at present there are small pockets of outdoor RP that can be found in parts of Ashenvale and Darkshore. I have encountered some groups in Feralas as well.

My own guild operate out of Green Wardens grove in the wetlands because like you we are not big on the stormwind crowd and keeping to the city. If you like, you are more than welcome to come out RP with us, in fact we would encourage it as we are working to get more people out into the open world and away from Stormwind.


A bunch of night elves just had an event together the other night. Might be worth reaching out to one of them to see if it will continue: [Night Elf RP Event] Shal Bindelah’naras - Kaldorei Storytelling Event

As for dwarves I kow quite a few congregate in this project/discord: [A-RP] The Assembly of Three Hammers (Dwarven Senate)

High elves can be found here: [A-RP] <The Silver Vanguard> High Elf Military RP. Recruitment Open!

I know if you are sick of human RP in Stormwind there are guilds centered around Stromgarde, Alterac, Gilneas, Dalaran, and Kul Tiras.

The Horde also has a guilds dedicated to races such as goblins and blood elves.

All these race specific things are around and while Stormwind is the main hub for Alliance side RP there is certainly stuff going on outside of it on a fairly regular basis.


For open community rp, there is a once a week Tavern Night hosted that any undead character is welcome to visit in Ambermill, in Silverpine Forest: [H/N RP] UNDEAD Tavern Night - Every Thursday