[UPDATED] Mage and Paladin Tuning Incoming - July 18

Then why are the best players talking about frost being the next go-to spec for highest level keys if fire would end up overnerfed?

Asked and answered:

But everyone gets the same buffs by Aug. That doesn’t answer anything except they are being brought because they do the most damage regardless, hence why they are also getting nerfed.

Aug boosts generally do a little less for frost than other specs, because most frost pushing keys are either soft crit capped or very, very close…to the point where crit just isn’t doing all that much. Unless they’re gearing specifically with aug crit buff in mind.

Ret was nerfed the day of the rework, the week after the rework, the next week after the rework, and then again on the 3rd week of the rework

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Added to OP:

Holy Paladin is overperforming in all content in Fractures of Time. We are targeting a global decrease of healing and damage as we are not looking to change preferred playstyles, but Tyr’s Deliverance will also be receiving additional adjustments as this talent in particular has been more effective than we would like.

Holy Paladins’ mana pools have been more plentiful than we would like in PvP. We’re targeting their base Mana regeneration to encourage player engagement with the variety of mana talents available.



  • All healing decreased by 8%.
  • All damage decreased by 12%.
  • Tyr’s Deliverance healing decreased by 15%.
  • PvP
    • Holy Paladins now regenerate 55% less Mana in PvP combat (was 25%).

Very cool, looking forward to seeing how you need those OP Aug Evokers next.


It wasn’t…SP got their nerf a couple weeks ago

8% seems a tad bit…excessive? imo


“You ain’t got no legs Lt Dan”
8% on top of 15% to Tyr’s, AND cutting damage by 12%… dang. Pally actually felt fun to heal on, unlike any other healer right now. Let healers be powerful guys, maybe just maybe you’d see the healer population increase.


aug evokers have nothing to do with this nerf lol what?
this is just another knee-jerk reaction


(Purely PvE perspective)

Ok I think the nerfs are reasonable…

I think I would have liked Tyr’s Deliverance nerf to be more focused around Boundless Salvation though… So instead of nerfing the “power” of the base spell, maybe if the maximum extension from Boundless Salv was reduced to be like 20s instead of 40 that could be a better way to adjust it?

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This is more or less the kind of nerfing I was expecting to happen, minor across the board nerf and a heavier hit towards Tyr’s. Still not enough to make me cry.

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Damn i knew holy pally was way to fun to play. Oh well back on the shelf it goes.


Aren’t you dramatic?


Too big of a nerf imo. Especially the nerf to damage? Holy seems to do less damage than any other healer I see in the 14 - 20 key range…


The PvE nerfs are reasonable but what is that PvP nerf? Shouldn’t you guys try like 35% or 45% and if they still have too much mana then try bringing it down more? Why jump all the way to 60% on top of making them spend more mana healing by nerfing their healing done?


The nerf had to happen.

Hpally was doing so much healing in raid and m+. They were even doing 100k damage overall in keys.

I bet they’ll still be the meta after this.

Press F to pay respects for paladins, not worth bringing to keys now.


Because they want PvP Paladins to utilize Divine Plea. They didn’t implement it, for Paladins not to use it. They just don’t seem to understand it’s a unfun mechanic to force on a healer in this PvP environment, especially in Solo Shuffle.

Blizzard has some twisted view on Paladins being this “high risk/high reward” playstyle, that just doesn’t exist