The Evolution of Creative Content in World of Warcraft

The Evolution of Creative Content in World of Warcraft

Over the last few weeks, artists and writers across the WoW team have updated a small number of old quests, art assets, names, and dialogue that we identified as outdated and inconsistent with our values as a team. These updates are a relatively small part of a comprehensive, company-wide effort to improve the WoW team and Blizzard as a whole, but they’re important to us as developers.

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Brace yourselves. They’re coming.


Goofy jokes and occasional mature innuendos are part of WoW, and probably always will be. Still, we want to remain mindful of whether certain elements of that world are welcoming to all players. In short, we want our jokes to be inclusive and not punch down.

I still don’t get why you changed Master Baiter.

I mean I get it, but I don’t.


We’re also planning to make the incubus a glyphable option for Warlocks when they summon that classification of demon.

I might have to make a Warlock for this.


In before the storm. Get your umbrellas here!


Please stop this. Like getting rid of the NPCs of real people who were the problem is one thing, but game is rated T, we all live in the world with much worse stuff than this.

I just hope there is a limit to this. Are you going to get rid of violence altogether because violence IRL is bad? Where does it end? You need to actually draw a line at some point and leave the rest of the game alone.

Why not give players the option to hide specific emotes instead of deleting them altogether? Technology isn’t there? FB and IG can do it. Filter out words in chat if you choose, but do something that makes sense.


Regardless of whether people agree with the decisions or not, it’s super respectable that they decided to officially address us on this.

Thanks Blizz.


The glyph that some warlock players were asking for, and a blunt statement that cosmetics (transmog) won’t be affected negatively… That’s not really a bad initial stance.

Not hard to make the argument that the impact of this is questionable at best though…


To the dev team, thank you so much for posting this. While I do not claim to speak for anyone but myself, I very much appreciate this post and I do support your efforts.


A happy player of your game.


Incubus demon, you say? Intriguing :thinking:


They addressed it AFTER people made a big stink about it. It’s not respectable. It’s a “please don’t leave” gesture.


I look forward to people continuing to spout “THEY’RE COMING FOR MUH TRANSMOGS” despite the confirmation that they’re not messing with anything the player can customize.


If you actually leave because they got rid of a wang joke that everyone forgot existed till it was brought up, you prob have worse problems going on in your life and are redirecting at a video game lol.

Again, thanks Blizz for being transparent about what’s going on instead of leaving us in the dark on this.


Here comes another Amsongold and Bellular rant.


I don’t necessarily agree with this. It could have been a kick in the butt to take a step back and start listening more and maybe they are. But at some point it’s just too ridiculous. We aren’t 5 years old, and lets be honest, in terms of any online game, WoW skews towards 35 years old more than 25. Certainly not 15.


Clown world keeps on turning


Communication is good, whether I agree or disagree it’s good to see a post on this. Thank you for at least giving us the insight, that’s appreciated. Need more of that for the game as a whole.

I also think adding the incubus is an amazing change. Adding things like that show the goal is more towards inclusivity than changing the world to make it sexless. That was the best way to go there. I disagree with some changes you’ve made, I think a lot of it is a bit much but adding the incubus is something I agree with.


Please consider adding more revealing male armor pieces btw.


You know every slot except pants can be hidden right? How you gonna reveal any more than that?


Listen I get you are okay with getting crumbs from this corporation that has the money to make lawsuits go away by throwing 18 million dollars at it. I get it I really do. However people leave hobbies (because they don’t really matter) for a variety of reasons or no reason at all and instead of realizing that and being a decent human being you decide to defend a corporation that has no intention on actually changing anything for the better.

Enjoy your crumbs.