Warlock Inferno (Infernal) not working as intended

Currently, summoning the infernal will correctly aggro the infernal onto you after dismissing the pet (thus, making it an enemy). Should the infernal kill you, or otherwise lose aggro of you, the infernal should direct its attention towards any other nearby target, be it friendly players or enemies. Currently, after it has lost aggro of the warlock, the infernal will not lock on to any other target (unless it (the target) attacked the infernal first), after a very short period of time the infernal then despawns leaving no trace behind of said infernal.

In the following bugfix posted just about 20 days ago, it states that this should have been fixed:

To see the original functionality, see this youtube video of a player releasing an infernal in Goldshire, where it does not immediately lose aggro and despawn, but rather engages players in an interesting fight for their lives:

This was recorded in november of 2006, which means still in 1.12.2.
I also did not see anything about this in the known bugs list, so I wasn’t sure if people were aware of it or not.


Aww I hope they fix it… for reasons.



yes blizzard should fix this little beandog ofc in chat


Can confirm, very disappointed that after killing me, my big lad ignored the rest of the townsfolk of goldshire completely. Another bug- the infernal starts as hostile and then after 0.5sec gets auto enslaved. When I summoned it, I had done so right on top of a level 6 rogue, who it immediately 1shotted before getting enslaved. I don’t know if this is actually working as intended but I feel like it didn’t used to do that, and could be used to grief (more than infernal usually is anyway)


Am hoping to see this fixed it is among many other bugs, game breaking to the classic experience as a whole.

Not having it isnt an option.


That is indeed not the way Infernals worked. When summoned, they should be completely enslaved.

Doesn’t work for me as well. Obvious bug.

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Infernals auto attack guards in goldshire and pvp targets when dismissed by the warlock.

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The post you quoted doesn’t mention infernals auto-attacking targets when dismissed so I’m a little confused. The post is a fix for when warlocks would summon a pet (an imp for example) that imp would have a different name and no abilities that were learned with the grimoires.

If you searched for infernal on the page you would notice that there is more than just one entry in that post, such as:
The Infernal summoned by a Warlock’s Inferno spell will now properly attack nearby enemy players

EDIT as reply to your other post:
If you watch the video more closely next time, you will notice that it kills a multitude of non-pvp’d targets, including the fact that after the initial kills on the guards, it doesn’t just immediately despawn, it stays around and even burns players with immolate aura regardless of their pvp status (which it currently does not). Why don’t you test it with your level 50 warlock to confirm that this is indeed not what happens?

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Can confirm this doesn’t work for me either. Same bug also applies to the doomguard summoned through curse of doom, I tested it multiple times with other people.


Rise up angry Warlocks!


Really hope Blizz addresses this, it’s one of the main reasons I love Warlocks!


The players that are not flagged for pvp are fighting the infernal, and it’s fighting them back. It also attacked the paladin because he healed the warlock and got on the infernals aggro list.
In this video, the infernal never goes for the players that are not pvp flagged and just standing around. They have to do something, either attack the infernal first OR heal somebody that’s in combat with the infernal.


Truly a sad thing to hear that infernals are not aggressive and despawn almost instantly. On a related note, player created campfires from the cooking professions also do not cause damage to players. I do not think that this change is unintentional or a bug. It is Blizzard intentionally putting kid gloves on true wow vanilla mechanics to safeguard players from themselves.
I have made a bug report on the campfires Campfires are not causing damage

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This is getting ridiculous if these things remain the same. WoW classic was SUPPOSED To be a replica. Instead I feel like once again were getting the mighty dev’s telling us what we “want or dis-want”…I miss OLD Blizzard. More PC kiddie garabage.


+1 please fix this Blizzard

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You also don’t get spirit buff from made campfires :frowning:

Yo what?

There more we play the more we realize this game was remade by gluing potato chips together.

How on Earth could any internal team be testing this as long as they have been making it and not catch this stuff?

Blizz: Let’s get this ability working.

(5 minutes later)

Peon: Done!

Blizz: Does it work?

Peon: I can put it on my hotbar.

Blizz: Good enough. Now, let’s get this other ability working.

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Please fix this before I hit 50