Social Contract

Given that the channel is actually called “Trade” I doubt very much you will be banned for offering something for sale in said Trade channel.

shakes head

They can’t take action against an account without the account doing something against TOS/EULA.

Shouldn’t this put an end to carry advertising in chat? Or at the very least, it will make it illegal.

You can go out into bastion and revendreth any time and see many “players” moving in a mysterious drone like fashion, Doing nothing but collecting resources day in and day out.

Weirdly enough, That behavior is actually against the ToS, Yet you’ll be hard pressed to find any enforcement of that. I’m wiling to bet that the contract will wind up just as valid as their ToS.

Bull. Baloney. Stop spreading false information.

They can’t take ANY action against your account unless you’re in violation of the rules.

It says so in the EULA and TOS.

they can at the very least squelch you even if you’ve done nothing against the eula/tos. feel free to read through a couple of these threads:

since i suspect you don’t want to work to find out you might be wrong, here’s a specific quote from the last thread:

First one: they can only be actioned against if it is spam. Like advertising every 30 seconds.

Second: looking for love in all the wrong places–is absolutely not necessary and could potentially be construed as many things.

Third: if they receive multiple reports per day for language (which is absolutely false, because penalties stack and they wouldn’t keep getting multiple per day) then that’s their fault.

Change your macro and don’t spam.

All these instances you gave me examples of fall under spamming or language.

Did you cheat someone? It’s against the rules now. They could choose to enforce that.

why does anyone care what are they guna do ban everyone

ah i guess you missed the blue post where he described those reports as having been made “in error”. fair play

I read the contract and it includes “Hate speech” which is a red herring term for speech you simply dont like and its MASSIVELY broad and vast. Plus blizzard devs just ban on site or have robots look at mass reports so you WILL get banned for doing any of this, make no mistake. A game I played for 13 years I now have to walk on egg shells to be able to enjoy just cause a loud mouth minority of players get to run the show now. I hope someone gets wrongfully banned and has the where withal to sue blizzard, probably the only thing that will end this nonsense.

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What makes you think your slanted view of hate speech is shared by the majority of the playerbase?
Hopefully you’ll follow the rules or you won’t sign.


This is what I expect from someone who is alliance and not even max level. You’re just trolling m8.

100% you can be banned/silenced by not breaking TOS. It just requires enough people to report you for any reason and one GM who doesn’t understand/care.

I was silenced twice for advertising my own m15 Carries in trade chat. It hasn’t happened in a while though so I think trolls like you gave up.

To be fair, its intentionally broad wording in the contract to begin with.
The problem goes both ways. You make broad statements, others make broad generalizations.

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What makes you think that yours is not?

What you articulated was is exactly what this “social contract” is meant to do; drive others who think differently away, so do go on about iNcLuSiViTy and dIvErSiTy in tribalistic virtue signaling.

I doubt that was the intended effect, just a happy by product.

If being nice is a matter of “thinking differently” I’m personally not bothered that people would be inclined to quit because of this. Especially when I consider the type of people inclined to quit because of something as inconsequential as this, an updated ToS.

People make this lame attempt to throw inclusivity and diversity back in peoples faces when their hateful rhetoric is frowned upon or someone speaks up against it. Just an FYI, that doesn’t work like you think it does. It’s really not the “gotcha moment” you think it is.


your going to have to many report happy people when 9.2.5 launches my advice is to turn off all chat even whispers except for guild chat.

your account is more important then some report happy idiots.

Thats my plan. After .5 launches, chat is permanently dead too me, as is the rest of this “community”

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its the best thing you can do to protect your account from report happy clowns.

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Better to never socialize again than to lose everything I’ve acquired over the years