(A-RP) <Kul Tiras Tenth Fleet> is looking for YOU!

Kul Tiras Tenth Fleet

Heralding from the high seas and turbulent oceans of US-Moon Guard, the Kul Tiras Tenth Fleet is a military and naval themed roleplay guild based in Alliance-controlled Boralus. Dedicated sailors from all walks of life have come to join the Fleet, each finding a new purpose, a place to call home, and most importantly, a new family. Whether they be on the front lines in the middle of the fray as Marines, performing covert missions with Recon, providing health and wellness as Corpsmen, or any one of the other divisions, there is a place for everyone in the Tenth. There is no finer way to serve Kul Tiras and the Alliance than while wearing the green and gold!

Mission Statement

We strive to maintain a friendly and safe atmosphere in which members can enjoy a community-driven roleplay experience focused on the lore, culture, and history of Kul Tiras. We intend to provide a space in which members can tell compelling and interesting stories in cooperation with their fellow guildmates. Officers are available and approachable, and for over two years now we have sought to provide a great experience for each and every one of our members.

What We Look For

  • 18+ as we sometimes engage in subject matter that includes violence
  • Interest in a military-themed Roleplay environment
  • Friendly and open to new experiences
  • LGBTQA+ friendly
  • A love of naval history
  • Willingness to work together to tell both guild and personal stories


  • Reach out to any member in game to be directed to an officer
  • Find us on the Guild Finder

Our In-Game Officer Corps

  • Whelynn
  • Rowyne
  • Lorcyne (Briarmaw)
  • Babs (Melonfriend)

Feel free to fill out our Application Questionnaire if interested!
https: //tinyurl. com/KTTFApp


10/10 can confirm, best boaty people.


Fantastic guild, full of amazing people.


This is the guild with Melon in it, can confirm.


A rotund parrot told me there was bees.


Interested in checking us out? We’re picking up steam after a little breather post Thornwake campaign, and are always looking for new sailors!

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A great group. Just don’t mention the P-I-R-A-T-E word around them and you will be okay. :pirate_flag:


It’s okay, we’re still teaching the marines how to spell so no one will know.


Do you need more crayons…? We might have some to spare after the charity drive…

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Ya yeet to the top with you cool beans.

We’re always looking for great folks to join us for our adventures!

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Home sweet home <3


Friendly bump to my family across the sea.

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Hey guys, seems very interesting, are you doing organiser content also ? ( M+, raids, PvP, etc

Best way to contact? I have a Kul Tiran monk that might be interested but what to run some background stuff by an officer first.

Seems like a pretty chill guild! Best of luck to you all!

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We don’t normally. Occasionally a group of us will pop into LFR or Mythic + runs together, but not on a regular basis. Most of our members that want to push PvE or PvP content do so on another character in another guild.

You can find an officer in game most evenings! Just whisper someone in guild and they’ll get you connected since I know the /who function tends to be terrible right now. I’ll be on myself from probably 7-10 server tonight and tomorrow at least, so feel free to whisper.

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Lots of good people in this guild. They deserve the bump.


A bump for fellow good guys of Kul Tiras. Good people!