Any Fri-Sat night?


I’m new to WrA. Came here to find a place in search of lore expertise. I’m looking to join or create a core progression group these nights. I’m most active from 8p-3a. Typ. PvE, but will consider PvP just as well.

I’m seldom online at a group capacity during weeknights. I do not work on a set schedule and it’s tbd on sales the day prior.

Alternatively, I only recently started getting heavy into the whole of Warcraft lore. I would like to find a home where I may expand on that.


Unfortunately, I can’t help you much on the Raid/PvP front. That’s not this server’s area of expertise. Not that there aren’t successful Progression/Raiding guilds! I just don’t bump into them because I don’t really do a whole lot of either.

Oh yeah, Vol’kar Legion does quite a bit of PvP these days!

You might want to check out…

But if it’s getting into Lore and possibly RP you want? Well we’ve got you covered here! While many of these guilds do some Raiding/PvP, even including some mythic/ranked content, they focus far more on RP.

Good luck in your search!

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Thanks for the bump Tamanii.

We also raid on Saturdays and push Heroic content. One of these days we’ll dip into Mythic, but just don’t have the people. We’re currently recruiting for the raid team following 8.2’s drought. Roleplay is our top priority though!

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