Shortage of Ony Heads

Is anyone starting to experience a shortage of Onyxia heads on their server? I come from a low pop server and the amount of eligible players to turn in the head is dwindling to the point where we sometimes raid without the buff. Getting the Nef head isnt a fix because only about 5 guilds clear it right now on the alliance side. With the population of classic wow decreasing, as opposed to vanilla where it was ever increasing, we may come with a shortage of being able to get the buff.

Onyxia head still going off on CD 24/7 on Heartseeker.

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start feeding them to alts if you need the buff.


have been. but theres only so many alts raiding

then start giving them to rando’s or level more alts.

Alternatively finish BWL with your guild.

Just raid without it. It’s not needed.


No… definitely not on pagle. Didnt the nef heads that are dropping now FURTHER boost the numbers? Buff is ready damn near on cooldown. You can join the server discord and get a estimate of the next ony buff within like a 5 minute window, lol.

Whats been weird though is theres some people organizing killing the guy in Stormwind. Some Horde priest shows up every day around 6:30 server time, mind controls the NPC then like 200 alliance kill him and they redrop the head again for all the raid guilds.

I have no idea if this is an exploit. Just been noticing it lately.


Bring some new players to your guild, there is always room to carry a few EZ-PZ.

Most guilds have not extracted every last item from MC or Ony, SOMEONE always wants Viskag, bags, etc.

You just need to market that.

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Not an exploit imo.
People do it in orgrimar as well on arugal.

It is honestly easier with not a priest, there is always some rando hitting the priest and giving him pushback on his mc. Its easier to do it with a MC helm.

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We’ve been doing ony splits for months now, and haven’t had a head rot yet. First it went to OS, and now we’re bringing in alts if our mains don’t need. There will eventually be a point where heads rot, but we’re not close yet.

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My server is medium pop and we have drop times and have yet to have this problem. With the Nef head it makes things even easier.

As a complete aside, I’ve never thought of this possibility, but what if you Mind Control a target that is being Mind Controlled?

Wouldn’t it be super easy to CC the Priest?

Just start selling the ony head. I imagine there are plenty of pugs that would be willing to pay 500g or so for a guarantee drop every 5 days.

We have a 1-2 week backlog on dropping Ony heads. I held on to mine for 3 weeks before I got to turn it in, and my main caster still has not gotten a head yet.

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Nef Heads?


We’ve recently seen an increase in concerns about players resetting the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff by killing the associated NPC.

It’s important to note that this behavior is accurate to original WoW, and was possible in 2005 and 2006. Nonetheless, it’s the sort of thing that wasn’t widespread back then, and we believe that if it had been, it would have been addressed. In general, cross-faction collusion is antithetical to WoW gameplay, and the specific circumstance where players pay a member of the opposing faction help them kill their ally feels inappropriate.

There’s a related concern here – it’s entirely possible for players (who don’t know what their allies are doing or want to police what their allies are doing) to kill the hired priest, and then find themselves in conflict with their own faction-mates. We don’t like to see these sorts of hostilities within a faction of players.

Nonetheless, any change to WoW Classic has to be very carefully considered, so for the time being, we’re going to leave this functionality in place. We will continue to monitor this situation, and we may have to change it in the future. We will not suspend players for resetting the buff or attempting to prevent others from doing so. We will continue to take action against players who send hostile or offensive chat messages.

Thank you for your feedback on this.


Wow thank you for your response.


Always good to hear feedback and the continued and consistent stance against griefing.


For god’s sake just make this and other world buffs (Songflower, DM buffs, etc) GO AWAY when you zone into a raid.

Pretty tired of spending more time getting buffs than IN THE ACTUAL RAID.


Thank YOU for YOUR feedback on this!

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