Could I get Banned for selling Tanking Services?

I haven’t really seen this posted anywhere, and I’m 90% sure I know the answer, but just in case… I make most of my gold through selling Heroic dungeon/raid tanking, and make some decent gold while doing so. Could I get banned for this? I usually just make a macro and post in LFG once every couple of minutes.

You wont get banned for doing it, BUT youl likely get squelched pretty frequently. And spam once every like 10 mins, every couple mins is a bit much.
But you will likely find your realm mates dont want to see that spam so youl get reported alot. But as long as its direct you to the buyer, and its only for gold, shouldnt be an issue.


This is what would get you actioned. You’re fine selling your tanking services for gold, but it must be in trade chat.

I recommend ceasing LFG advertisements and sticking to Trade chat only.


Keep in mind, you probably won’t get a solid answer on what may or may not be considered spam, as far as your fellow realm mates feel might be excessive, so a macro with the same thing might be ok, but might be reported eventually as spam.


Like I have been telling everyone I can… Read the room before before you start selling over trade. If you are seeing that they are quite hostile and report happy, don’t post then You won’t get squelched. It’s the wild west right now and everyone is armed with twitchy fingers. Got to give things time to normalize, especially after big policy change.


As others have said, no. The policy is quite new, so it will evolve over time, but as I understand it today, this is the intent. Communities that exist across all realms are banned, but individuals selling these services are allowed.

However, the caution is…

This can still get you in trouble from a spamming perspective. Those rules have not changed. I agree with Humanbeak in that you should not use LFG for this. Keep it in trade.

I will also add that creating a macro to say the same thing over and over again will quickly get on the nerves of your realmmates. I would also recommend that whenever you want to advertise, you keep it to very infrequent messages, and also switch it up so others are not seeing the same thing over and over again.

I would also echo this. Don’t just jump headfirst into “well, Blizzard said this was ok”.

Give the new policy time to breathe, give players time to understand it better, and especially give Blizzard time to learn the policy and nail down how to deal with the reports.


Some very good common sense advice above. I suspect that the advertising may be something to be a bit more mindful of going forward - for normal players.


People have been selling tanking services on Classic since it launched back in 2019. As long as you don’t spam, you’ll be fine.