Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Like jaywalker said it best, the Jedi order must die.

Make the Succubus a playable race! I know it’s a far-fetched idea, but I think the idea of them as a playable Horde race would be pretty fun. It would be a good opportunity to introduce the males Succubus (incubus) into WoW as well. Incidentally they would no longer be subservient to anyone either, which would resolve some of the problems presented in this thread.

They already use the Draenei rig, which gives the horde a similar option visually to the alliance draenei. I understand that this is a pipe dream, but I’ve always been a big fan of Sayaads, and if they had to get removed from Warlock, make them a playable race instead.

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That’s a valid suggestion. Thank you for your input!

lol. what a touchy little cupcake… this is my name for sensitive little flowers

Its not sexist to have a female character, when the warlock summons a bunch of boy… if this is the case, my warlock will be renamed “Sausageparty” or something. Lol.

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holy crap this thread is still going…


People are passionate about the succubus.

I feel like there is some kind of irony about that.

Ahh the slippery slope fallacy strikes again.

Here is more evidence that supports the fact that blizzard is cleaning things up in the game.

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Did you see the paintings they are fixing ?

People, y’all need to stop replying to the troll and just let this thread be buried.

There is a reason this thread continues.

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there is a 99% chance that the succubus gets 1. removed or 2. covered up.

Covering it up would be the wrong move, they need to just straight replace succubus with another demon.

My efforts have not gone unnoticed

Most depictions of succubi in antiquity did, in fact, have dresses

just throwing that out there

No they need to add an incubus (including adding some in Dreadscar Rift)

We’ve been asking for an incubus for all of WoW’s history

We were actually promised an incubus back in Cataclysm, ten years ago

Support warlock stables

I hope after all of this, I can get Lokath immortalized as either an incubus or in the warlock order hall.

I damn well better be immortalized as the warlock grimoire scribe after all the damn effort I’ve put into the damn concept this past year (and for the foreseeable future until I quit the game or it dies or the world ends)

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You’ll always be a legend in my book!

That won’t solve the issue.