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The Silver Circle is a guild of keen-eyed kaldorei who stand vigil over their people and uphold the sacred oath of their forebears; to see Elune’s will for peace fulfilled. The Silversworn are defenders of the Flame of Elune and are ever alert to the rise of new enemies or the resurgence of old. We stand ready to heed the call to arms against the foes of the Elune, the Alliance or those who despoil nature or corrupt Kalimdor.

We offer a friendly and intimate atmosphere, where guild members and allies are engaged and work together to help add to the guild story and the overall feeling of immersion in the role-play community. We strive for an open, pleasant, and fun environment, and welcome members who will add to this, and embrace the tone we already have.

Type of Guild: Religious / Adventuring
RP Category: Heavy Roleplay (T-rated)
Roster: 40 Member Cap (excluding alts)
Platform(s): Guild Site, Discord, Tumblr
RP Base: Lightsong, Val’sharah

Isil Elun’falo (Silver Flame of Elune) by Sharm, Darnassian lyrics by the Silver Circle.

In-character, members of the Silver Circle strive to fulfill Elune’s will for the world by following a code and set of core values. Their objectives to fulfill Elune’s will are as follows:

Defend the Kaldorei
Stand in defense of the kaldorei people against internal or external threats.

Uphold the Oath to Elune
Cleanse threats to nature or the will of the Goddess.

Honor the Alliance
Answer honorable calls to arms, should the Alliance be attacked.

Out-of-Character, members also follow a code and set of core values. Specifically, members are expected to set an example of good role-playing and social integrity. They seek to engage as many other players as possible in a way that creates an enjoyable and immersive experience for all.

Does a sentinel’s moonglaive pierce the armor of a basilisk or just bounce off its iron-hard scales? Will the ogre believe an outrageous bluff? Can a character swim across a raging river? Can an archer avoid the main blast of a shadowbolt, or does she take full damage from the blaze? In cases where the outcome of an action is uncertain, a player rolls a 20-sided die, a d20, to determine success or failure.

The Silver Circle implements a dynamic d20 roll system inspired by tabletop RPGs that is used for events in-game. Not all Silver Circle events use the system, but many do. To learn more about our D20 system, please visit our website.

:exclamation:Anyone interested in using our D20 System for their own events or guild are welcome to do so.

Serving the Goddess is a challenge and a privilege, and each must follow their own path in Her name. In broad terms, every character's path is unique, though there are several overall paths for characters to choose from.

There are four primary Circle Paths to choose from which are loosely based on the four cultural pillars of the kaldorei people: Wild, Hunt, War and Moon. Each of the four paths is closely tied to the lunar calendar and the yearly cycles, with their own seasonal attunement and corresponding lunar phase. Every path has its own set of ideals, tenants (or laws), pledge, titles and tasks.

These paths are designed provide an extra layer of immersion and extra role-play opportunities for members who wish to get their characters more involved in the community. The paths are fluid and flexible, and tasks for each path can be molded by the player to suit an individual character (similar to themed RP prompts or challenges).

As a kaldorei themed heavy role-play guild, we cater to a healthy blend of gritty realistic and more lighthearted role-playing styles that fit in the World of Warcraft universe. We like new members to show enthusiasm for their characters and a willingness to role-play within the guild’s theme and Warcraft setting in general.

What We Look For

:white_check_mark: Active Characters
:white_check_mark: Lore-abiding Characters
:white_check_mark: Players with a preference for Night Elf Themes
:white_check_mark: Players interested in making new friends
:white_check_mark: Players who enjoy being storytellers

We Don’t Accept

:x: Inactive Characters
:x: Abusive / Dark RP Themes
:x: Demon Hunters /Deathknights
:x: Evil or Corrupt Characters

Those who wish to learn more about the Silver Circle, or who are interested in joining, we invite you to visit our guild website recruitment page to learn about our recruitment process!

Use our Guestbook forum to introduce yourself or ask questions. Please visit our About tab for more details about the guild.


I’ve been tagging along with this guild for about a year now, and they’re an absolutely wonderful group filled with some of the nicest members around! Feyawen is an amazing guild master, and honestly a treasure in how knowledgeable and kind she is. They have a broad variety of events, and run multiple each week. Can’t recommend enough for someone who loves kaldorei RP or is looking to get into it.


Huzzah, I get to be one of the first new replies.

I’ve never been able to interact with any of you formally, but Feyawin is a wonderfully talented person and has always been a helpful, kind soul. :heart:


omg I LOVE the new guild thread :sparkling_heart: I am exceptionally biased, yes. But whatever :joy:


Tonight: Council Glade
When: 3/4/2022 at 5:30 pm (server)
Where: Altar of the Flame, Farondale, Azsuna (see map)
Style: Circle Meeting

Council Glade is also referred to as the moot of the elves, a time when members of the Silver Circle and their allies congress to discuss important matters.

Council Glade is a good time for new characters interested in following our cause to make themselves known, and introduce themselves to the Circle. The event typically consists of new pledges, Silver Oaths, formal reports, and other announcements relevant to Silver Circle objectives.



Council Glade was a lot of fun tonight! Big thank you to everyone new who attended, I look forward to RPing with your characters more in the future :sparkling_heart:


When: 5:30 (server)
Where: Challiane’s Terrace, Azsuna
Style: Path/D20 Event

Elder Celassa will be hosting a small gathering for those interested in learning more about the new Path of the Moon.


A Timely Rescue
When: Mar 08, 2022, 5:30pm (server)
Where: Auberdine, Darkshore
Style: Campaign

The Darkshore is an untamed expanse of mountainous and coastal wilderness and hardscrabble villages far from the centers of civilization. Various Kaldorei leaders are attempting to resettle the shores of Darkshore, following the events of the War of the Thorns, and are working to rebuild Auberdine. However, a recent influx of refugees has swollen Auberdine’s refugee population to the bursting point. The Silver Circle arrive in Darkshore to assist with humanitarian efforts.


…Is this event open to, say, low-level Night Elf alts? <.< >.>


Hello Calnos! It is open if you want to attend, either with your warlock or other Alliance alt! We will be using the guild D20 system for campaign events, including tonight’s event! :muscle:

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The Silversworn have set out on their newest mission; to follow the trail of Emdreath Evereye, warrior of Elune, and discover what happened to her and her party after they mysteriously vanished while seeking the heart of the Cult of the Dark Strand…

This small sect of the Shadow Council was born in Darkshore and thought destroyed following the Shattering, but it has been spreading secretly across settlements throughout northern Kalimdor for the last several years. Beginning last summer, with the world’s efforts turning on the Shadowlands and other threats, the cult’s death squads targeted isolated refugee camps and small settlements across Northern Kalimdor - the folk given the choice of joining them or accepting the salvation of death.

The journey continues tomorrow, with Beyond Borders Part 2.

Things have been spicing up in Ashenvale, as Dark Strand cultists grow bolder. Most recently, a raid party attacked the heart of Ashenvale and the small city of Astranaar.

Silversworn of the Silver Circle were in the center of Astranaar at the time, where they had been questioning Captain Aleath Bladeseeker, of the Sentinel Army. Captain Bladeseeker revealed that, while Sentinel Thenysil and the veteran troops are away hunting Horde holdouts in the east, he has been charged with the defense and fortification of Astranaar.

During their conversation, a thunderous charge came from outside and arrows pierced the cool night air from the exposed balcony of the Hunter’s Hall, embedding in the wooden walls, narrowly missing their targets.

Chaos broke out. The guards positioned outside the Hunter’s Hall sealed the great double doors, trapping the Silversworn and their Captain inside, with the intent of protecting them from the Cultist Death Squad that had marched into the center of Astranaar.

The guards were quickly felled, Captain Bladeseeker sustained a Black Arrow to the shoulder, and the party indoors was forced to take cover behind the narrow pillars.

The first few frightening minutes of the battle, the Silversworn were hopelessly outmatched. It was not until Zethras and Aythir managed, together, to unlock the double doors and expose the other cult forces that the tides turned. The Silversworn summoned forth their strength, leaning on each other and their faith to ensure the night was won and Astranaar was made safe again.

The following night, townsfolk converged at the camp where the Silversworn were staying on the outskirts of Astranaar.

A night elf woman by the name of Shandra came forward and told the tale of her first encounter with the cult of the Dark Strand, and how they had slain her father as they travelled on the road. In her grief, Shandra said she tracked the cultists in a gambit to take revenge, and though she was unable to keep up with them, she did discover the entrance to the Shadow March, a hidden track through forested hills that presumably leads directly to the Dark Strand’s main base of operations.

Shandra produced a map, and after a night of rest and gathering supplies, the Silversworn set out to locate the Shadow March.

The lands beyond Astranaar turn to hilled forest. A few hours out, the Silversworn were confronted by assassins hired by the Dark Strand.

While wandering the wilderness along the route provided, the Silversworn arrived at an old ruined shrine known as the Howling Vale that lay hidden on the margin between Ashenvale’s northern woodlands and the dismal mountains of the Felwood. Located at the shrine was none other than the woman they had been seeking: Emdreath Evereye.

The magical ruse of the warrior of Elune dissolved to shadowy vapors, revealing a satyr trickster in her place. Still worse, it was not the only satyr inhabiting the shrine. Five more satyrs appeared to assail the Silversworn, each retreating back to the trees so another assassin could attack from a different location.

The battle raged on for many long and gruesome minutes, and though the Silversworn managed to retain the upper-hand throughout the battle, one of their own eventually fell in battle.

Blademaster and blacksmith of the Circle, Thinius Shadowfern, was brought to his knees by two ruthless attacks. Menders were able to staunch the flow of blood and stabilize Shadowfern, but not until the battle was won. Warden of the Hunt, Mythanil Briarblade ordered the party set a watch and erect camp within the Howling Vale, where the Silversworn could tend to their wounded for a few short nights before continuing the journey to the Shadow March…

More complete recaps of our adventures can be found on our Adventures page. The journey continues tomorrow night with: The Shadow March.

If anyone is interested in stumbling across the Silversworn out on their adventure, you are welcome to do so! Our next event will utilize our D20 system.


Bumping to the top! The Silver Circle are always sweethearts to interact with, with really great flavorful Night Elf roleplay. If you’re looking for a home with a wonderful system and people who really care about characterization and storyline driven growth, this is the place! :herb: :bear:


A great friendly group of people. :purple_heart:


:new_moon: :new_moon: :new_moon:

Where Darkness Dwells
When: 5:30pm (server) 04/27/2022
Where: Desolace, Nijel’s Point
Style: D20, Campaign

Following the disbandment of the Dark Strand and the defeat of Emdreath, Razalor’s champion, the disparate factions of the cult power vacuum come together under the rule of a powerful ogre warlock, Chok’suul, his designs for Desolace remain a mystery however his actions in raiding the Cenarion Wildlands prove a harmful intent, the Circle arrives in the forgotten desert to finish the job they started in Ashenvale.


Our next event takes place on Monday, the night of the full moon, beginning at 5:30pm server time in Desolace! Come RP with us if you’re interested in slaying cultists :muscle:

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Hey there!

Do you guys still allow non-Kaldorei to attend your rp events? I’ve been considering returning to the game. I was a little surprised to find Stormwind nearly completely empty :frowning:


Hello Plaava, our events are open to members of the Alliance, and Neutral characters. Though we also let some Horde tag along from time to time, and collaborate with other really awesome guilds like the Duskwatch Saberguard.

Those who want to get involved in RP with us need only stop by. All of our events are listed on our website calendar and are scheduled by server time. You can reach out to any of us in-game to receive a group invite to join ongoing events :sparkling_heart:

Cross-realm also isn’t an issue, if you have main characters abroad.


It’s time for a few glimpses of some of the recent RP we enjoyed in the past few weeks, screenshots have been taken by various members;

Infiltrating the Shadow Hold

Emdreath Evereye’s Betrayal

Ralazar’s Bargain

Resting in Lightsong

Aythir Swiftspirit’s Silver Oath

Trouble in Desolace

Wandering the Desert

Ruin Camp


Ishnu’alah and Elune’adore, Silver Circle!
I hope to interact in the future when I get a chance! You seem like an interesting bunch!
Please take care and may Elune watch over and guide your steps.