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The beginning of wisdom is the statement ‘I do not know.’ The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything. And I have prided myself on my ability to learn. - Warchief Thrall.

Live by these words: Lok’tar Ogar! Victory… or death! - Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.

This world don’t give us nothing. It be our lot to suffer… and our duty to fight back.
This Horde be our family! We don’t always see eye-to-eye. We come to blows before. But when we work together - ah - there’s nothing this Horde can’t do.
- Warchief Vol’jin.

Ours is a cycle of hatred; alliances forged and broken. We have paid the price for sharing this world and we have forgotten what makes us strong. - Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner.

The Horde endures. You cannot kill Hope. - High Overlord Saurfang.

The Vol’kar Legion
est. 2015

The Vol’kar Legion is a special operations regiment within the Horde military. It was forged shortly after the Siege of Orgrimmar to replace the nefarious Kor’kron Legion, and to help promote total assimilation, to discourage the “master-race” ideals within the Horde. More importantly, it allows any race within its ranks so long as they call themselves a son or daughter of the Horde (if it is lore friendly, of course!). While disapproving of what the Kor’kron underneath the young Hellscream’s rule stood for, the Vol’kar serves in very similar fashion. Their missions, plainly, are:

  1. Protect the Council, and if need be, the Warchief,
  2. Enforce their command,
  3. Defend the Horde in its entirety, including all of its lands, holdings, and stakes, and carry out any will made by the Council,
  4. To never, ever forget the Siege.

With the aftermath of the Fourth War, the Vol’kar has found itself shaken to the core. With many of its veteran troops dead, retired, or missing, re-stabilization of the Legion is as paramount as establishing order and control throughout Horde lands. Once again the Sons and Daughters of Vol’jin find themselves on a battlefield of lies. Although there are far less bodies than before, the sting of betrayal and hatred still singes deep. With clashing ideologies, one vital lesson has been re-learned: Never, ever, forget the Siege.

The cycle of hatred shall be broken. Tossed away to never again be embraced. While the topic of Honor shall never be cease, the Vol’kar shall do what it must to erase the stain of this Blood War. It starts with a secure and safe Orgrimmar.


In Character



As of October, 2020

Much has changed for the sons and daughters of Vol’jin. The war whose lifespan was all but two years appeared to instead be a lifetime. Strife, pain, anguish, and terror riddled the lives of the Legionnaires - and all of those they touched.

While the wounds will heal, the horrors remain. It is up to those that possess the willpower to power through- to continue protecting Orgrimmar.

With word of the spirit realm afflicted, the cultic heresy of the “afterlife in turmoil”, and extreme rumor of the Scourge building in insurmountable, incapable-to-be-ignored standards, the soldiers march on. . .

To be updated as the pre-patch story develops!




The Cohorts are the organization of the Vol’kar Legion. The cohorts intermingle with each other during conflicts, utilizing their size and specializations to give the Horde an edge on the battlefield. Separate as they may be, they exist as one. The cohorts always default to the regular chain of command.

First Cohort

“The First Blade of Orgrimmar, The Fist of Vokur, The Spear of Vol’jin, The Spirit of Varok."

Second Cohort

“The Blade in the Dark, The Storm Wolves, Scholars of Dark Arts… we do whatever it takes.”



The Vol’kar Legion’s ranking system reflects its military premise. Promotion and advancement is based on several factors, some of the more important being effort, enthusiasm, performance, and participation.

All soldiers, regardless of rank, are held to a high standard of honor, code, and regulation. A soldier of the Vol’kar is not just any other soldier on the field. They are among the elite, the stalwart, and the dedicated few who would do anything to preserve and protect the Horde.

High Warlord

While the leader of the Vol’kar Legion has remained the same, their reputation has not. Once nefarious, but has turned to a tame nature, some which may even claim to be “inactive”, the High Warlord persists through and through. Some say the will of the Legion is carried upon his shoulders, but in truth, it is only as strong as you. Continue to strive, and one day this insignia may yet be worn upon your tabard. Within the Horde, all is achievable. You need merely grasp it.


The second-in-command of the Vol’kar Legion. This position was held by Vokur of the Stonemaul, a fearsome ogre commander that did not tolerate weakness within his ranks. Initially a bumbling fool, the Warlord rose through with sheer willpower, blood, and honor. Every inch of ground was paid through by his own merit, with no assistance or unfair push.

His successor, Auhgag Stormfury, was a similar story. An elder of the Blackrock Clan and revered farseer of the Mag’har, his reverence for Vol’jin and friendship with Jan-Mak was what caused him to push his family towards rejoining the Horde and helping the peoples of Garadar return to a world not shackled by their past.


The Generals are the third-in-command of the Vol’kar Legion, and commanders of the two Cohorts. These few have dedicated their lives to both the Horde and the Vol’kar. The teachings of Vol’jin are not lost among them, and they rigorously live and stand by them.

Lieutenant General

The right-hand of the Generals. A step above Centurion, their jobs are more specialized and intensive. Their tasks include managing the armory, conducting operations, and (if applicable) managing the fleet of the Legion. They also serve as interim Generals.


The left-hand of the Generals. They enforce the Warlord’s will and help every cohort in the Legion. The centurions of each cohort are able to lead their own companies.


Within the Horde military, Champions are a different breed of officer. Ones that pursue incomprehensible feats that define them. Within the Vol’kar, the Champions are honor guards, and less of an officer. Once any personnel reaches the rank of Legionnaire, they are able to pursue championship. Information is scarce and tight-lipped - sometimes misinformation fuels the mystique. Only a handful may hold the rank of Champion at any given time. Those interested must speak directly to the High Warlord.

Blood Guard

Commonly referred to as “commissars”, this rank is held by a distinct handful and closely regarded. Only the most patriotic and forceful of the Legion are granted this rank. Their duties include keeping morale high and assisting the Centurions. During the darker days of the Horde, it was not unusual for Blood Guards to carry out executions, as well as retrieving, and “dealing with” deserters. These days are no more, and rarely does any soldier that dissents or disobey be publicly flogged, yet the threat of the Blood Guard is real. The training they undergo is intensive. Do not test their ire, nor your luck.

Stone Guard

This rank is the perquisite for Blood Guard, and usually, there is a ratio of one Stone Guard to one Blood Guard. While a Stone Guard isn’t always an apprentice to a Blood Guard, it is good to have battlekin to closely relate and learn from. There are more things between the snake and the wolf alike than there are differences. When not assisting superiors and mentors, they keep a close eye over the NCOs of the Legion, making sure their abilities are regularly tested. They have the ability to undergo more than simple patrols, – divvying out expeditions, complex missions, and lead taskforces where applicable.

First Sergeant

The First Sergeant are the master-of-arms within the Legion. Usually, there is only one First Sergeant in the Legion. As time goes on, war changes, and so too shall the Vol’kar. Multiple First Sergeants are not unusual, just uncommon. While traditionally, the way a First Sergeant was promoted to this rank is by the Sergeants of the Legion. They came together to vote on who is to be the First Sergeant. Now, the War Council carefully vets and elects those to this powerful position. The First Sergeant is responsible for all Sergeants and works alongside the Quartermaster to ensure proper armaments are procured for each and every mission. They listen, advise, and relay orders from the most Senior NCOs. There decisions help shape outcomes on the battlefield.

Senior Sergeant

In life, there is always a senior. In the Sergeant Corps, there is no difference. Senior Sergeants are the step above Sergeants, relaying information and orders to brief the squadrons and battalions of the Legion. They are the midway soldiers that assist the First Sergeant.


The Sergeants are those from the Vanguard that have proven themselves to be of high caliber. Not only are Sergeants revered mentors and leaders of the Vol’kar, but throughout the Horde military, they are the lifeline of every squadron, battalion, brigade, cohort, and Legion. This rank showcases the courage and strength that men and women who wear this insignia must permit. They enforce the will of their cohort, delegate the orders from on high, and instill the morale throughout every battlefield. The motto of the Sergeant’s Corps is not one to be forgotten: “Loud and Proud!”


These soldiers are the best of the best, of the best. These troops have undergone numerous campaigns, expeditions, battles, skirmishes, and other missions within the Vol’kar. They understand the necessity of sacrifice, the virtues valued by the Horde, and the teachings warranted by Vol’jin. Fearsome warriors and wise operants, their rank aptly fits them. Not only are they the first of the entire Legion to engage in combat operations, but they are mentors for the soldiers of the Line to look up to. This is the first step in joining the Sergeant Corps.


The rank-and-file of the Legion. “The bread and butter”. These men and women have proven themselves as battle-ready assets. They are expected to carry out orders to the best of their ability and to uphold the expectations of their rank.


The status of Grunt is much more than just a recruit. As all members of the Legion once started as a grunt, enduring the same training, learning what it means to be a defender of Kalimdor and a devoted follower of Vol’jin. For promotion, all must participate in training, carry out orders issued to them in the best of their ability, and show that they are capable soldiers deserving of serving with Orgrimmar’s Finest.


These men and women are civilians who service themselves to the support of the Vol’kar Legion. These volunteers and hired soldiers ply their skills and trades to the Legion and are expected to take up arms when the High Warlord requires. In exchange, the auxiliary is offered military training and a place of operations - so long as they uphold the regulations of the Legion and honor the High Warlord’s authority.[/quote]

Rank achieved in other military-themed guilds will not carry over. All new members start at Grunt rank, no exceptions.

Allies and Enemies


The Blackheart Accord

Although brief in their friendship, common ground, values, and goals were found which has cemented a true bond between the Legion and the Accord. Warlord Lormeous and his daughter, General Eleeria, are loyal to the extreme towards Jan-Mak, and the troll vice-versa.

The Southfury Watch

While no longer led by Overlord Valkosk Blacktongue, Jan-Mak always reveres the great heart of the Horde that is the Southfury Watch. While the two orders don’t see eye to eye, and occasionally butt heads, their respect for one another runs as thick as the Southfury itself.

The Wolfmane Tribe

Chieftain Raton Wolfmane was the very first notable figure that Jan-Mak met once he ascended to the rank of Warlord. The wise bull imparted a great deal of knowledge to the Red Viper, including advising him on his struggles of loyalty to the Horde once the great Vol’jin died. Chieftess Karanga Featherspear led the tribe throughout the tumultuous struggle against the Legion, and once the threat came to pass, gave the mantle to Raton’s son, Dahote. Jan-Mak closely regards and gives advice where he may to the young bull.


The Call of Lordaeron

In the early summer, late spring of 2018 (32 L.C.), the Banshee Queen ordered her best soldiers to protect and reinforce the borders of Lordaeron after several orders of zealots were spotted reclaiming lands in an attempt to restart Lordaeron. What was supposed to be one week’s worth of clean up turned into several months of brutal guerrilla warfare. While significantly smaller in number, Jan-Mak shall never forget how soundly defeated he was at the hands of Kagrenac Ironheart and Sir Crownsworth of Lordaeron.

The Seventy Third

During the bloody days of the Fourth War, shortly after Dazar’Alor’s siege and the death of King Rastakhan, conflict had spread to the northern parts of the Eastern Kingdoms. With reports of armies hosted by bloodthirsty and savage knights, hellbent on revenge, the Vol’kar sallied forth to protect Quel’Thalas on behalf of the Horde. While several regiments were deployed to Kul Tiras as a countermeasure - perhaps to dissuade this army from it’s assault on the Ghostlands, they never halted in their advance.

Helming one such assault, Roelaar of Hyjal, was sent with intentions to retrieve an old artifact of ancient elven kin. Runestones with monolithic powers that could be used to turn the tide of the war. Two hardened commanders met one faithful night. One told the other that many lives would be lost - and the battle would be fruitless. Neither one swayed. What’s rest is history.




Simply send an in-game whisper, or a letter in the mail to any of the rank of Sergeant or above. Special names that will get you an interview almost immediately are: Buliss, Dolthar, Essalie, Eurphadion, Ithise, Ithnan, and Logarnosh!

Be sure to read over all of the information available on the forum post! We are always recruiting, and try our best to include all who fit our community!

While the Vol’kar accepts fresh-faced recruits, it is heavily, heavily encouraged that your character is a hardened war veteran, or at least very loyal to the Horde!


  • A safe and friendly guild atmosphere with emphasis on maturity and camaraderie. Trolls, harassment, and “unsavory” topics are not tolerated, and unmitigated conflict (e.g. drama) will be handled quickly and with all the guild members’ best interests in mind.
  • Immersion. We function as a REALISTIC military unit with heavy emphasis on honor and hierarchy. We march, train, and go on missions, paying close and special attention to military protocol, conduct, and story. We also take part in server activities - tournaments, tavern nights, etc. - so that our soldiers and allies can have some down-time. We do not act “tough” or participate in “milsim”.
  • A wide array of themes to participate within. While primarily and fundamentally a military guild, we explore elements of magic, spiritualism, humanitarianism, cults, and more!
  • A Dungeon Master (DM) system of events, where each person’s strengths and weakness are defined by their division and role within the unit. These dynamic events vary in type, from characters fighting on their own, to leading a squad in an high-risk assault. We utilize the DiceMaster add-on to allow each member to get a deeper sense of customization true to the tabletop spirit!
  • Quality over quantity. While some say we only care about mass, we do NOT sacrifice any of our ethics, rules, or any other applicable trait in the name of “moar memberz”. We will always have a small guild feeling. We do our best to make sure everyone is included and valued.
  • RP-PvP and other types of collaborative RP events with like-minded guilds to support group storylines.
  • Competitive PvE and PvP! We often participate in battlegrounds and arenas together, as well as run dungeons. We have several high rated arena teams, Mythic+ teams, and have titled experience in Heroic raiding in BfA. We gained every single AotC possible, and ended with 12/12 Heroic. Currently 10/10H as server 100th, hoping to crush the Banshee in Sanctum!

While roleplay is strongly encouraged, attendance is optional so long as you are mindful of the environment!


  • A strong grasp of the English language, both in spelling and grammar.
  • Active participation in guild environment
  • Friendly, open-minded players who work well in a group-setting.
  • Level 50 for potential RP recruits. We roleplay in endgame content areas frequently!


  • We are not an “elite” PvP (or PvE) guild and do not force our members to participate in anything they are not comfortable with. Content with the game material itself will not be forced on players. It is up to the individual to realize that if they do not achieve max level and play a small section of the game, some events and group content will be inaccessible to them due to inefficient gear.
  • We are not a “cult” guild. We do not try to smear our name where we aren’t wanted. We don’t put ourselves where we aren’t welcomed. We do not ostracize our members. The Vol’kar Legion was created as a small guild and grew over time; The small guild values will always be present.
  • We are not an OOC guild. Sometimes we freely talk OOC in /say. We can and do so because we all pay 15$ for the game. However, we respect boundaries. You stop when you are told - no matter what it is. We value our image as a guild and hold our reputation on the server high.

Strange that you can’t bump your own thread - forgot about that.

Here it is! One of the final Vol’kar Legion threads. Here’s hoping I don’t somehow lose access to this or have it be sabotaged. Thank you again for all your guys’ love and support of the guild.

The Vol’kar’s restructuring finalizes Friday, and with that we will be in full-swing for recruitment and homeguard activities. LOK-TAR O’GAR!


First 10 c


Do you want a cookie? -

Wait. I know what you want.

A ticket to see the Lion King.

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Good folks.

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Oh wow, that content update is absolutely BALLER! I’m super excited for more homefront-focused things. I’m already thinking of doing some of those visions ICly!

Be sure to find one of us in Orgrimmar if you’re interested in joining us around this pivotal moment!

Buliss is a seven year old child, confirmed.

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It took you this long to figure it out?

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The reconstruction of the Vol’kar is complete with its first formation. The cohorts were redesigned and ranks were reshuffled. Although a basic and somber event, a new outlook was born not just for the Vol’kar, but the future of the Horde. Although they do not know the face of the enemy, they know it exists. It may be tomorrow, it may be next week. They must remain vigilant - no matter the cost. Will it be the aggression of the Alliance? Will it be the return of the ill-fated Burning Legion? Or will it be the beast that slumbers beneath their feet? The whispers that wrack Orgrimmar, the rumors that shape in the deepest, darkest caves of the city.

In the words of Vol’jin, the Horde’s worst enemy are themselves. Some knew this from their time in the Siege, but now all of the Vol’kar knows this to be true - as true as the sky is blue, as true as the blood that runs through their veins. When they are united, there is nothing they can’t handle.

With their ranks pruned, their ability limited - they will continue to do as they have done before. They will go where others cannot, do what others cannot, and will die - in defense of others.

No task too difficult, no cost too great. Orgrimmar, we’ll ever defend her!


Happy Tuesday everybody - Monday may be the start of the week, but Tuesday is the best day. Lots of stuff you get to do all over again. The Vol’kar has been hard at work consolidating and mending its wounds. As well as slowly creating the memorial event that you may or may not have heard of yet. I’ll give a quick link and a shout-out to Axiann for helping make this come true. :heart: [H-RP] To Honor the Fallen: November 16th


“I came to dis land many years ago for a different reason. I was forced to bring de’ sword. Now, many years later, I have learned much - and understand de’ necessity of keeping lands such as Pandaria safe. If I bring de’ sword again, it will be in her defense.”



It has been a rough few weeks in the Vol’kar. We’ve had to bid farewell to some of our oldest members and wish them luck in their futures and other RP prospects. I can officially say the “three headed snake” is over, as well as a generation of Vol’kar is gone. It’s been sad to see them go, but understandably so for them to make the choice. The past week has felt more like a house on sale than a lived in house. Lots of folks moving around, lots of people out the door. It’s been sad, yes, but it’s also right. We’ve reflected on a lot as a guild. What not to do, what we could have done better, and how we will grow now.

We wish them well and hope they’ll always remember the Vol’kar as it was for them. Now we look to the newer generation and anticipate the future. 8.3 has a lot for storyline prospects, and following the victory at the Imperial Tournament, the leadership of the Red Viper is set to change. Dramatically. This weekend we’ve roleplayed more than we ever had in the past 2 months combined. It was very wholesome and fulfilling.

In this rebuilding phase, we welcome you with open arms and invite you to try us out. With our 5th year anniversary in sight, we’re planning on two recruitment drives sometime in November. The first drives in two years.

We’re always looking for all shapes and sizes of roleplayers that love the Horde as much as we do, as well as ones that do content. Our raid team is looking for a dedicated off tank and a healer or two- but we won’t refuse DPS. Our RBG team is still going strong, but on hiatus until 8.3.

Keep an eye out for those recruitment dates- but if you can’t wait til then, just reach out and message one of the names available in the main post! Lok-Tar O’Gar!


A quick update because I’ve been getting a lot of whispers:

:stuck_out_tongue: No, there was no drama or “big schism” with this storyline OOC. All parties were very mature and focused on the organic aspect of a civil war plotline. When it was over, some folks did more than part ways IC, and opted to depart OOC as well because it felt right.

Think of a DnD group deciding to end their characters’ adventures, or the end of a book series. Those characters grew a lot and will never be the same; meaning any adventure they have afterwards won’t be, either!

That’s all I have right now, no big update with IC stuffs yet. That’ll come soon! The fires of hype are burning low in our discord, but grow bigger every day with Blizzcon on the horizon. What could possibly be in store for us in 9.0?


Three days and closing on Blizzcon, and the hype train is slowly leaving the station. This time with more apprehension above all else. Currently the big three topics in the Vol’kar discord for the next expac are:

  1. Level squish of some sort,
  2. World polish, perhaps revamp,
  3. Some sort of further development back towards RPG elements.

Additionally, the expansion is probably going to be void and/or death centric.

What’s more important is 8.3 details, though. Can’t look too far into the future - we need to see how we get there first!




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You folks still active?

Yes sir.

Seems like the coming of Blizzcon and 8.2.5’s story was like when the wicked witch of the west died in the Wizard of Oz.

Instead of the munchkins, it’s just been recruits for us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Find one of us in-game to learn more.


Lots of recruits recently! Gearing up for a new era of Vol’kar and a great future in 8.3! A special event series is set for next week, and “To Honor the Fallen” is one week from today!

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The rebellion is over. Some Banshee loyalists hide in the hills, but in time, they will be found.

The Fourth War is over. The bloodiest conflict this world has ever seen - where morality blended the lines of combat, and revenge drove every battlefield. Peace between the Horde and Alliance stands. For now.

There will come a day when they must fight again - it isn’t a matter of “will it”, it is about “where” and “why”. But this has been stated several times, an no military or strategic genius will bat at eye at these assessments.

In the lull of combat, the Vol’kar grows restless within the confines of Orgrimmar. Eager are they to hear news of criminals, bandits, deserters, and terrorists that ransack the Horde’s holdings - to ride out and cut them, stem and stalk. This process is repeated for however many incidents there are, yet something seems… off.

They wait in the city, keeping all pieces close, wondering and expecting the news to ride out on this threat. Only reactive, never proactive. One day a force will come - and a day’s ride won’t be good enough. There must be a better way. A clearer vision for a safer Kalimdor.

With this in mind, the High Warlord sought back far in the Vol’kar Legion’s records. Digging as far back as the embers of the first Rebellion, the Siege of Orgrimmar. Looking through what was done to keep the peace and enforce Vol’jin’s Will. A network of bases of operations that were held by cohorts and their Generals. These bases were in every part of the Horde’s lands.

These bases were scraped as the Legion invaded for their final assault upon Azeroth. Too much work was done outside the holdfast of the Horde’s influence, and all resources had to be committed to the war. The Fourth War was no different, but for now, Kalimdor ought to remain safe.

By creating a new network, the Vol’kar will be able to keep every corner of Kalimdor’s borders safe. Although they are not granted control of these areas, nor shall the Vol’kar attempt to lay claim to these settlements, telemancy beacons placed in discrete locations will enable every cohort and every company an area of influence to be responsible for.

Last night, the First Cohort, the Stonereavers, were given their charges.

Primary Base of Operations

Desolation Hold

An old base that now sits in the shadow of Gorribal, the Dark Titan’s Sword. Hellscream the Younger ordered this stronghold to be erected in defiance of the treaties set forth by Warchief Thrall and Lady Jaina Proudmoore some five years before his reign. Despite the insidious intents, the stronghold served as a bastion to keep a strong grip upon the Barrens, and sits as the last Horde settlement before the southern lands of Feralas, Tanaris, and Uldum. Supply routes that move to Silithus stop here one last time before making their journey.

The First Company, dubbed ‘Spear Company’, will be charged with Desolation Hold. With their words: “Hit 'em hard, then hit 'em harder, to the last soldier!” a place such as Desolation Hold serves more than a base of operations. It serves as a reminder: temperament of soul, and righting a wrong.

Secondary Base of Operations

Bloodhoof Village

Sitting half-a-day away from Desolation Hold, cross the Great Gate of Mulgore, lies Bloodhoof Village. A village named in honor of the Bloodhoof lineage and Cairne’s ancestors. A peaceful land and a monument to the tauren of Kalimdor. Despite their simple way of life, the threats around them are anything but simple.

An outsider would only see the simple threats of ornery plainstriders, aggressive buzzards, and predatory cougars. The wise would look farther past the wildlife - and see the devastation wrought across their lands by the Venture Company and the Dwarven Archaeologists. This is not to be overlooked by the constant Grimtotem aggression.

The Second Company of the Stonereavers, the Mender’s Circle, will be charged with protection of Mulgore, primarily with functions inside Bloodhoof Village. The Mender’s shall leave a small footprint - not using any supplies that they cannot find themselves, as to not add to the stress of the village. The mender’s shall use the space given to them for their tedious work of mending the wounded and rehabilitating the seriously addled. Much can be learned from the elders of the village, and the bond between the races of the Horde can be strengthened tenfold.

More to come with coming days. The Second Cohort’s new operations will be revealed Thursday, and the Third Cohort’s will be revealed next Tuesday.

Three days until “To Honor the Fallen”! Excited to see you all there!


Two days have passed since the creation of the “Vol’kar Defense Network” of Kalimdor. So far so good, as soldiers bond with one another and appreciate the lands they now guard. Although the Stonereavers host the most soldiers, they shall not take all the privilege.

This eve, the insidious Obliterators were given their charges. Some that are familiar with the lengthy history of the Second Cohort might recall a tower. It stood as a monument to the Horde’s sin: a lust for power. A reminder that so long as there is a will, there is a way. The Dark Tower of Desolace was destroyed during the rise of the “Three Headed Snake”.

Primary Base of Operations
Doom's Vigil, Seat of the Chosen

Twisted and tortured by the Twilight’s Hammer Clan during the reign of the Worldbreaker, the lower peninsula of Mount Hyjal clings to what little life it possesses. With ash choking the skies, altars caked in blood, and acid spewing from the maws of caves, it seems a fitting place to put the disciples of General Blackfire. Much has to be done in the protection of the Horde - and some of that, few would do willingly. The Deathweavers do what others cannot.

Secondary Base of Operations
"The Den"

The Second Company, known as “Kal’Garn” (Wolf Pack in Orcish), are known as the Vol’kar-apparent of the Shattered Hand. Residing in the shadows, they prefer finesse to speak for them. No amount of words will bring victory to the Horde - and “talking” isn’t the only way to pry information from those that are unwilling to “converse”.

“The Den” is the codename for the base of operations for the Kal’Garn, but it’s location is secret, and the true name even moreso. Only those that need to know, shall know. The Den is where the wolves shall train and hone the secrets of the Obliterators, as well as guard the intelligence of the Vol’kar Legion.