Shadowlands Beta/PTR Compiled Feedback Thread

All I wish is that demo gets some synergy between most of our pets to master and back forth from master to pets instead of just filler dots.

I was looking at the shadow priest and some of the synergy between their spells is pretty damn good. Our spec cant even be fully tested yet with that totem pet bug that despawns tyrant/dreadstalkers and no extension on vilefiend timer with tyrant

Pets arent dots. They do direct damage.

I agree. I just feel like inner demons fits the fantasy perfectly, and would be decent consistent damage. Right now on PTR demo is great on burst but not so much sustain like Affliction, which is amazing atm

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Referring to imps. Which are glorified dots.

I am excited to try out a legendary/conduit combo that is supposed to be good. Dogs get incrased for each HoG shard spent, and dots have a % per hit to dreadbite (also the better puppies talent, make it stronger and cleave each time).

You say you want demon stables yet don’t bump the demon stable threads smh

Almost forgot. Glad I saw this.

Since they are still making class changes, I hope at the very least they don’t forget demo. Still the worst of the three for I think obvious reasons. The burst is strong but the sustain is trash. Affliction seems to be looking strongest with destro looking very good as well.


I don’t believe we will see any more class changes, what you see is what we got unless dev attitude change so me and many others attitude will change for the better. A little bit of “Yes you players of the warlock class are right on a few things” could go a long way.

Doubt it. They made major changes to shadow two weeks ago, mages shamans and hunters last week, and the last blue post on the beta forums says “more changes to come”. Granted that was when the axe toss change was announced. But I doubt there is zero hope. They are clearly willing to still make changes

Im so disappointed that there hasnt been any real changes to demon lock. It just feels so miserable to play in pvp. It really sucks because its my favorite spec but its hard for me to even try enjoying the game when demon feels so slow and clunky in pvp.


that new ritual of doom spell looks promising for solo content and raids. I mean having a permanent doomguard as an additional guardian for 15 min with a chance to break free seems fun. The cd is pretty long but I wouldn’t mind if they upped the enslave demon time from 5 min for demonology to hlp us re-enslave it longer. Or prob create a nice legendary to give us more up time wit it.

Or a better idea would be to just let us have the demon. This is a stupid and unnecessary change tbh.

I get very very few people are excited for this… but it’s such a pointless change. Just make the doomguard baseline for all specs. No breaking free. Under full control… that I could support

They can use this like corruption. Aff/destro keep it for flavor and demonology gets a better version of it, with doomguard as guardian all times, maybe? :thinking:

I’d rather have infernal and DG back as pets

Then you group wipe and you notice that part of your damage now is on a CD that will only come back in 55 minutes or the duration ends and for the next 45 minutes of raid you will do less damage.

Like, i am surprised how many people are happy about this cooldown, when at the same time argue that 3 min infernal is bad because it takes to long to come back and don’t fit as well in raid fights, RoD is literally an Cooldown who at the best of times will only be up for 1/4 of the raid duration.

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You can’t solo summon it so it can’t be used for solo content.

And it being relevant in raids means it will need to be taken into consideration when tuning Warlock damage, meaning we’ll be gimped for 45 minutes or so after we will the boss.

Literally! Vanilla through WOTLK Doomguard was just 6 years! Cata CD Doomguard wasjust 2 years! Mists through Legion Doomguard (original GSup or baseline DG) was also 6 years!

I’d be down for Demo having 2 demons out at all times, and the perma-guardian being either DG or Infernal.


It boggles the mind lol

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There are ways to make RoD less cancerous thing, but by the end you will argue “is it still Ritual of Doom?” and ask " Do i want another Cooldown? when warlocks are already very cooldown reliant?".

1 - Reduce the Cooldown from 60minutes to something like 10 minutes: There is absolute no reason to have a Damage cooldown have an 1 hour CD, An 10 minute cooldown is restrictive enough to only be used once per raid fight, and just a couple of times in a dungeon.
2 - Make it Reset on raid wipes: because not having one of your damage abilities for multiple pull is awful [just imagine doing a raid pull without infernal or tyrant].
3 - Remove the “Sacrifice a Friend” and the Ritual requirement of 5 players: Make it something like “loose 50% of your health” when you cast the ritual or something that don’t require your friends to eventually hate you because you are making pulls take 5 times as long and already wiped quite a number of times, Thal’kiel is right you shouldn’t need to have help to summon stuff.
4 - Adjust the duration of enslavement to take in account the 10 minutes cooldown: you can even keep him as a 10 minutes duration, but force the warlock to re-enslave it once or twice across the 10 minutes: this introduces some level of multi-tasking and skill.

Now, i hate the spell, and think it would be much better if they just deleted it even with those changes.


I love the rpg flavor, but absolutely agree that it has no place in WoW in 2020 as it’s currently implemented. The last sentence in the developer notes made it clear that RoD is still very much open to iteration though, so perhaps we can come up with a alternative that keeps the flavor, but translates to modern WoW.

RoD as currently implemented was designed in vanilla and it shows. Just needs to be updated to a form that’s practical and able to be balanced(if that’s even possible)

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warlock stables

If “real work” is done in terms of mechanics and they want to add more flavor, give us warlock stables

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Could be an option. Perhaps let us keep our basic smaller demons(practical), but require the ritual to pull out larger alternatives(cosmetics)?