Man, Hunters really won now

Fire turtle is all I need, thank you very much.

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Why be so basic?

Constellation AI Dragon!

Anyone know what type he’ll be or what special abilities he has?

Pet party! Hehehehehe!

That looks epic!

I sense a lot of happy beast mastery hunters. :slight_smile:

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Support Warlock Demon Enslave Stable system! Share the joy!


I feel the same way about my monk!

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It’s got the spirit beast set (tenacity, heal, dispell)

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/tired sigh

no talk me i angy

Here me out.

Tameable Man’ari.

This way you can have your own Den of Mortal Desires.


Methinks feeding him snails out of the river won’t bring him happiness. What do you feed a celestial?

*Autocorrect is pissing me off.

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If only BM wasn’t so boring…

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I’m going to tame this, find my nearest warlock and make it run around in circles around the warlock.

I don’t hate warlocks. I am just evil

I feel for my Warlock brothers and sisters, since I mained a Warlock in both MoP and Legion, but please don’t boggart my thread. >.<


bounces up all happy-like
Hiya! How ya doin’? Great day, i’nt it? How’s yours going? Huh? Huh?

Seriously, though…know that this hunter agrees that Warlocks are getting the short end, and deserve better from Blizzard.



Meanwhile warlocks still have the same demons they had since the beginning.

Edit : Oh yeah, we lost the doomguard actually.

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Agreed, but hey each to their own.