Dual Spec Classic

I can’t argue with that. I’m running our bank and the spreadsheeting is a PITA.

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Yea I’ve heard a lot complaining about that. Lol

If you would like to show proof of it working differently please feel free to do so. Actually any proof at all for anything you said. Like bosses running faster etc.

Thankfully, you did that for us. That was very kind of you.

Also, https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/c/wow-classic/support-and-bug-report, the bug report forums are that way. →

Feel free to peruse the multitude of bugs and video evidence provided therein.

Oh ya you are welcome. I provided a link to exactly how it’s working right now! Intended =D I’m glad you finally agree with me!

Funnily enough, that same video is used on this post to show that it’s NOT WORKING AS INTENDED. Notice the multitude of non-attacking players/pets getting hit by Immolation Aura at the start of the video? You played yourself :confused:

Oh ok then. You pass.

Reported for trolling.

Was a good post while it lasted, that’s for sure.

That’s adorable, the post claims, “Currently, after it has lost aggro of the warlock, the infernal will not lock on to any other target (unless it (the target) attacked the infernal first), after a very short period of time the infernal then despawns leaving no trace behind of said infernal.”

And this video literally shows EXACTLY that =D

So once again, thanks for being in agreement with me. He even states that “Notice in the video the infernal walks around not attacking until attacked” while also saying in his OP “Currently, after it has lost aggro of the warlock, the infernal will not lock on to any other target (unless it (the target) attacked the infernal first)”

LOL jesus christ can’t get anymore wrong than that friend!

If you did the requisite reading, you’d stop having to wipe egg off of your face. Immolation Aura was slapping all of those people. It doesn’t on Classic. /facepalm

Your reading comprehension could use some work. Those people weren’t flagged, nor had they attacked the infernal. Watch the beginning of the video.

So i’m guessing I did have threat. Many people were flagged near me for pvp.

The #nomoarchanges part of me wants to tell you take a long walk off a short pier.

My bank account and lack of epic mount sees this as a great way to save gold and would also enjoy swapping between shadow and holy as needed.

in 6 months i will probably fork over 15g 3 times a day and not even trip so i say for now im going to lean on my #nomoarchanges part of reasoning and just suck it up.

If anything the system should go further to secure the concept of actually picking a spec/role. Rerolling attempting to make it important, but it wasn’t quite enough and ended up just feeling like a bit of a pain in the butt. What it should have done is just not allowed you to swap specs at all, ever. On the other hand this would require balanced specs so someone doesn’t up as a Prot Pally at 60 with no end game support.

Game just could have been made better tbh with more old school flavor, but its not bad as it was. 100000% better than the absolute laughing stock Retail has become. Loading up Retail actually shocks me at how withdrawn it is from the MMORPG genre. Its an actual stain on the history of MMOs and will forever be remembered as the game that introduced concpets that ruined MMOs.

It was on defensive, bro. You’re an idiot. That’s why it ran up like that. The lock got ticked. Please just delete your account and save us from the IQ loss anyone reading your posts is forced to suffer. Hunter spider also gets ticked WHILE NOT ATTACKING. Stop. Just quit while you’re in last place and not lapped.

Hunter’s spider gets ticked before doing anything, as does the hunter(who I thought was the lock). I’m sure the hunter was just healing the lock though. /s Care to make any other mind-bogglingly incorrect statements or is it time for your Seroquel?

What reason will you not simply ignore/blowoff?


Watch for the next tick on this time stamp

RIGHT on top of the infernal, no tick


Pet starts attacking and starts getting ticked.

Dude do you really want me to make you look any dumber than you already do?

You do realize Immo Aura ticks, right? The hunter was hit before your stamp, you troglodyte.