LF 8pm PST and later active guild

I am looking to join a guild that has scheduled group content(raids, pvp, mythic+, rp events) at 8pm PST or later. I am usually online 8:00-11:30 several nights a week, and would like to find others to do content with in that time slot.

I’m mostly a casual player, though have played semi-hardcore in the past. I have a decent amount of raid experience from past expansions/classic, and have done some raiding here and there in BFA. I’m new to RP, but have always obsessed over lore stuff in WoW, and am a big fantasy book reader, so I have that to draw from. I’d like to dive into some RP, though most things I’ve seen are too early in the evening for me to commit to, hence the post to find some later evening groups.

Thanks for reading.


Hey Felzug,

Welcome to WrA and welcome to the world of roleplay. There are many guilds that are right up your alley, but I personally can’t speak for them on what times they operate. Since a majority of folks operate on EST and CT (relative to server time which would be PST). 8PM PST is pretty late.

Be sure to check out WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events) the directory and peruse around a bit, maybe help narrow your search. I’ll ask around with some of the west coast people I know on WrA and see if I can find any additional information.

I’d check out Firebrand Enterprises - they’re a rather chill bunch. I’ll also post my own link here in case you’ve got an itch for some Horde-specific roleplay. The Vol'kar Legion [H-RP-PvX] under reconstruction!


Thanks for the response Buliss. Most of the guilds I’ve come across on here so far are earlier in the evening for their scheduled group content, yours included if my memory is correct.

If you turn up any leads I’d appreciate it :slight_smile: