Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

I literally just filled out a jury duty form that asked that.

on a job form. quit being deliberately obtuse.

I’m not wrong

Being right or wrong in this argument seems to be a matter of opinion or perspective.

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It sounds to me like you’re starting to change your mind. Welcome to the right side of history, my friend!

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There’s a difference between changing a mind - and acknowledging truth from different points of view.

Using Star Wars as the basic example - Obi wan told Luke that Darth Vader killed Luke’s father.

Obi wan told the truth in a poetic metaphorical sense.
In the literal sense he straight up lied.

But he was on the right side of history. He protected the incestuous twins from their father and themselves.

Oh look it’s this thread again. Guess I’ll just say what I said before:

If succubus is sexist, please add an incubus to balance it out.


Was he though? He was part of an order of religious zealots that protected a “force” - the subverted people’s free will and choice for millennia all in a yoyoing back and forth between light and dark in some quest for this “force” to find a balance that it would never achieve.

Enjoy your ban.

The light side is better. Although the morally grey Jedi is probably where I would fall on the spectrum.

Plus 1


I think everything in the game should be naked. Being all things are even and all.

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There are corners of the internet for folks who share your… proclivities.

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This is not a smart idea because evey one will start to take stuff away from the game that don’t need too

The light side requires their members to seemingly tries to teach suppress all their emotions - one could say its toxic masculinity. And by training all these force users - they seemingly unleash future dictators on the galaxy with far more power than they would have otherwise had. Dooku, Vader, Kylo Ren… how many people died because of the Jedi training they received?

Masculinity is dependent on the masculine/feminine dichotomy.

The thing about the Jedi is, they are comprised of multiple species that do not necessarily conform to our generalized (some would argue outdated) idea of the gender spectrum.

Several padawans suffered at Anakins hand that’s for sure.

Also, the fallen Jedi you listed were trained in the ways of the sith by Darth sidious, trained by Darth plageius.

The sith are the other side of the coin (I know you know)

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