Time for Warlock Pet Revamp

I’m sooo happy hunters are getting so many cool additions to their stable. Makes me wanna dust mine off. I mean Cloud Serpants!?! Freaking aye that’s cool!

Now can Warlocks get a pet revamp? Man if we could tame different demons, with different skins and such. Let the elite demons be for Demo only…

Is something you guys at the office would consider?


you know. corehound is a demon.

why is it a hunter pet and not a warlock one?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Adding the thread of threads of all the Warlock Demon Stable idea:

General foundation for all the different iterations:

And reminder that there are:

  • 38 demon families (or 41, depending on how you count Fiends and Imps) with 3-5 recolors per model
  • 14 aberration families (or 8, if you exclude the Drustvar aberrations) with 3-5 recolors per model

Giving us a total of 52 models for possible enslavement!


Still waiting on that incubus.

It doesn’t impact me any, but Blizzard said they were going to give warlocks an incubus back in 2011.


Why can’t you Warlocks just make a big thread about this so it get’s noticed rather than all these small ones that can’t seem to get far.

Rosenivy has a thread about this as do many others, maybe pick one and stick with it.

The example of how this is done, is the Give Worgen Tails thread, all in one place, rather hard to miss, has a ton of support and isn’t sprawled all over GD.

Use Rosenivy’s thread, one of my favorite Warlocks ever:


In addition to more pets. I think locks need some updated and more interactive abilities for pets too. Outside of demo, the base pets are using the same abilities since forever.

Like if I have my imp out and I do an aoe spell, they should do an aoe spell too. Is a shame imp still only has firebolt. They should have like a firebolt volley too.

Actually having more types of demons available it opens the door for adding some with different abilities. So some imps will be basic while others might have a volley spell. This goes for all types of demons.

I’m still waiting for a pet that does carrion swarm and chaos wave. If they won’t like warlocks have those abilities anymore, let them atleast get pets that have that ability.

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And here we are, going to 2021 and no incubus xD

No, this isn’t going to happen. Blizzard standardized all the pets, both warlock and hunter.

We actually had abilities taken away, e.g. the raid buffs.

Takes away from Voidwalker AOE damage when you take off the threat aura.


People are bad at bumping, and Rosenivy didn’t flesh out their idea too much, so I’ve been compiling the threads in the warlock class forum as seen above.


I don’t listen to Paladins. Ever.

Well you replied to my comment which makes you a liar. Just saying.

I’m also trying to help your cause, it was not to critique you or your passion, but rather a nudge to centralize your ideas and create a buster thread that stands out and gets noticed.

If that means not listening then thankfully we have players that do.

And if by chance you were being serious then you will get slapped and put in time out next time we meet dear. I hope that’s clear. :wink:


Not listening! :hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

Posts in Roseinvys thread.*

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Blizz can standard spells per demon type. I just think they all should have single target abilities and even if it’s just one aoe ability. If they don’t do anything else, that’s all I want at minimum.

Nah, defeats the purpose of the Ranged ST vs Melee ST vs AOE demon. We’re specialized by “role” of each demon.

Yea but if you’re aff or destro, there is no aoe dps pet. The random demon mobs out in the world usually do more than one spell. Even hunter pets have more than one damaging ability plus utilty on top of that.

It would be one thing to say locks had specialized pets but they need to add the missing ones: Ranged aoe and melee aoe dps are missing if you’re affliction or destruction. So they need to add 2 more baseline pets to cover those or just give imp, succubus and felhunter one aoe ability just like the felguard has both st and aoe.

Actually Voidwalker does AOE damage, even if you turn off the threat aura, it’s been simming higher for AOE fights and good at AOE dps for a while now.

Throwing my support!


Throwing my support! [2]


So what demons would people pick?

I miss Dark Intent. It was fun having certain classes try and be all “oh pick me pick me!” about having it lol

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Was thinking more Blood Pact (the Imp stamina buff) but yes :V