Faction Imbalance = Dead Game

True. And at least you can take some actions while snared. Hardiness is better overall. But as we agreed it’s fairly marginal.

Doesn’t matter. The abilities are not equal, regardless how you get them.

Thats not the same at all and i feel like you know that. if you dont most stuns have a min or more cd unless its a rogue and if the rogues stun is resisted they miss out on the key part of the class.

please explain?

C’mon man, at least let’s have a debate in good faith. Stuns are NOT similiar to snares in any way. Stuns have much higher cooldowns in comparison and effectively shut the other player down. (Pally hammer, Kidney shot, lucky procs, etc).

This is not comparable to casting a rank 1 frost bolt, Blizzard, hamstring, etc in any way.

WOTF provides fear immunity, destroying fear bomb tactics which work for horde.

Immunity for 5 seconds every 2 minutes…

EA is a joke in 40v40 unless you give immunity, snares will be reapplied instantly.

Blessing of Freedom

The idea of Classic hasn’t changed. Compromises were made in order to make how players were playing the game more vanilla like as is the attitude from Blizzard expressed in this recent Blue post.

I don’t agree with the compromises made (AV changes) but they were made with the intent of keeping Classic more vanilla like by forcing a change to the meta.

Some of us do. Blessing of Freedom is pretty handy also. :heart:

Blessing of freedom can be purged/cleansed. WOTF and +%25 stun resist cannot be countered.

Yeah. Those aren’t free though. They still cost mana + GCD.

Absolutely no use arguing. Horde will defend to the death their 95%+ AV win rate that they deserve because they waited in queue and Alliance won’t queue anymore. Good game.


If you’d just take some time to listen I’ve already said that.

I’ve said racials Horde side are better, but it’s a marginal difference. It is not the reason or even a reason why you lose AV.

Blessing of freedom can be purged/cleansed. WOTF and +%25 stun resist cannot be countered.

Umm, yeah, they can be countered. I won’t go into details tho. Learning isn’t hard.

It’s not the same. I do know that.

But that’s not why.

That’s why.

i hear you, but from what was said you make it seem like us getting free for a1-3 secs is something, as someone who uses it a lot it doesn’t work as well as you think.

humans have all pve racials (perception is paltry and strong only vs 2 classes)

Gnome/Dwarf racials are pve except for stoneform/escape artist

orc/tauren have all pve/pvp racials (bloodfury/stun resist and aoe stun/increased health)

undead have all pve/pvp racials (wotf, cannibalize)

The only odd ones out are nelf/troll which have paltry racials for both pve/pvp

When BGs are equal these racials don’t amount to much, but when you have a CLEAR map imbalance in AV these racials help horde win the large scale tug of wars.

The only battleground that is not a mirrored map is the one alliance loses 99% of the time. Its not a coincidence.

OP is Undead Mage :thinking:

OP is Undead Mage :thinking:

OP is Undead Mage :thinking:

6/10, because you actually got some serious responses.

It certainly is something. It’s huge. It’s certainly less useful in a battlefield with loads of players, but the same is true of hardiness. You’re going to die quickly if you’re being targeted regardless.

As I said, not quite as good as hardiness, but still good. And the fact that you have control over when it’s used gives it even more potential.

as a lock its only good against warriors and rogues, and what do they do you might ask, recharge or sprint, to put it right back on me. give me 25% chance to resist anything over that!

Agreed. I love my orc warlock :grin:

Ok but the shaman vs paladin argument is no less relevant to the topic: faction imbalance in AV.