<The Phoenix Legion> (H-RP) Blood Elf Military RP

“The exercise of power is a balancing act. Overusing your power breeds resentment against you and will bring your enemies closer together. Never exercising your power means you will soon be forgotten and your enemies will act without taking you into consideration. Therefore, you must act deliberately in such a way that your foes must always keep you in the back of their minds while not making you the focus of their hatred. This is the guiding principle of the Phoenix Legion.”

–Excerpt from the journal of Lord Vardanis Brightmorn.

Who We Are:

The Phoenix Legion is a new Blood Elf military RP guild. Our guild’s premise is that we serve as a special expeditionary force to secure Silvermoon’s interests beyond its borders. We do this in a number of ways, both through independent operations and by aiding our Horde allies. To that end, we are involved in the Coalition of the Horde and actively seek to cooperate with other Horde RP guilds.

Although we primarily focus on military actions, diplomacy plays a major role in what we do. Therefore, if your character isn’t militaristic, you can aid the Legion in other ways including support roles and serving as a diplomatic liaison to other Horde guilds.

What We’re Looking For

The Phoenix Legion is a guild by working adults for working adults. With that in mind, our events will sometimes have mature themes. Therefore, we require all members to be 18 years or older.

The Phoenix Legion is for Blood Elf rpers only. We are completely loyal to Lor’themar Theron and the Horde. Therefore, your character must be a staunch Sin’dorei patriot. We will absolutely not accept characters with divided loyalties between the Horde and Alliance.

As a new guild we are looking for players that are willing to become heavily involved and help drive the story. Individuals that show significant interest/involvement as well as high moral character will be promoted to officer roles.

OOC Rules

I generally operate under the Bill and Ted principle of “Be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes.” More specifically, the rules are the following:

  1. Treat all members with dignity and respect. Absolutely no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. will be tolerated.
  2. Do not spread malicious rumors about individual players or other guilds in the guild chat, Discord, or anywhere else.
  3. If you have a conflict with another member or officer, I encourage all parties involved to hash it out privately among themselves like adults. If that is not possible, please come to another officer or myself with screenshots and we will mediate the issue. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the issue be brought to the guild at large in guild chat, Discord, or whispers. I’ve seen many guilds fall apart due to members taking sides in a dispute between 2 or 3 individuals and that will not be the case here. If another guild member is harassing you and/or you don’t feel safe trying to resolve the matter privately, again, take screenshots and report them to me. They will be dealt with.
  4. ERP is not permitted on any character with the Phoenix Legion guild tag. Any ERP details in your TRP or involving yourself in public ERP will result in immediate removal from the guild.
  5. Avoid discussions of politics, religion, or other sensitive topics.
  6. All members must be 18 years or older.
  7. Respect all guild officers and follow their instructions.

IC Rules

Although I like to foster a fun, relaxed environment for all members, The Phoenix Legion is still a military guild. Therefore, there are strict rules that may come with strict punishments. Although I’m a strong believer in allowing players freedom to develop their characters in whatever way they see fit, please understand that RP decisions come with RP consequences. That said, I strongly believe in mutual consent for rp matters. Therefore, nothing will be done to your character without your permission. Simply understand that refusal to face RP consequences will likely result in your removal from the guild.

  1. Conduct yourselves honorably at all times. Behavior that reflects poorly on The Phoenix Legion as a whole will be punished based on the severity of the crime.
  2. Bloodthistle use is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught using the herb or operating under its influence will be punished. Note: This does not include OOC use. If you use the herb for the buff outside of RP, feel free to be as much of a thistlehead as you want.
  3. During Legion events, we ask that you adhere to mount and uniform standards. We ride different mounts for different roles.
  • Officers, regardless of class, ride the Swift Red Hawkstrider
  • Warriors, Demon Hunters, Monks, and Rogues will ride the Swift Warstrider. This requires PvP marks of honor. If you do not have the mount, we will be happy to help you get the marks.
  • Mages, Priests, and Warlocks will ride the Swift Purple Hawkstrider
  • Hunters will ride the Swift Green Hawkstrider
  • Paladins and Death Knights will use their class mounts. For Paladins, please use the epic Thalassian Charger.

Moreover, we ask all players to please wear a guild tabard. Again, this only applies to events. You may use any tabard or mount(s) you like the rest of the time. Obviously if you’re new to the guild and haven’t had a chance to get a special mount for your class, you won’t be excluded on that basis.

  1. Any attempt to play “double agent” with the Alliance will result in immediate removal from the Legion. If caught, the guilty party will face a tribunal on charges of high treason.
  2. You will respect your superiors and obey their orders.


The Phoenix Legion will engage in several events ranging from social events to military operations. Many of these events will be in conjunction with the Coalition of the Horde while others are done independently. We will utilize the Conquest system or the simplified roll 20 system in all events. There should be something for everyone.

Beyond that, we may run OOC PvP and PvE events. With sufficient interest we may even set up arena or RBG groups as well as mythic and raiding groups.

How to Join

Please reach out to me directly or one of our officers (Telindron, Ellusen, and Netherhound). You can also reach out to one of our senior non-officer members, Sorindis. My battle tag is Nikephoros#1295.


Among the rambling voices of the other Magisters in the chambers speaking about the current political stances on the Forsaken, the black haired elf stands up from his seat looking around at each person as his eyes sweep across the gathered Magisters.

”We have sat idle long enough, our allies have since declined in strength since we have found refuge in their protection. Let us not pretend this is not the case, when the Alliance betrayed our kind and sent survivors of the Scourge attacks to prisons slated for execution, when we had nowhere to go it was the Horde that aided us!”

He motions to the banner of Silvermoon that is draped on the wall, ”Our symbol is that of the golden phoenix, and just as the phoenix is reborn from its own ashes. So to have we! Now is the time to rally to our allies’ causes, and remind them of the Glory of Silvermoon. Let Silvermoons debts be paid. This is not a time for us to question if we should, or should not aid them. Remember those days we all swore to never forget! When your family laid dead at the feet of the Scourge, when you had no where to turn to, without a bed, the pain of the mana withdrawals, and you wondered why no one came to aid you. Do not be ashamed of this, for we all asked ourselves this question, including myself. But just as we needed them at a time, so to do they, now! Let them see how Silvermoon has been rebuilt, as an example to follow. Let the rebuilt glory of Silvermoon show them how!”

The Magister turns around as he looks at each gathered member’s face one by one quickly. ”We must turn our attention outside the lands of Quel’Thalas, not only for our allies, but for our own pride. Let the Horde see, nay let Azeroth bear witness to the returned glory of Silvermoon!”

The Magister turns around to look at the Grand Magister, “We must return the favor that we received ourselves, for our pride will be forever tainted by this dishonor, if we do not aid them in rebuilding their lost kingdom. For if that is to happen, only then will we know true shame.”

As he gauges the looks on the other Magisters faces. " Even if you believe it’s best to focus on Quel’Thalas alone, I can not blame you. But at least send the Phoenix Legion, let them bear the symbol of our pride and glory. Let them aid our allies, there should be little risk in sending such a Legion. But let there be no question, we are bound by duty, honor, and our own pride as Sin’Dorei to aid the Forsaken in their time of need. This is a fate we have seen ourselves and we should not sit idle as our allies who aided us in those dire times now face the same fate. For we will be the ones to answer for this dishonor to the Sin’Dorei if we do not. And I for one will not simply stand by and allow that to happen, and neither should any of you. It is time to rise again, just as the phoenix!"

The Magister would sit back down in his chair to let the gathered Magister think over his words. Taking his place among the other Magisters gathered.


Credit to Mirchea and Corta for the wonderful screenshots!

We’ve kicked off our collaborative guild campaign Dirge of the Dead Scar. The first event was a blast and we’re looking forward to more in the next two weeks!


Great shots!


After a long campaign in the Ghostlands, the emerging Scourge presence has been quashed. They are simply the latest of a long line of fools who will be obliterated by the might of Silvermoon. Glory to the Sin’dorei! Quel’thalas is eternal!


Taken by Alandil and Ellusen at the final battle!


I might main undead characters, but I’m a sucker for elves! The Phoenix Legion has my heart. Great guild and awesome people!


While the Dirge of the Dead Scar was exciting it is nice to wind down and just have a blast! This week ToA is in town! Phoenix Legion gets to cut loose and enjoy bumping elbows, and maybe a friendly jab or two, with those we normally would not get to see! Must not forget screenshots!


Great bunch of folks right here!
UCN sending some love!


Promotions tonight were a success! Congratulations everyone and congrats to our newest officer, Legate Sarill Dawnstar! <3


Congratulations to all who ranked up today. Glory to the Sin’dorei!


We’re gearing up to attend Midnight Rites. Looking forward to it! Get your Silverpine Quests done!


See you there, fellow elves!


I love seeing guilds for Blood Elves that use Phoenix involved with their name. Much like how I love the Ashes of Alar guild. I hope to see you lovely folk around soon. Keep up the good work. <3



In Eversong a team of Farstriders hide behind foliage and trees, a red haired ranger looks toward the Lieutenant, quietly raising his palm and closing in into a fist then raising 2 of his fingers. The lieutenant would not, pointing out the four of the left of the group and motioning in the direction of the red haired elf. As the four shuffle off in the direction, the hooded officer peaks around his tree seeing the small Amani village. The rest of the team waits, and watches the village. After a couple of moments the elves could hear the sound of quick death as the four dispatched, ambushed the two trolls patrolling the area. The four elves quickly return to their positions, two of their blades are coated with the blood of the unlucky trolls as they return them to their sheathes and unsling their bows.

The Lieutenant would check to ensure everyone was there before giving them the sign to fire on his arrow. Looking around one final time to ensure everyone understood and somehow acknowledged the sign. The team looks ready, no sense of hesitation in them. He would nod, staying crouched he steps behind a bush aiming his arrow over it to drop on a troll in the village. Drawing the bow back, he could hear the bows of the team creak as well. Taking a breath in, and exhaling he lets the string go, sending the arrow up into the air. The twing of the bowstring, and he sees it fly off then a split second later others join it in flight. As the first arrow falls into a troll’s chest, the others in the village look over to see the arrow rip through the troll near the firepit. Without even realizing that others were mear moments from pelting the area. The lucky ones died without even knowing what was transpiring. The other’s tried to run, only to meet the other Farstriders in the woodline with their swords in hand.

The Lieutenant stands up from the foliage and steps out of the woodline into the village’s clearing as the last few trolls attempt to make their escape on the other side of the village just to be cut down by the other team, the others join him. “Dawnrunner, heard you met with that new Legion. Something up?”

“It appears that the Ranger-Lord offered my assistance to their cause.” He’d reply looking at the Farstrider.

“Ah, so a promotion?”

“I wish, no. Apparently they’re hurting for more of our kind and someone personally requested it from the Ranger-Lord.”

“What do they need, actual defenders?” The farstrider would chirp. Getting a slight chuckle from the Lieutenant.

“I won’t speak on that, but they look like they could use the help.” As he turns his attention to some of the others, “You guys, get to burning those huts.” The group would quickly nod and run off to finish up their mission.

“Regardless, my situation was ordered by the Ranger-Lord so I’m duty bound to answer. You lot on the other hand are free to do what you will. If you wish to join as well you can reach out to them, but don’t expect me to be the one ordering you around.” As he looks across the village to see if the Ranger-Captain was still on the field, not finding him.

“I’ll give it some thought.” The farstrider would reply.

“Your choice is yours, but I do intend to follow through with the orders, plus meeting threats outside of Quel’thalas is always a fun time.” Dawnrunner replies, slinging his bow on his back as the others manage to set the huts ablaze. The smokes starting to rise clear signs back to the enclave the mission was completed. “This could be a fun time. You should give it a thought. Oh and don’t think I didn’t notice you didn’t have the arrow count prior to leaving, and for that infraction you’ll be on the first night shift.”

“Damn, and here I thought I got one past you.” The Farstrider would joke trying to change the topic.

“You wish, maybe in the next century you’ll manage it. But we need to be getting back while we still have the cover of the night. One last favor for me though, let the others know they’re free to join and venture out to do what we do best.”

“I can do one last favor, for my favorite Lieutenant.” The Farstrider agrees.

Dawnrunner would raise his hand and motion for everyone to fall back, almost in unison the team falls back into the woodline, disappearing once again. Leaving the Amani bodies to the lynx’s as the huts rage with fire in the night.


I’ve been with these nerds for about 2 1/2 weeks, it’s been blissful fun ingame as well in voice chat! YOU SHOULD COME GIVE US A TRY! AAAYYYYYYY


Glory to the Sunwell! Beautiful thread & guild. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


We’re just past the six month mark and it has been something! We’ve had many adventures from Scourge to Alliance meddling, to Scarlets and gnomes! Conquest to Homefront and yet more to come. And we just became signatory members of the Coalition of the Horde!

Recruitment is still open! Check out the Discord, give us a try, and be here in the first year of the Phoenix Legion!

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Good crew, lots of fun to work with.

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