Earthfury Please Strip all Scarab Lords

Mob tagging still isnt against the rules, and nothing ever happened to the first 70 how would they even have taken it away from him there were no achievements then.

Cross faction collusion was removed from the code of conduct.

Earthfury gong rings next Tuesday - over 5 people have the requirements, and the NPC is heading to Silithus around this time next week he will arrive.
Horde clearly has a large advantage due to numbers, they agreed to a handshake where x amount of horde get Scarab Lord, and X amount of Alliance get Scarab lord.
Using Server population to take advantage with underhanded back hand pay offs to use the system to track other players and report locations between factions while sitting in discord.
They sold neutral auction house mats cheap between the horde to the alliance to engage the 100% requirement to the Alliance.

It is allowed on the same BNet Account, under different WoW Accounts.

So… supplies are traveling and wont arrive till Thursday but the gong is going to be rung on Tuesday despite the fact that the gong cannot be rung till the supplies arrive…

Earthfury Gates will officially be open August 5th, guaranteed.

Whether that’s the case or not, it’s clearly something the Blue’s regard with concern.

I’m not sure I’d be so sanguine about player conduct that may not explicitly break ToS, but that undermines the integrity of what’s clearly intended to be a (2) faction game, with the factions competing against one another.

Cross faction collusion isn’t something that’s necessarily an issue in the minds of the developers. Cross faction collusion where one faction uses the opposite as a cudgel to antagonize and grief their own faction clearly is something the developers are concerned about as Kaivax explicitly says ‘don’t like to see’.

It’s easy to see why given the extremely toxic game play it creates internally for a faction.

If your an Alliance guilds that wants to grind out Scarab Lord week one and prevent all the other Alliance guilds from doing so before you turn in all the war effort materials…there’s nothing wrong with that.

An Alliance guild or guilds who go to the opposing faction and create an agreement wherein the opposing faction (Horde) will repeatedly ignore protected Alliance and will kill everybody else (at the behest of the Alliance guilds in the protected coalition) is fundamentally against the spirit of what Classic WoW was.

If nothing else, Classic WoW is basically a case study for ways in which you shouldn’t design a game (or elements of a game) because people act like high-functioning sociopaths and then brag about it.


^ Owned everything

If it was so clearly designed to be a 2 faction game then it sure seems odd that they have spent 18 years promoting the factions working together to save the world.

So your saying lore wise it was ideal for half of the alliance warriors to abandon their side and bow down to the horde so they could titles and rank?

Pvp happens on a pvp server, you have little control over where and when it happens.

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PVP is player vs player which allows players of two different factions to engage, but

if entire groups that are un-killable that are of that same faction uses another faction to kill those that would take their denoted area in a handshake agreement of territories.

how is that considered PVP?

Boiling the current issue down to ‘this is just PvP on a PvP server - nothing to see here’ is not an honest representation of the issue.

If I’m out in the world doing something, and a Horde Warlock comes up and punches me in the face taking my lunch money as a means of exercising his own agency… that’s fine. He can even do that for as long as he likes.

If a Horde player (or an organized group of Horde players) repeatedly kills an Alliance player at the behest of another Alliance player, that is ‘much less o.k.’ without even having to read between the lines in Kavaix’s post.

Frankly, his post may as well read:

'Guys… this system of constantly resetting world buffs and repeatedly using them isn’t something that was widely done back in Vanilla WoW…and if it had been…it probably would have been addressed/changed. However, it was in Vanilla WoW…so we’re going to leave it in Classic WoW…also we’d prefer not to piss off large swaths of people removing this feature. P.S. Don’t create an atmosphere where players on the same faction are griefing one another - because the we may actually need to do something…Please don’t make us do stuff, we hate that…'

It was a super polite way of asking the community not to behave like a toxic cesspool, because the developers really don’t want to babysit / mediate this side-project while they’re working on other titles they assign more importance to.


I would second this Issue is big deal in Earthfury atm. Went in cave a few guys from different guild called their body guards and got wrecked matter of a min. While not touching the other alliance. I found out by other players this has been going since the event.

yeah and Blizzard is slow to even say anything or havent you noticed the same lack of blue comments regarding this kind of issue guess theyre too busy replying to topics like who has the cutest cupcake for breakfast or something to actually deal with serious matters

There is no way to police PVP, you can either kill someone or you can’t. Grey area like this exists in every PVP game, it’s hard to figure out who is working with you or against you.

Seems this happened on Kromcrush also.

As usual, it’s the players. Not the game.

We literally have them sitting hand in hand on video

mate, go out, get a job, get a life. who cares?

This in not a grey area they are controlling the territory and deciding what you can do in it and who can do it. While using the other faction to do your bidding. If it was face off me and another horde over a mob is fine but when you have 80 people roll and steamroll you because your own faction informed them of your location is BS and completely destroys the experience for every one else.


People that find joy in things care about things. Sorry if you can’t find joy in it?

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