Do you want to treat symptoms or the disease?


Nobody is forcing you to get them. Go raid without them and save some time. I don’t understand.


You mean he can choose to forego world buffs if he doesn’t like them?

What is this craziness?

May 22nd 2007

“* Fengus’ Ferocity, Mol’dar’s Moxie, Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Slip’kik’s Savvy and Spirit of Zandalar these buffs will no longer work”

Are you kidding? 90% of guilds require them. Even in guilds that don’t require them people will get angry about “carrying” people that don’t get them.

No one wants to let their team down. Unfortunately in not letting your team down you also break the game in half and make it far less fun to raid and end up back to afk-ing in Stormwind much sooner.

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Why are you quoting something from TBC? The discussion is world buffs designed in VANILLA to work in VANILLA. You are playing CLASSIC which is a recreation of VANILLA.

Where are the quotes from the devs that explained what their intent was with world buffs? IN VANILLA?

In vanilla no one stacked them for raids and they were just a fun bonus. Why would the devs comment on something that no one was thinking about in vanilla?

It’s only now in 2020 that people are breaking the game with them.

It’s pretty telling that when people actually started to stack them they were immediately disabled.

Clearly people have to bow to the whims and play the no buffers ways

They arent mature enough to make that choice for themselves. Video game choices are tough lol

People don’t play WoW in a vacuum, this is a social game designed around improving your character to help your team.

Disabling world buffs in raids is about the health of the game. The raids are blatantly not designed around them. The #1 complaint about classic is “content is too easy”.

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The health of your game

Be a big boy and make your own choices

Yeah? wheres the list?

Your first comment is untrue. There were raids that did stack buffs in Vanilla. The idea that gosh, no one had any idea you could DO THAT is ludicrous.

The game isn’t broken because of buffs. Entire raids on PvP servers down content just fine without them due to dying to the other faction or dispels. There’s also the occasional “oops” and the raid wipes. Guilds shake it off and finish the instance just fine. The world doesn’t stop.

The “intent” of TBC raids is irrelevant. Now unless you have a quote from a Vanilla dev about the intent of world buffs in Vanilla, then you don’t actually know what their intent was.

Raids stacking buffs in vanilla were a vanishingly small minority, look at any vanilla video of Naxxramas or Ahn’qiraj.

I don’t know why you’re talking about content being doable without buffs. Of
course it is, it’s designed that way.

The intent is obvious, you’re being intentionally obtuse. But we’re never going to agree on this.

So they were a thing? huh

Can i get that list yet? Or are all your claims made up?

Yes, vanilla world buffs were disabled for the new content in the next xpac. That’s not the same as disabling them during vanilla, which they did not. The world first KT was even done using world buffs, and it stood. If you don’t like them, then don’t use them.

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This is 100% projection on your part.

Most guilds grabbed buffs on DPS checks, not the other fights. Popular bosses to grab world buffs were KT, grobb, patchwork, princess huhuron, and maybe 1 or 2 more. Guilds would LEAVE NAXX, aq, to go drop a head/heart/DMT buffs


I felt it was timely to make a second post after the original, considering the recent hotfix. Just another change made to the game to facilitate world buffs, and almost certainly not the last. Blizzard can’t help but double down on this terrible mechanic.


This isn’t a single player game. No pro-athlete is forced to take steroids, but we nonetheless see such scandals because they feel pressured to for the benefit of contributing to their team and competing with others. Nobody is forced to get world buffs, it’s all soft-power and influence. It drives performance, it drives loot decisions, it drives guild recruitment, and it’s most effective at driving idiots who believe themselves “free” of that soft-power.

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wuuuuut? i never got past lvl 34 in private servers but wuuuuuut? thats mega dumb. ultra dumb even.

Link? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Never mind, voldermort sugercane did. :slight_smile:

Link? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Competing for what exactly? Parses lul? The most tryhard guild probably gets the same amount of loot as the most casual guild…

Then it’s time to change the rules of your guild or leave and find a better one? Or just make your own or join pugs? Stop playing the victim here… this is a player created problem not Blizzard.

Again, nobody is forcing you to play like this. The content is designed to be cleared without wbuffs…


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