Some WoD Crafted Armor Sets and Weapons Unobtainable in Shadowlands

This must be a bug, right? Removing old gear stuff that is locked behind daily CDs with this short notice is beyond cruel.

EDIT MADE: 2020 - 09 - 29
As of now we have a Blue answer to this and I hope this is 100% true and will be implemented, sooner than later.
Thank you everyone for bringing attention to this issue and voicing your opinions.


People on the GD have known about it for a month or two but yeah it sucks that there’s no official announcement from the devs.


First thing I see of it and I am in Beta since a long while back…
So if I could miss it - it’s horrible.


I’m just glad I crafted those sets and weapons along time ago but I feel pretty bad for people that don’t come to the forums.

This is just nonsense. What is the point?


I think it’s an oversight.

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That’s what I’m hoping and they figure out a fix soon™.

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I read somewhere that there might be conflict with the upgrade items and the new Relics of the Past system they are using, considering the WoD items increased ilvl. If the Relics of the Past don’t replace the function to obtain the sets, perhaps they’ll add some other craftable item to replace the old ones/remove the ilvl increase function.

I think because they are introducing a token to add iLvl, so the five upgrades from WoD would be duplicates.

They could have just made the five upgrades cosmetic, but didn’t.

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To punish people for not playing the last 4 years of course.

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You are really late with hearing about this.

I 100% hope its an oversight or they have a fix in mind for it…
I absolutely hate when they remove things.

It’s the first I’ve heard of it, so it’s new to me at least


The devs don’t care. They just want you ever chasing things like always until you quit out of exhaustion and/or apathy.


100% this. The old tokens are effectively made obsolete by the Relic system, and nobody bothered to hook the appearances to the new “upgrade levels.”

We need to make sure Blizz is aware and hope they fix it sooner rather than later.


As a bit of forewarning, don’t depend upon one media source for news for things that interest you.

Thanks. Does this make it my fault now?
I’m late to knowing it. OK.
— So… Don’t remove them, plenty others clearly do not know either yet.

Literally just sad to remove things.

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No it doesn’t. I have been trying to do this myself for the past few days. But devs have a chronic history of not addressing everything they do with source and then telling the community about said changes.

They are never going to change, and the only thing you can do is stay abreast as you can with wow news with many different sources and do content earlier to prevent yourself from falling prey to their poor communication skills.

They need to give more warning for these kinds of things and an official announcement if this change was intentional. I’m hoping it’s simply a bug though. Ideally at least a patch or two or warning, if not a full xpac.

Damnit. I’ve been too lazy about WoD mogs.