[A-RP] <The Gilnean Concord> Gilneas community & government RP

Citizens of Gilneas, and those who would join us, your Kingdom is rebuilding. offers community and services for citizens and new immigrants and jobs in Gilnean government, military, intelligence, and more. All races and nationalities are welcome. Anyone can become a resident and eventually a citizen of Gilneas!

Our primary focus is on Gilnean life, culture, community, and government. Join us and engage with a friendly community of your fellow Gilneans. All Gilnean citizens and immigrants are entitled to receive the services and representation of the Gilnean government.

If you want to get more involved, you can find work in the Gilnean government in agencies like the Home Office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of State, or Parliament. For those willing to answer the call, positions are available in the Gilnean Intelligence Service for intelligence agents, as well as the 3rd Gilnean Special Forces Regiment for uniformed soldiers.

OOC Overview:
was originally founded on Wyrmrest Accord in 2011 as and has been focused on Gilnean culture and government from the beginning. We offer a long-established, welcoming community with a rich history and friendly and experienced leaders and officers. In addition to heavy RP, we also engage in everything WoW has to offer including dungeons, mythics, raiding, and PvP. We are very LGBTQ+ friendly.

To learn more, visit out web site:

If you have questions, join our Discord at:

OOC: Glad to see an active Worgen guild around! We look forward to see you guys in Silverpine.

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Always glad to see an active worgen guild around!


We’re delighted to be here on Moon Guard now! Sad that Wyrmrest slowed down so much, but the community here on MG has been wonderful and welcoming :slight_smile:


Awesome to have such a dedicated and welcoming guild to my favorite Alliance faction! Keep up the good work!


Thanks so much!

Had a great time with the D20 RP-PVP the other day! Professional and very good to work with. Welcome to Lordaeron, and thank you for making the area just that much more exciting.

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These guys are really cool! Yes, I said that even though I main an undead. Had the pleasure of doing a D20 event with them not too long ago and they are fun group!

We’ve been enjoying the combat events against our Horde friends! Looking forward to many more :slight_smile:

Did you know wolf in Korean is 늑대? Now you do.

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Question do you guys also take in those who aren’t Gilnean like Human Paladins from Stormwind, Stromgarde or anything else or is this Guild really Gilnean Heavily based?